2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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All of the products in this post we have tried, reviewed or already owned. Some of these products I was given in order to conduct my review. As always, all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.


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I’m excited to share this year’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide! Many of these gifts I have personally owned for years and years. Some gifts I have been given the opportunity to try out and review. All of the gifts are awesome. This year we’ve added a fun category called “Book Gift Ideas.” If you are a book nerd like me, make sure you scroll down and check it out! And, keep checking back because I will be updating this 2016 Holiday Gift daily through the month of November and December!

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~~Gift Ideas for Babies & Toddlers~~

  • baby-bullet

    Baby Bullet

    The Baby Bullet is powerful, convenient and easy to use, the Baby Bullet allows you to make and store fresh, healthy, delicious foods that are perfect for EVERY state of your baby’s development in just minutes in your own kitchen. The Baby Bullet will allow you to make and store a week’s worth of fresh baby food in under 5 minutes. The secret is the Baby Bullet’s unique Baby Blend Blade that perfectly purees any ingredients to the best consistency for any stage eater. To use the Baby Bullet, add in your ingredients to your Short Cup or Batchbowl and twist on the Baby Blend Blade. Place cup onto Power Base then push and twist. To turn whole grains, rice and oats into fresh cereals, you’ll use your Milling Blade. To store your baby food, use your Date Dial Storage Cups. Fill the cup with baby food, twist the Date Dial to the preparation date and store in the refrigerator or freezer.

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  • baby-bullet-steamer

    Baby Bullet Steamer

    The Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer and Sterilizer cooks ingredients faster than traditional steaming or boiling, saving time so you can spend more with your little one! With the Baby Bullet Steamer you can cook and defrost 5x faster!

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  • bamboo

    Bamboo Bubby

    The Bamboo Bubby is made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. These super soft sleep bags help babies get better sleep at night. Designed to help eczema babies by preventing the nighttime scratching, the Bamboo Bubby has helped prevent hair pulling, waking from cold hands, thumb sucking and even post surgery protection from scratching at incision sites. The unique sleeve designs keeps hands covered and adjusts to grow with the baby. One size fits 6 months up to 2T plus, a great value for parents.

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  • battat-tow-truck

    Battat Wonder Wheels Tow Truck

    This Battat Wonder Wheels Tow Truck is the perfect gift for children one and older. Get the job done right with the best wheels in town! Wonder Wheels by Battat™ delivers loads of fun as your children use their imagination using this tow truck to tow their other toys. This truck is a sturdy plastic and is durable for all types of play.

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  • booginhead

    BooginHead Super Power Dinnerware

    Bring out your child’s inner Super Power with BooginHead’s fun collection of inspired tableware and accessories. Mealtime has never been so fun! Choose from bibs, plates, bowls, cups, forks and spoons and dinnerware sets. The dinnerware is BPA and PVC Free, 100% high quality melamine and top-rack dishwasher safe.

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  • buddy-balls

    Buddy Balls

    Buddy Balls are extremely soft 16” teddy bears that magically transform into colorful, plush balls. A hidden zipper conceals a secret compartment that allows you to flip and tuck the bear inside, revealing a bright soft ball for little hands to play with. Buddy Balls come in four original variations and four sports variations.

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  • junkie-bubblebum

    BumbleBum Junkie

    The BumbleBumJunkie transforms your backseat, organises your junk and keeps your kids entertained. With a “tech mount” for kids to share one device, both kids can access, interact and view together. Two compact, retractable activity trays for snacking and play. Junkie also features two convenient cup holders. Expanding compartment fits the removable, reuseable, refillable tote bag with insulated pocket, to transport all your junk from home to car.

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  • bumpit-bowl

    Bumpit Bowl

    The Bumpit bowl is hard to knock down but easy to pick up. It stays put, making mealtime a breeze! Place the Bumpit Bowl on any smooth, non-porous surface and it magically stays put, no matter how hard it’s hit or bumped – no suction cups or stickiness involved. Pick it up from the special lift points with no resistance or tugging required. Made with StayPut Technology, the Bumpit Bowl grows with your child from the included bowl insert for your younger child, to using the deeper bowl when he/she gets a little bit older. Whether your child’s an infant, a toddler or growing up fast, the Bumpit Bowl is for all ages. An airtight storage container, you can go straight from the table to the refrigerator with the Bumpit Bowl’s secure lid and microwave-and dishwasher safe design.

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  • claessens

    Claessens’ Kid’Sleep My First Alarm Clock

    The Kid’Sleep My First Alarm Clock teaches young children how to tell time and gives them the independence of their own alarm clock. My First Alarm Clock shows the time in both digital and analog. The hour and minute hand colors match the hour and minute numbers. The alarm arm is inverted so that children can see how long it is until they have to wake up. There are three possible alarm sounds; chirping birds, a cuckoo or a train sound. The alarm sounds progressively louder until the child turns the alarm off or pushes the top button to snooze for another two minutes. Pushing the top button also provides a short glowing light so that the child can see the time during the night. There is also a small Kid’Sleep feature – when the sleeping child is lit, kids know to stay in bed and sleep a while longer. When the awake child is lit, kids know it is time to wake up. The mini night light emits a reassuring glow.

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  • edwin

    Edwin the Duck

    Edwin the Duck’s world is constantly expanding with fresh content to keep your child engaged and entertained with original stories, songs, and learning games designed to grow with your child through early childhood development stages. Edwin the Duck meets the CPSC safety requirements and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery with an average life of 12 hours, multi-colored LED light, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and thermometer to take water temperature. Edwin the Duck’s main app has interactive stories, songs, and games. At sleepy time Edwin the Duck has sleep sounds and lullabies, night light control and a sleep timer. At bath time Edwin the Duck can detect water temperature.

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  • feltman-brothers

    Feltman Brothers Baby Chick Romper

    Feltman Brothers has combined their beautiful embroidered vintage stylings with baby-friendly functionality in their new line of little chick, blossom and sailor clothing. These aren’t pieces to be kept in the drawer for a special occasion but are meant to be used and appreciated for years, and generations, to come! The 100% all natural pima cotton from Peru is the most durable, highest quality cotton grown.

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  • finis-swim-diaper

    Finis Swim Diaper

    Required by most swim schools and public pools, reusable swim diapers are great alternatives to disposable diapers. The Finis Swim Diaper has a snug elastic around the waist and legs to create a secure fit to contain solid waste. FINIS provides an array of sizes that translate into comfort for the baby and confidence for the parents. A soft woven polyester lining gives the diaper an extra soft layer against the baby’s skin. UPF 50+ keeps harmful UV rays away from sensitive areas. Phthalates and PVC free.

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  • hexbug

    HEXBUG Cuddlebot

    Make way for something soft and adorable. HEXBUG has expanded into the realm of innovative toddler toys with HEXBUG® Cuddlebot. The HEXBUG Cuddlebots squishable bodies vibrate and scurry across the floor, instigating playtime, anytime. Available in two styles Honey Bee and Fire Fly, HEXBUG Cuddlebots are packed with character and cuteness. Perfect to collect or crawl after.

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  • janiebee

    Janiebee Personalized Nap Mats

    We have a Janiebee nap mat for our daughter and it is adorable! So soft and comfy. She loves to lie on it! Little ones can snuggle into their incredibly soft, luxe nap mat from Janiebee at naptime – at school, Grandma’s house or at home! Made with gorgeous details, including a fabric tie closure and an extra thick minky pillowcase, Janiebee Nap Mats offer children a clean and cozy place to rest, and once naptime is over, simply roll up & tie closed! Offering a beautiful array of bright prints and designs for both boys and girls, Janiebee Nap Mats are made in the USA with quality fabric, stitching and care. Personalization and custom nap mats are available, and designs change seasonally. Machine washable and dryer safe, too!

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  • kleynimals

    Kleynimals 3-Piece Baby Flatware Set

    The Kleynimals 3-Piece Baby Flatware Set includes 1 feeder spoon, 1 baby spoon and 1 baby fork featuring Kleynimals safari friends – Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe and Leo the Lion. Like Kleynimals toy keys, their flatware is proudly made in the USA of 100% food grade stainless steel. Kleynimals flatware is packaged in their signature muslin bag.

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  • lego-duplo

    LEGO Duplo My First Caterpillar

    Young children will love learning to build and create with LEGO® DUPLO® My First Caterpillar. The colorful DUPLO bricks are specially designed to be safe for little hands, and building cards make it easy to change a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Use the special decorated bricks to encourage counting an apple, 2 carrots and 3 flowers—there’s so much to learn! Ages 1.5+

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  • elmo

    Love2Learn Elmo

    Love2Learn Elmo is a cuddly plush toy that knows your child’s name! Now toddlers and preschoolers can play personalized learning activities right along with their best friend, Elmo. Parents can use the Love2Learn Elmo app to deliver this customized play experience for their child. When parents select their child’s name, desired subject, level, and favorites in the app, the Elmo toy will talk and play based on those selections. Choose from the app’s parent helpers, and the Elmo toy can even encourage kids in real time to clean up, use the potty, and much more! With 350+ responses and 30+ minutes of unique content, little ones will love playing fun activities with Elmo!

    Love2Learn Elmo plays games, sings, and makes silly sounds. Clap his hands together to hear all about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and animals! The app also includes 3 games for children and Elmo to play together. The Elmo toy reacts to what a child does on screen in real time for an interactive game experience!

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  • mega-bloks

    Mega Bloks First Builders Block Scooping Wagon

    With the Mega Bloks First Builders Block Scooping Wagon, your little builder can expect lots of fun surprises with this colorful wagon.
    Toddlers can pull the wagon, filled with blocks, for classic play or push the wagon to pick them up for fun and easy clean-up. Watch the blocks spin inside the clear compartment when your little one pushes the wagon along. The Block Scooping Wagon includes 20 First Builders® blocks, and a fold-out easy-to-grip handle that you can build on!

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  • monsier

    Monsieur Lapin the Stuffed Bunny

    Monsieur Lapin the Stuffed Bunny likes to be hugged and to be told stories. He loves strolls at the park, sunny days, and being surrounded by children. This lovely classic bunny is the perfect companion to match any bedtime story and to illustrate countless fables or tales. Cuddly and charming, Monsieur Lapin the Stuffed Bunny will be a great companion to your child and will help create everlasting memories.

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  • nuspin

    nuSpin Kids Sip & Spin Straw Cups

    The nuSpin Kids Sip & Spin straw cup has a unique fun-factor – a pinwheel in the lid that spins as you sip. The racing trucks and soaring butterflies can encourage playing kids to take a water break, cheer up and rehydrate a sick child, or motivate a toddler to transition from a bottle or spouted sippy to a straw cup. The interactive pinwheel can also be a fun motivator for children with feeding aversions (transition from g-tube to oral feeding, sensory sensitivity, etc.) and other feeding disorders to drink from a straw cup. All of the components come apart easily for cleaning and are dishwasher safe.

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  • ollie-swaddle

    Ollie Swaddle

    The Ollie Swaddle is a totally unique swaddle that’s made better, feels better and helps your baby sleep better. The Ollie is named after and invented for a baby boy named Oliver—a foster baby that wasn’t thriving until Ollie Swaddle founder (and his foster mom) Hindi developed it. It helps improve quality and duration of sleep for all babies (including preemies and high risk) and helps baby self-calm. The Ollie Swaddle has been shown to reduce fussiness/colic and help babies sleep. It can reduce stress in preemies and high-risk infants and ease the pain of colic. It can also help keep baby in a safe, supine sleeping position and prevent sudden jerky arm and leg movements that wake babies up. The elasticity allows for freedom of movement while the opening at the bottom makes it easy to change diapers. The new Nature Collection features four new colors—Lavender, Sky, Nest and Stone. The new solid colors are soothing, calming and sleep inducing.

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  • philips-monitor

    Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

    The Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor enables you to maintain a secure and private connection with your baby at all times. Hear your baby with perfect sound quality and also see your baby in crystal clear vision (3.5″ LCD), whether it is day or night. The camera has 2x digital zoom and pan so you can see everything your baby is up to. The unique handset pairing allows for a private, secure connection to your baby. Combined with the new Adaptive FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology for minimal interference. It comes with 5 relaxing tunes and a night light, helping your baby to drift effortlessly to sleep in no time.

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  • philips

    Philips Avent Infant Starter Set

    The Philips Avent Infant Starter Set is the most natural way to start bottle feeding. The 5 BPA-free Natural bottles included in this kit feature wide breast-shaped nipples with unique comfort petals promoting natural latch on and making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The bottles also have an advanced anti-colic system with innovative colic-reducing twin-valve design for less air in baby’s tummy and a more comfortable feeding experience. The set includes 2 Natural 9 ounce/260ml bottles with 2 Natural slow flow nipples, 3 Natural 4 ounce/125ml bottles with 3 Natural newborn nipples, Formula Dispenser, Bottle Brush, and Soothie Pacifier (0-3m). The Formula Dispenser holds 3 pre-measured portions of milk powder and is ideal for travel.

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  • precious-moments-baby-album

    “Precious Baby” Keepsake Album

    This Precious Moments “Precious Baby” Keepsake Album will keep photos and achievements safe and secure within the pages of this beautiful keepsake book. This book has 10 pages with room to record all of your child’s first special milestones while 15 photo pages showcase 60 4”x 6” photos. This is a thoughtful baby gift to congratulate a mom-to-be, as a baby shower present, or to welcome the newborn home.

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  • precious-moments-lamb

    Precious Moments Heaven’s Blessing – Luffie Lamb

    This Precious Moments Luffie Lamb by Aurora is adorable. Luffie Lamb’s floppy ears and innocent smile will watch over your child as they sleep. This is the perfect gift for the child who loves animals and needs a cuddly stuffed animal to hug at night. Approximately 12 inches high.

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  • precious-moments-onesie

    Precious Moments Onesie by Mon Cherie

    This adorable Precious Moments Onesie by Mon Cherie would make a wonderful gift. The onesie comes in pink or blue and can be found at Burlington Coat Factory or Bealls. It is a soft, snuggly cotton that babies would feel comfortable in.

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  • river-rose-doll

    River Rose Lullaby Doll by Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson’s one-of-a-kind story “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby” is a beautifully illustrated tale that has inspired this wonderful line of soft toys. This River Rose Doll features a lullaby, which is written and sung by Kelly Clarkson for her daughter, River Rose. This is a song that is sure to become standard for mothers everywhere, and one that they will sing to their children for generations.

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  • samsung

    Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System

    The Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring system uses the latest baby monitoring technology to provide parents of newborns peace of mind and an excellent user experience. The high quality 5.0” Touch Screen on the monitor allows you to observe your little one so you always know what he is doing. You can pan and tilt the camera around to your desired position to look at your baby or take a better look at the rest of the room. The monitoring system can help you put your little one to sleep with 4 pre-programmed lullabies and a soft, comforting night-light. The monitor even lets you set up feeding schedule alerts. The convenient belt clip and built in stand on the unit makes it ultra-portable. Go ahead, keep the monitor on your belt while doing chores around your house or place it on the counter while you are making dinner, and soothe your baby if he stirs in his sleep.

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  • strider

    Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

    If your toddler can walk, a Strider balance bike will get your toddler cruising over dirt, grass, and pavement with ease. Designed to be steady, stable, and safe, the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is perfect for children from 18 months to 5 years old. When it comes to toddlers, weight and fit are critical! The Strider weighs 6.7 lbs, making it easy for Toddlers to control. Quick clamps on the handlebars and seat make it a snap to adjust for a growing child. The handlebars are also smaller than standard to allow better control with tiny hands. The tires are super light and durable yet offer a smooth ride. Best of all, they never need air and will never go flat. The unique, frame-integrated footrests are properly positioned directly below the saddle for natural bike balance.

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  • strider-rocking-base

    Strider Rocking Base

    The Strider Rocking base will start your baby rocking on this fun, low-to-the ground, indoor Rocking Base. This accessory easily attaches to and transforms your child’s bike into the perfect rocking horse bike and will get your child acquainted with sitting on a bike and learning to balance! No batteries needed. The rocking base is for babies 12-24 Months and attaches to 12″ Strider Bikes only.

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  • wedge


    The BIRDIE WEDGe is a crib propping device that lies underneath the crib mattress, inflates to your desired angle and props up both ends of the crib mattress. Designed to alleviate congestion from a cold, to mitigate ear infections and aid in digestion from Reflux/GERD. Safe, adjustable, durable, waterproof, easy to clean, easy to store, compact, portable. For ages 3 months to 3 years or 35″ tall that sleep in cribs.

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  • vtech-turtle

    VTech’s Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother

    A perfect gift for parents of young children, VTech’s Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother helps parents soothe and connect with their little ones. The soother gives parents peace of mind during the holiday season and comes equipped with many unique features. It comes with 10 recorded stories, 10 calming lullabies and 10 soft ambient sounds such as a trickling stream and white noise. This soother helps your baby feel close to you even when you can’t be there by recording your own voice for them to doze off to. Find a script in the free app, or calm your little one by making up a story of your own.

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  • vusee

    VuSee the Universal Baby Monitor Shelf

    This is a must have for nurseries! VuSee, the Universal Baby Monitor Shelf, installs within seconds and provides perfect view of BABY in crib! The angled shelf provides a bird¹s eye view of the crib while keeping the cord away from the crib. It mounts using peel and stick tape so it won’t damage walls.

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~~Gift Ideas for Children & Teens~~

  • chalk-lava

    14.5″ Glitter Chalkboard Lava Lamp

    This lamp would be perfect for any girl’s bedroom! Chalkboard paint allows for complete customization of this Glitter chalkboard Lava® lamp. Draw pictures, write notes, erase and repeat for endless hours of fun! Plus, glitter adds some sparkle to the excitement. Enjoy the motion and spark your creativity with this version of the timeless Lava® lamp.

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  • hess

    2016 Hess Toy Truck

    The 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster is a powerful, race-ready duo with sleek styling, drag-racing inspired sounds, over 50 brilliant lights and an innovative design for wheelie-popping action! The Truck is a mighty motorsport flatbed designed to transport the dragster to any racing event and the oversized Dragster is the largest accompanying race car in the fleet’s history.

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  • alex-ready-set-bodies

    ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, Bodies

    ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, Bodies is 8 arts and crafts projects that teach your little one what’s going on inside of them. Make a body collage, a heartbeat drum, a paper bag lung, connect the bones of a skeleton with pipe cleaners, a brain cap that shows what’s on your mind, a nutrition chart, a giant mouth to brush and learn to read without using your eyes! Includes 20 printed paperboard shapes, 6 printed paper shapes, 269 stickers, paper tape (6.5ft.), glue stick (1.4oz.), 2 colors of shredded tissue paper, 2 colors of yarn (18in.), 7 paper cups, 18 pipe cleaners, paper straw (8in.), paper bag and fun fact instructions.

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  • alex-dinos

    ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, Dinos

    ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, Dinos is a fun and interactive way to learn about our favorite creatures from the Jurassic era. With 8 arts and crafts projects your little one can travel back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Decorate and wear a pair of foam dino feet, make a T-Tex paper bag puppet, hatch a baby dinosaur from an egg, rub fossils into an archaeologists dig, decorate and fly a foam Pterodactyl, make a clothespin Stegosaurus, create a T-Rex skeleton out of fossils and walk an Apatosaurus finger puppet.

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  • alex-shimmer

    ALEX Toys Shimmer and Shine Mosaics

    Shimmer and Shine Sparkle Mosaics by ALEX Toys is a way to make pictures sparkle like magic. With over 1,600 bright and shiny foam stickers you can bejewel and bedazzle pictures of your favorite characters from the cartoon; Shimmer, Shine, Nahal and Tala! Hang them anywhere you want, to brighten up a room. Includes 4 pictures, 1,572 peel and stick foam stickers, 51 sticky gems and easy instructions.

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  • american-girl

    American Girl Emerson Doll

    This American Girl Emerson Doll is just darling! We love this doll so much because she reminds of us our daughter! We try hard to find mirrors for our Chinese daughter and this doll is what we imagine our daughter may look like as she gets bigger. This Emerson WellieWishers doll loves the spotlight—and the spotlight loves her right back. She loves to make her friends smile with funny jokes, original dance routines, and show-stopping songs. This 14.5″ (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls. She has dark-brown eyes and black hair in curly pigtails.

    If you have Amazon Prime, don’t miss the new WellieWishers animated series that just went live on Amazon. Head HERE to check out the series.

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  • sophias-style

    American Princess Little Girls Red Bejeweled Accent Christmas Dress

    This Sophia’s Style American Princess Little Girls Red Bejeweled Accent Christmas Dress is the perfect Christmas dress for any little girl in sizes 2T through 6X. With sparkle accents this stunning American Princess dress creates an elegant look for little ladies. The red cap sleeved gown features an adorned neckline and a brooch belt at waist leading to a stylish skirt. Zipper closure at back and bow with glitter center. Perfect for Christmas celebration or other festive events.

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  • angry-birds-drone

    Angry Birds Licensed Red Squak-Copter 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Camera Drone

    Get angry and take to the sky with the Angry Birds Licensed Squawk-Copter 4.5CH 2.4GHz RTF RC Camera Drone from World Tech Toys! You can now fly a quadcopter version of your favorite Angry Birds characters Red, Bomb, Chuck and Pig! This awesome RC drone has a built-in picture and video camera, which you can store and save data in a 2GB memory card! The body is of durable plastic and conveniently lightweight. It also has 4 channel controls meaning you can fly up/down, forward/backward, strafe left/right and rotate left/right. The internal gyro means you’ll always get a smooth flight. It also comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter, so radio interference won’t be a problem! Enjoy recording fun fly times with friends and with the Angry Birds Licensed Squawk-Copter 4.5CH 2.4GHz RTF RC Camera Drone!

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  • anywhere-teacher

    Anywhere Teacher

    AnywhereTeacher.com is a “Digital Educational Playground” for children ages 2-8 that connects with kids, wherever they are, and makes learning fun. The content is created exclusively by School Zone Inc.’s dedicated team of educators, editors, designers and programmers, specifically created to give peace of mind to busy parents when children are accessing the easy-to-navigate site independently. Anywhere Teacher has more than 200 videos teaching children early learning skills through entertainment without them even realizing it! Classic, live-action, animation and clay animation content make learning fun. The Start to Read! Book Series includes over 60 digital Start to Read! books featuring read-along audio tracks, teach children how to read. AnywhereTeacher.com is compatible with most desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and platforms; and subscribing is just as simple. Parents can purchase from iTunes, Google Play or PayPal to gain access from any device.

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  • battat-vehicles

    Battat All Aboard Wooden Vehicles

    This box of Battat All Aboard Wooden Vehicles comes with a variety of wooden vehicles that work with the Battat All Aboard Train set. The variety box includes vehicles like ambulances, police cars, helicopters, airplanes, dump trucks, towing trucks, excavators, steam rollers, cement trucks and fire trucks.

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  • battat-doctor

    Battat Deluxe Doctor Kit

    This Battat Deluxe Doctor Kit is an 11 piece, sturdy medical set. Little ones will lose fear of hospitals as they pretend to be the doctor caring for their own patients. Easy to grip instruments are well suited for small hands. This kit provides hours of imaginative and educational play as they learn to use all of the instruments included. This set includes: scissors, tongs, tweezers, mirror, hammer, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, tray and ear examiner in a sturdy 9-3/4″ x 4″ x 8-1/4″ case.

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  • balloon

    Battle Balloons Color Burst

    Using Battle Balloons Color Burst you can fill and tie up to 40 water balloons in just seconds! Just pick a color, attach the Battle Balloons Color Burst to any hose, turn on the water, and let Color Burst do the rest.

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  • alex-blaze

    Blaze Color Scroller

    Blaze Color Scroller by ALEX Toys is a portable art studio. With this studio your child can color pictures of Blaze and the Monster Machines wherever you go. 40 images on a paper roll and 8 crayons all fit into a plastic Scroller. When you’re finished coloring one picture, just turn the knob to color the next. Color wherever you are, or even while traveling! Includes Scroller with a storage drawer, paper roll with 40 pictures and 8 crayons.

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  • boogie-board

    Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD Ewriter

    You can find this Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD Ewriter at Staples. The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD Ewriter eliminates the need for paper, scratch pads and sticky notes – simply write on it and then erase. The durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen is engineered to feel just like writing with pen on paper. The image stays as long as you need it to and can be erased with the touch of a button. Create again and again, without the need to charge or connect.

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  • bouncy-bands

    Bouncy Bands

    If your child is an active learner (like my son), this is an awesome gift idea for them! Bouncy Bands are heavy-duty bands that attach to your child’s desk or chair. Your kids can bounce their feet and stretch their legs on the Bouncy Band to release their extra energy, anxiety, frustration and boredom while they work quietly. Teachers are amazed with how much more work kids are able to do when they have a way to stay calm. Principals love that students are able to show what they know when they are taking tests instead of shutting down when they feel overwhelmed. Finally, kids just love to move, because most are active learners!

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  • barckitz

    Brackitz Driver 43 Piece Set

    Designed to ignite creativity, Brackitz is an award-winning innovative new construction line that encourages open-ended, imaginative play like no other construction set on the market today. With just a few tools at their disposal, including one-of-a-kind plastic connectors, children are given the opportunity to use their imagination to construct entirely new worlds by playing on their own or with friends in this Brackitz Driver 43 Piece Set. So build out, build tall or build wide – there is no limit! This set promotes STEM, no matter what skill level. The new Driver Kit includes 43 pieces, which includes 4 wheels. It also includes directions for 10 driving machines.

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  • brio

    BRIO Family Home Playset

    BRIO Family Home Playset is a modular play house. Build it according to suggestions in the leaflet or customize the modular pieces in plastic and wood. It comes with interior details and characters, creating a unique social play focus around real life situations for your child to engage in. Village is a NEW theme within the BRIO World concept – filled with play values and experience. The Village encourages social roleplay and invites children to play together by telling stories from their everyday life. The Village theme consists of several modular toys like a house, school, singing stage and ice cream stand. A variety of different characters help to get the roleplaying started. All pieces of the Village theme are modular-scaled to fit the rest of the BRIO World and can easily be connected and expanded with the other themes in the BRIO World.

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  • build-imagine

    Build & Imagine: Malia’s House

    I think this is absolutely brilliant. Build & Imagine has “construction” dollhouse magnetic building sets. Malia’s House is an award-winning magnetic dollhouse created by the “Rising Star Toy Inventor of the Year”. It’s all the fun of a dollhouse with the enrichment of a building set. Easily change things up and create a whole new adventure for endless imaginative play. In this Malia’s House set, children develop early engineering skills by designing a beach house for dolls Malia and Skyler. This set features a swimming pool, functional door, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, garden, floor and roof shapes, outfits, accessories, pets and more! Build & Imagine’s building panels are illustrated and made of a wood core with magnets around the edge. The wood core leads to a solid feel and long-term durability.

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  • candy-land

    Candy Land

    This classic edition of Candy Land features the charming graphics and components from the game’s early days! Celebrating over 65 years of great family fun!

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  • care-bears-cousins

    Care Bears Cousins

    Bring home the magic of Care-A-Lot with the Care Bears Medium Plush! These loveable bears come in fun bright colors and soft huggable fabrics! Now featuring Care Bears Cousins Characters, these plush friends make the perfect gift for every Care Bears fan! Collect them all! Assortment includes: Lotsa Heart Elephant, Brave Heart Lion, Cozy Heart Penguin, True Heart Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Cheer Bear.

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  • casio

    Casio SA-76

    The 44-key Casio SA-76 offers children the essentials for playing those first tunes. 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs provide variety. The LSI sound source and the 8-note polyphony ensure good sound quality while the LC display helps with selecting different music options. The SA-76 also includes a striking change-over switch making it easy to switch between piano and organ modes.

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  • circuit-scribe

    Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

    An introduction to more advanced concepts, the Circuit Scribe Maker Kit contains a pen, eleven modules, a 9V Battery and other accessories to take your circuit sketches to the next level. This kit allows you to explore all the concepts that the basic kit presents, while building your understanding of inputs, outputs, and signal processing in your circuits. Additional topics to explore include light sensing, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more.

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  • chutes-and-ladders

    Classic Chutes And Ladders

    This classic edition Classic Chutes And Ladders features the delightful artwork from the 70’s. It will bring back fond memories and help create new ones!

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  • etch-a-sketch

    Classic Etch A Sketch

    For more than 50 years, children and adults alike have been discovering the magical world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with Classic Etch A Sketch! You can find Classic Etch a Sketch at Staples. Its iconic frame, easy-to-use knobs, classic magic screen, and shake-to-erase feature, not to mention the endless hours of fun it provides, have made it popular all around the world! Sketch, erase, and sketch again with Etch A Sketch.

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  • simon

    Classic Simon

    I loved this game as a child and love it just as much now as an adult! Staples has Classic Simon, the game where you get ready to watch, remember and repeat! The Simon game is the exciting electronic game of lights and sounds in which players must repeat random sequences of lights by pressing the colored pads in the correct order. It’s fast-paced play, with lights and sounds that can challenge you. Experience the fun as you repeat the patterns and advance to higher levels. Keep track of your score as you challenge friends or try to beat your own high score.

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  • cognitoys-dino

    CogniToys Dino

    The Dino is Cloud-based and Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing children to engage in intelligent conversation unlike any other toys on the market today. Loaded with fun personalities and tons of information, CogniToys are redefining learning in the digital age. The curious and conversational Dinos are powered by IBM Watson and Elemental Path’s Friendgine technology, allowing them to deliver the kind of personalized play experience every child deserves. Dino can explore a wide variety of topics during playtime and can participate in activities like storytelling, questions and answers, games and more. The cloud-connected Dinos can answer oodles of questions, tell bedtime stories and even crack knock knock jokes! Age-appropriate vocabulary words and math questions are sprinkled throughout the toy’s many interactive games and stories to ensure no matter the activity, kids and their Dinos are always learning.

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  • corelle

    Corolle Mon Bébé Classique Graceful Pink Baby Doll

    This doll is so adorable! This Corolle Mon Bébé Classique Graceful Pink Baby Doll is perfect for little ones wanting a baby of their own. This charming 14-inch baby doll features realistic details and high-quality materials. Her soft, supple vinyl skin is delicately scented with vanilla — a Corolle signature, and her brown eyes close when you put her down for a nap or at bedtime, just like a real baby. She can suck her thumb or her pacifier (included), also just like a real baby.

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  • CAMPING_scene

    Counting Campers Game

    Counting Campers is both great fun and educational. Peg “campers” race along the tracks to be the first to reach the campsite. This fun child’s board game goes beyond entertaining, by challenging the young players in an exciting learning adventure! the young player will have opportunities to practice counting, learn the concept of forward and backward, come to understand plus(+) and minus(-) along with developing small motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

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  • crayola

    Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

    The Crayola Air Marker Sprayer is so fun! Kids can airbrush like the pros with Crayola’s Air Marker Sprayer. With its powered airflow and easy-to-use design, the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer gives kids everything they need to create bright, colorful spray art. The sprayer also works with Crayola Fabric Markers and Crayola Window Markers (not included), so kids can create spray art on a variety of different surfaces. For children ages 8 and up

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  • crayola-emoji

    Crayola Emoji Marker Maker

    The Crayola Emoji Marker Maker combines two popular things – emojis and Crayola colors! In this kit kids can experiment with Crayola colors to make 16 custom color emoji stampers and share their unique emoji messages with friends. Using the included design labels, kids can also create custom color names and decorate their barrels. For children ages 6 and up

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  • get-it-hoops

    D. Wade’s Get It Hoops

    D. Wade’s Get It Hoops is the perfect gift for any basketball loving kid (or grown-up)! Get It Hoops has built-in Live Action Game sounds so you get the feeling that you’re playing on an open court! It wirelessly connects to game app which you can download for free. There are multiple game modes including “arcade style”. Arcade style does not require the app. When you use the app it will capture highlights, videos or shots that you can share with your friends or on social networking sites! The package includes Inflatable ball, Inflation Needle, Live-action rim, Board, User Manual and Air Pump

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  • dash

    Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot

    Dash is a real robot from Wonder Workshop who is charged and ready to play out of the box. Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having. Use Wonder, Blockly, and other apps to create new behaviors for Dash — doing more with robotics than ever possible. No books or camps needed! Dash and Dot get kids engaged with STEM concepts while having fun.

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  • dc

    DC Super Hero Girls Action Doll

    DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls are inspired by a new interpretation of iconic DC Comics characters in an all new high school setting. These characters are learning to hone their super powers and girls can explore their own inner heroes with this assortment of dolls designed to lead to Super Hero fun. Each doll has unique fashion including elements from original DC Comics Super Heroes and their accessories highlight the characters’ super powers. Colors and decorations may vary.

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  • dc

    DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Utility Belt Accessory

    Put on Batgirl’s utility belt and unleash your power with this DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Utility Belt Accessory. It’s easy to find your inner hero with this role-play set inspired by Batgirl, a favorite student of DC Super Hero High. The crazy smart, totally cool technowizard has a ton of fun gadgets to immerse yourself in Super Hero play. Put the yellow utility belt on to begin — six snaps and holes ensure a wide range of fits. Push the button on the bat symbol belt buckle to activate lights and sound effects for a dynamic Super Hero moment! Fans of the web series will recognize dynamic sounds and signature phrases of this favorite DC Super Hero Girls character. Take the phone out of its compartment on the belt and open to find the secret messages stored inside — then close the phone and use it to decode them.

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  • deluxe-beauty-salon

    Deluxe Beauty Salon

    Such a fun gift idea for little girls who love dressing up! This Deluxe Beauty Salon by American Plastic Toys  features a sink, handy storage shelves and a mirror with working lights. Colorful play accessories include a headband, scissors, comb, eye shadow, lipstick, play compact, play shampoo and conditioner bottles, a hair dryer and a cell phone to set up all those appointments!

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  • destiny

    Destiny The Collection

    Destiny – The Collection is an all-access pass to one of the best-selling franchises in video game history, packing two years of content into one epic offering, including the new Rise of Iron expansion. Destiny – The Collection features the following FIVE adventures: Destiny – Original award-winning game, The Dark Below – Expansion I, House of Wolves – Expansion II, The Taken King – First Major Expansion, and Rise of Iron – Destiny’s newest adventure. Available for PS4 and XBox One.

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  • disney

    Disney Moana Starlight Canoe And Friends

    Moana of Oceania sets sail to save her people and find the answers she’s been searching for her whole life in this Disney Moana Starlight Canoe And Friends set. Along with the gentle rocking action, this boat projects starlight on the wall or in front of the boat. Kids can imagine joining Moana of Oceania and her friends Pua and Hei Hei on their journey, as the constellations guide their way. Includes boat, oar, doll, 2 figures, and instructions

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  • dory

    Dory Wall Friends

    Interact with Dory right in your room! The interactive light-up, talking Wall Friend is a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. Just touch the remote control button and watch as Dory lights up and talks with many fun, familiar phrases from the newFinding Dory movie. The Dory Wall Friends display is over 13” tall, makes a fantastic night light with high and low brightness, includes a remote control, and has a convenient auto shut off for bedtime.

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  • eureka

    Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

    The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete! Pick a challenge card, 3 test tubes and 6 colorful balls to solve his scientific formula. Carefully move your materials from tube to tube without dropping them and position the balls as illustrated on the challenge card. This game is a great, hand-on, dexterity-based, brainteaser that can be played with friends or by yourself.

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  • enchantails

    Enchantails Mermaid Slumber Bag & Book Set

    This is a gift idea that just makes me happy. We haven’t been parents to our daughter for long (almost 6 months) but already, we are seeing that she loves all things girly. And for her, this Enchantails Mermaid Slumber Bag Set made her squeal with joy! This is the perfect gift for any child who is enchanted by mermaids and marine life. Enchantails mermaid tail-shaped slumber bags are the perfect gift for children ages 4+ this holiday season. The Enchantails Mermaid Slumber Bag Set includes everything needed for a fun and educational experience into the magical world of Oceana. The set includes a beautifully crafted mermaid shaped sleeping bag, a tote bag for storage and sleepovers, a metallic printed logo pillow, wall decals and a chapter storybook (see the “Book Gift Ideas” section below). Sleeping bags are made of satin fabric featuring glow in the dark threads each with a sparkly tail unique to a real fish.

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  • faber-pottery-studio

    Farber Castell Do Art Pottery Studio

    The Farber Castell Do Art Pottery Studio is the perfect kick off for beginning artists. This art set offers quality art materials and step-by-step illustrated project instructions. The Do Art Pottery Studio introduces children to the art and history of hand sculpted pottery.
    From pinch pots to clay figurines, this pottery wheel set will teach and inspire. There is also a fully illustrated instruction booklet that will provide young artist.

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  • faber-travel-easel

    Farber Castell Do Art Travel Easel

    The perfect kick off for beginning artists. This Farber Castell Do Art Travel Easel offers quality art materials and step-by-step illustrated project instructions. It is filled with premium quality Faber-Castell materials. This portable art studio is the perfect gift for young artists. This 30+ piece set includes Faber-Castell beeswax crayons, markers, chalk, white wipe board marker, colored pencils, sharpener, sponge and sketch pad. The multi-functional surfaces include a chalkboard, a white wipe board and a drawing easel. It is designed with storage in mind, all the materials fit neatly in it when not in use.

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  • fast-flip

    Fast Flip

    In the game Fast Flip, get ready to scramble for the match in this crazy fruit salad! Match your fruits to a number, or numbers to a fruit; you don’t know what match you’ll have to find next! Whether you play with the tokens or with the cards alone, all players of any age will be fast flipping for this brain teasing match up.

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  • feltman-brothers-doll

    Feltman Brothers Caroline Grace Doll

    Feltman Brothers’ released a limited edition 100-year anniversary doll named Caroline Grace. This special doll reflects the standards of craftsmanship that the company insists upon, to ensure that little girls can cherish their new friend, for years and generations to come. This Caroline Grace doll is life like with the softest skin, real eyelashes, baby scented, and adorable pixie cut! Each piece of clothing that the doll is wearing is an Authentic hand-embroidered, hand-made Feltman garment. Caroline Grace comes with a dress, bonnet, booties and bloomers! She also comes with a birth certificate!

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  • finis-swim-cap

    Finis Animal Head Swim Cap

    This Finis Animal-Shaped Silicone Swim Cap is awesome. My son loves his tiger swim cap and I love that it protects his curls from our pool’s chlorine water. Because the cap is made of silicone it has added durability and comfort. The cap keeps hair pulled cleanly away from face and neck while swimming. There are four animal caps to choose from.

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  • finis-goggles

    Finis H2 JR Swim Goggles

    These Finis H2 JR Swim Goggles make excellent stocking stuffers for swimmers! The H2 Jr. goggles are designed with a fitted frame and dual silicone strap creating the ultimate leak-proof kids goggle. The soft, silicone eye gaskets provide a comfortable fit. The H2 Jr. goggles feature an adjustable back clip for easy strap adjustments.

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  • fire-kids

    Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB, Kid-Proof Case

    A full-featured 7″ Fire tablet with a 1024 x 600 IPS display that’s perfect for watching movies like Frozen, plus a fast quad-core processor that ensures quick app launch times and smooth games and video. The Fire Kids Edition tablet comes in black (with a blue, pink, or green Kid-Proof Case), 8 GB or 16 GB of internal storage, and up to 128 GB of expandable storage with microSD. The first year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is free! Amazon FreeTime offers innovative parental controls that encourage learning before play and that help manage screen time. With FreeTime, you select all of the content your kids can see, and you can limit your kids’ screen time by content type—for example, you may choose to limit videos and games, but make reading time unlimited. FreeTime blocks stores and in-app payments, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses. And, the tablet comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee including coverage for anything that happens to your Fire tablet. Just return the tablet and we’ll replace it for free. It also covers your Fire tablet against electrical and mechanical breakdowns.

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  • fright-factory

    Fright Factory Lab

    Fright Factory lab is disgustingly terrifying! It combines the global trend of 3D Printing, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and proven boy’s play pattern. With Fright Factory Creature Creator kids can create frightening, gross and yucky 3D creations! Squeeze slimy EwwGoo into the creepy molds, turn the crank and in minutes create skeletons, insects, rats, bats and more!

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  • chirpie

    Fuzzy Flyers

    Fuzzy Flyers are soft lovable toys that encourage kids to be active. Energetic kids will love Fuzzy Flyers. There are two fuzzy characters (Coco & Chirpie) to choose from and they will motivate kids to turn the tablet off and play. Coco & Chirpie have a motion sensor to recognize actions, share silly phrases and include pre programmed games. Play “Dance Party” with Coco and learn cool dance moves, “Sky Bird” with Chirpie where players have to keep Chirpie in the air, or surprise a friend with “Bark Attack”, Coco won’t stop barking until someone catches him. Use coupon code FUZZ1 to save 10% on your order!

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  • geosafari

    GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope

    This GeoSafari® Jr. My First Telescope by Educational Insights will help children discover amazing, up-close lunar exploration. Little ones can explore the moon with this focus-free telescope that is built specifically for little hands and growing minds. Perfect for STEM learning. The 10x magnification provides fantastic views of the moon, while keeping the field of vision wide, which is essential for young children’s understanding of magnified views.

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  • geosmart

    GeoSmart Lunar Rover

    Explore new horizons with the GEOSMART Lunar Rover. This 30-piece magnetic construction set features 5 different geometric shapes and wheels…you can build your own Lunar Rover and watch it go! GEOSMART is the future of geomagnetic play. An ideal STEM magnetic construction set, GEOSMART enables fun learning at home and in the classroom. Featuring bright colors, strong magnetic pieces and a patented double-safety system, GEOSMART offers unsurpassed safety and durability for endless creative play! The GEOSMART Lunar Rover set includes: 9 squares, 8 triangles, 1 rectangle, 2 trapezoids, 4 diamonds, 4 wheels and 2 wheel boxes.

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  • american-plastic-dump-truck

    Gigantic Dump Truck

    This is the perfect gift for any child who loves construction vehicles! This American Plastic Toys Gigantic Dump Truck is truly gigantic! This heavy-duty Gigantic Dump Truck is over two feet long, measuring 24 1/4″ x 14 3/4″ x 14 1/4″! It features a large tilting dump bed and big, rugged wheels.

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  • american-plastic-dump-truck

    Gigantic Loader Vehicle

    My son loves anything that has to do with trucks and construction. So this American Plastic Toys Gigantic Loader Vehicle is a perfect gift! This heavy-duty Gigantic Loader is over two feet long, measuring 24 1/4″ x 13″ x 14 1/4″! It features a large adjustable loader with a tilting dump bucket and big, rugged wheels.

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  • great-pretenders

    Great Pretenders Petticoat Skirt

    This Great Pretenders Petticoat Skirt Light Pink is made with the softest tricots. These tri-coloured ruffles add fullness & flair. The waist is made of spandex with a satin bow. Great Pretenders believe that “dress-up” is so much more than just putting on a costume. They are constantly on the hunt for great fabrics, trims and findings which can be transformed into inspiring pretend-play toys for children. They aim to provide the best value for your dollar and also strive to be as innovative as possible in what they make. For example, all of their products are easy-care with maximum sizing flexibility. (Their products are adorable!)

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  • hexbug-fish

    HEXBUG AquaBot 2.0

    Now you can truly experience the fun of having a pet fish collection, without all the messy clean-up! The AquaBot™ 2.0 Deco includes a bowl and coral pieces to provide a life like aquatic environment. Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion and an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, these aquatic fish propel around to explore their environment, swimming, diving and changing directions. After five minutes without activity, the AquaBot™ 2.0 will go into sleep mode and wake when activated.

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  • stinger

    HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset

    The HyperX Cloud Stinger™ is the ideal headset for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, superior sound quality and added convenience. At just 275 grams, it’s comfortable on your neck and its ear cups rotate in a 90-degree angle for a better fit. Its 50mm directional drivers position sound directly into the ear for audio precision and gaming-grade sound quality. For ultimate comfort in prolonged gaming sessions, it features high-quality HyperX signature memory foam. Its adjustable steel slider, intuitive volume control on headset ear cup and swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone make it easy to use and multi-platform compatibility lets you enjoy the same comfort and enhanced audio experience on PCs or consoles.

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  • minnie

    In My Room Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-u-tiful Light Projector

    The Bow-Tique Light Projector will Create a flurry of colorful bows, hearts, and flowers in your child’s room with the glowing Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Light Projector. It has seven different light programs that create soft, multicolored light shows in their room. Features Minnie and a collection of her decorative bows. The light projector is also a perfect room light for their nightstand, is battery operated, and has auto shut-off for bedtime.

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  • isabelle-grace

    Isabelle Grace Jewelry Tiny Dancer Necklace

    Isabelle Grace Jewelry is about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. This ballerina charm is approximately 3/4 of an inch tall and 1/2 an inch wide. This neckalace can be personalized with your daughter’s initial, making it truly a one-of-a-kind and special gift. Your daughter will love showing off her individuality with this necklace, which is perfect for everyday wear! Or, create a necklace just for your daughter with either a 16 or 18 inch silver plated chain, the initial charm of your choice, and whimsy charms in an array of fun designs: Balloon, Bird, Dragonfly, Ice Cream Cone, Ladybug, Palm Tree, Sea Horse, Snowflake, Sun, and Tiara.

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  • john-deere

    John Deere Monster Treads 2X Scoop Tractor

    This John Deere Monster Treads 2X Scoop Tractor is a monster-sized tractor that is the perfect toy for the John Deere fan in your life! With its oversized tires and cool styling, this tractor is ready to conquer any sandbox adventure. Push or pull the lever to activate the front loader or rear backhoe (and lights and sounds).

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  • kaboom

    Kaboom by Blue Orange Games

    Enter a war of destructive construction where builders erect teetering towers that saboteurs try to smash with their demolishing dice! As the master Builder, you must assemble your tower against the chaotic onslaught of catapults to try to get the most points. But come next round, you’ll be the saboteur behind the catapult creating catastrophe for your opponent Builder. Will you build multiple towers against your enemies? Or will you try for the grand prize and master the Mega tower? All ages will love this challenge of speed and precision mingled with some great destructive fun!

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  • kids-cash


    KidCash gives you a way to get your chid’s attention and make your frugal money lessons stick. It can help parents take control over spending when it comes to your children by providing structure in which the rules of how money is spent is dictated by the parent. Instead of caving into begging at the toy store, children learn that they must earn the cash. Parents can control the budget easily by setting their own conversion as well. Your child will learn more about money, self discipline, patience, focus and more through a simple reward system that is educational, fun and only takes a minute a day.

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  • kiwi

    Kiwi Crate

    If you are buying gifts for children between the ages of 0 and 16, you must check out Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate is monthly subscription you can sign up for your child. Each month your child will receive a package filled with goodies that will help your child explore the world of science, art, and more. Kiwi Crate makes STEM accessible projects engaging, and fun. Their goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and makers. You can purchase a Newborn Pack for children AGES 0-2, Koala Crate for ages 3-4, Kiwi Crate for ages 5-8, and Doodle Create and Tinker Crate for children 9 – 16+. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • angry-birds-piggy

    LEGO Angry Birds 75822 Piggy Plane Attack Building Kit

    Prepare for take-off with LEGO Angry Birds 75822 Piggy Plane Attack Building Kit! Those tricky piggies will try anything to get the flock’s eggs out of Bird Island-even jetting off on a plane! Grab the catapult and prepare for some bird-flinging fun at high altitude! Help Red rescue the eggs from the plane, but watch out for the flick missile shooters.

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  • angry-birds-teardown

    LEGO Angry Birds 75824 Pig City Teardown

    In LEGO Angry Birds 75824 Pig City Teardown, use the catapult to shoot Red and Stella into Pig City! Cause a chain reaction by firing the birds above the boulder, and use the piggies’ own TNT against them! Chase the piggies all over Pig City to get the eggs back, but keep your eyes peeled for the sliding piggy in his umbrella! Will the birds even find their eggs in all this piggy-crashing excitement?

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  • lego-dimensions

    LEGO Dimensions

    The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack is all players need to begin. Just build the base and embark on a fantastic quest. Included in the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack: LEGO Dimensions videogame, LEGO Toy Pad, Bricks to build the LEGO Gateway, 3 LEGO minifigures (Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle) and LEGO Batmobile vehicle. Build the minifigure heroes and fire-up the game to start the experience, then follow the in-game build instructions to assemble the loose bricks into the LEGO Gateway, and place the structure on the LEGO Toy Pad. Expand the adventure by collecting more minifigures, vehicles, gadgets, and new levels with the purchase of three different types of expansion packs. Use whatever minifigure with whichever vehicle or gadget – go ahead. ..break the rules! Players can let imagination guide their solo journey or have a friend join the adventure with co-operative, drop-in/drop-out play.

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  • liam-isla

    Liam & Isla Military Gelid Zip

    This modern Liam & Isla Military Gelid Zip is the ultimate in style refinement for any boy. Pairing this jacket with jeans or khaki pants will be the perfect pairing for your kiddo. The jacket comes in either Navy or Red and has a full length zipper and faux pockets. Comes in sizes 2T – 5T.

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  • lil-lockitz

    Lil’ Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack

    Lil’ Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack by ALEX Toys lets you express yourself as never before to create something truly personal, for yourself or a loved one. Lil’ Lockitz supplies you with gems, backgrounds and charms of your favorite things to float in a wearable collage that tells a story. This set Is EVERYTHING! Get all of your BFF’s over and dive into this super deluxe kit! Make lockets for yourselves or each other. Show everyone what you have in common or what makes you unique! Just fill it with custom charms of things you love, lock it up when everything is in place and wear it as a necklace, bracelet or use the Keychain Clasps to make clip-ons! The set comes with everything you need to make 18 Lockitz!

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  • linko-game

    LINK-O Game

    LINK-O is the fun, challenging numbers game that will have you turning in circles! Place tiles end to end on the board by matching numbers and color on each tile, as you try to be the first to play all of your tiles. Tiles left over in opponent’s possession are totaled as points for YOU. It’s ALL-AROUND FUN WITH NUMBERS for the whole family!

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  • lux-blox

    Lux Blox

    Lux Blox are a snap and lock hinge system that allows builders and innovators of all ages to create structures that curve, bend, flex, twist, turn and move while retaining strength and stability. Lux Blox can be used to model machines, biological organisms, architecture, and more, all of which are based on nature’s design principles. Lux Blox is ultimately designed to provide an imaginative experience that encourages creativity and exposure to the patterns and forms found in nature.

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  • magformers

    Magformers Space Traveler 35Pc Set

    In this Magformers Space Traveler 35Pc Set, create 3D structures from 2D nets with the Space Traveler 35Pc Set. Use squares and triangles to build space ships and shuttles. Add Magformers alien character to your builds and fly around planet Tetrahedron. Learn 3D shapes and build using combine, roll and pull-up techniques and see what your imagination can create! Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you’ll always hear the Magformers click. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store.

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  • magformers-27-pc-set

    Magformers WOW 27-PC Set

    This original WOW Set, perfect for beginner builders to create a wide variety of vehicles with the help of 39 activity cards! Lay your MAGFORMERS® on the cards and then pull them from 2D into 3D! Great for young minds to learn about constructing cube nets, patterns, shapes and colors! It’s compatible with all MAGFORMERS® shapes and accessories.

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  • magic

    Magic: Silver Edition (100 tricks)

    Grab your wand! With high-quality magic props and simple illustrated instructions, the 100 magic tricks in this Magic: Silver Edition kit can be easily learned, practiced, and mastered — to stun and amaze audiences! Make playing cards come and go and change places. Coins pass through handkerchiefs, disappear into thin air, and magically stay put when they shouldn’t! Paper money disappears and milk appears out of nowhere in tricks with tubes. A number of tricks involve knots and ropes: Knots in ropes untie themselves, jump from rope to rope, and disappear. A rope passes through solid objects. Many tricks can be done with your hands and a magical thumb: A silk pocket square appears out of nowhere, coins get pulverized, objects magically stay dry, salt vanishes, sugar appears, loose sugar becomes a sugar cube, and dollar bills emerge from bread rolls. A 72-page instruction manual with color photographs illustrates how the tricks are performed. Video tutorials for the tricks are available online.

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  • magic-sketch

    Magic Sketch

    The Magic Sketch will provide hours of fun for your child as they doodle, sketch and draw on their Magic Sketch! The Magic Sketch has a see-through, multi-color screen. Because the screen is see-through, you can place stencils under it. Using the included stencils your child can learn to write, learn math and be creative! The set also comes with fun stamps for creating unique designs. Pressing the on/off button will quickly erase the screen and your child can begin a new design. The Magic Sketch’s battery comes with a 7 year battery life!

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  • make-paper-lantern

    Make Paper Lantern Animals

    Make Paper Lantern Animals by the editors of Klutz encourages your child to let their imagination run wild as they choose from 21 designs and transform 6 paper lanterns into adorable animals. Simply cut out the stencil shapes from a variety of patterned papers, glue them in place, and display with pride. It’s the cutest collection of paper lanterns you’ve ever seen.

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  • marbology


    Marbology from Marbles: The Brain store is a sliding tile, marble-guiding single player puzzle. In all 52 challenges, roll marbles from their start positions to their matching colored homes. This is done by sliding tiles within the grid to create pathways for shunting the marbles between recesses. Solve the puzzle by giving all marbles a clear path to their matching color homes. Your logical skills, visual perception and mental pathways will all be enhanced. This is the perfect gift for older children, teens and adults!

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  • melissa-doug-advent

    Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Religious Advent Calendar

    Add some holiday cheer and a charming yuletide ritual to your home with this Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Religious Advent Calendar! Reading the holiday poem on the back of the tree is sure to become a treasured family tradition. The set includes 24 unique magnetic ornaments plus a shining star for Christmas day–all of which fit neatly in the attached box at the base of the tree. Kids can pick a favorite design to place on the tree each day, following the numbered outlines to fill the tree right up to Christmas. They’ll also love to switch, move, and rearrange the pieces to customize their very own tree countless times!

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  • melissa-doug-cookies

    Melissa & Doug Slice & Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set

    Using this Melissa & Doug Slice & Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set, your child can slice and pretend to bake a dozen wooden cookies, then decorate them for Christmas! This colorful play-food set includes a tube of 12 sliceable cookies with 12 decorative toppings, an oven mitt, wooden cookie sheet, knife and spatula, plus pretend baking directions to encourage unlimited imaginative play and learning. It’s a festive way to reinforce basic skills, encourage creativity and celebrate the holidays!

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  • hasbro

    Middle School Moguls

    Middle School Moguls is an aspirational collection of dolls, books and online “edutainment” for girls aged 6-11 years old. The storyline follows five middle school friends, turned successful entrepreneurs who attend Mogul Academy-an unconventional school run by eccentric billionaire business woman Sherry Rocketsmeller. Each with their own unique talents, the girls find themselves in a high-tech, faced-paced, world of adventure as they work to build businesses, friendships and unforgettable fun! Middle School Moguls are as diverse as the girls who love them. Each one is distinct in culture, personality and talents. They include: McKinley, the Business Boss; Sunny, the Coding Queen; Izzy, the Digital Diva; Ryleigh, the Gadget Girl; and Jada, the Graphics Guru. The Middle School Mogul dolls are dressed modestly (but trendy) and have realistic body frames with natural features. Each Middle School Moguls doll comes with a book and her own individual “business” accessory.

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  • mio-eating


    This MiO EATING + 2 PEOPLE collection provides open-ended play to inspire any builder’s imagination. This set features a mix of natural and brightly colored wood pieces. Open-ended play is easy to achieve with the simple wooden shapes and adorable people characters. MiO dolls feature hand painted wood heads and soft beanbag bodies. Included in the set: 1 room, 1 loft, 1 tabletop plank, 6 cubes, 2 MiO beanbag people + drawstring storage bag.

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  • mio-bus

    MiO School Bus + 2 People Set

    The MiO School Bus + 2 People set features a brightly colored wood bus that holds up to 6 MiO people or animal characters. Included in the set are two people dolls with hand painted wood heads and soft beanbag bodies. The MiO bus features trailer hitch capability for towing the MiO trailer (sold separately). This bus has functional wheels.

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  • mongoose

    Mongoose 24 Volt Mini Bike

    Why should little kids have all the fun? This all new Mongoose 24 Volt Powered Mini Bike is a rechargeable battery powered ride on mini scooter for bigger kids looking for some new thrills. Recommended for one rider, ages eight plus; the Mongoose Powered mini bike can move up to 10 mph on low speed and up to 12 mph on high. There are tons of big features on this mini bike like the 250-watt chain driven motor, a rear wheel disk brake that is controlled on a lever on the right hand grip, air filled ten-inch diameter tires that are a chunky four inches wide, and a poly leather like stitched cushion seat. Plus, there is a kick stand, foldable foot rests, and ultra cool motorcycle styling with a Mongoose number plate up front. Riding is so much fun, the on switch is on the top of the bike and the high-low power switch is mounted under the seat. The rider controls the throttle on the right hand grip.

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  • motorola

    Motorola Talkabout T100 Series

    The Motorola Talkabout T100 series of two-way radios are compact and easy-to-use. The small size is ideal for elementary age children who aren’t in the cell phone stage quite yet, but they do need to check in with mom and dad in the neighborhood. They are also fun for hours of playtime outside!! They provide affordable and reliable communication at the park, soccer field, girl and boy scout outings, weekend camping trips and even enroute to the big game in the car. They are also ideal for families with a passion for weekend adventures and active lifestyles. These radios are stylish and still provide reliable two-way communications when out of cell phone range. Perfect for outdoor adventures and for giving kids independence without cell phone fees. The series comes in blue and bright pink and easily fits into a pocket. Featuring 22 channels and up to a 16 mile range.

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  • my-little-pony

    My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle

    Imagine special times with Baby Flurry Heart and Princess Cadence in the Crystal Empire Castle! This glamorous My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle playset has a rotating light-up feature and reflects 3 cutie marks at the press of a heart-shaped button. It also has 2 staircases and areas for play on all sides. Sixteen fun accessories include a dress, throne, crystal vanity, cradle, and jewels. There are also 2 closets that have shelves that can spin and a swing for the Baby Flurry Heart figure! Pretend to swing Baby Flurry Heart while Princess Cadence gathers 2 included tiaras to get ready for a royal stroll!

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  • magnutto

    Neat-Oh! Magnutto Junior Make a Mood

    Magnutto™ Make a Dino is designed to help children identify, express, understand and respond to feeling and emotions. Every feeling has a face. Sometimes exploring feelings and emotions using dinosaurs is easier and more fun! Children use thick, foam, low-strength, safe magnets to create dinosaur expressions and represent a variety of emotions and feelings. The sturdy easel box opens to a magnetic easel and closes to store all the magnets when play is done. Multi lingual activity cards (English, Spanish, French) include samples questions for role play and to engage children in conversations about emotions, as well as a list of emotions and examples of facial expressions. Sample questions: “Have you felt that way?” “What do you do when you feel that way?” A truly fun way to explore moods, feelings and emotions. Neat-Oh! Magnutto Make a DIno – Every feeling has a face.

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  • dream-lites

    Nemo DreamLite

    Disney Pixar’s Nemo is one of the brightest fish in the sea and one of the cuddliest Pillow Pets. His orange plush makes the perfect room décor and night light. Nemo’s image surrounded by tranquil stars, soothe little ones as they drift off to sleep. Pillow Pet Dream Lites are the amazing night light that turns your room into a starry sky instantly with a press of a button. Soothing lights create a magical and tranquil environment that helps kids ease into a restful sleep. A built in timer shuts the Dream Lite off after 20 minutes. All the Dream Lites come with 4 light options steady blue, amber, or green and lastly all three colors that transition every 4 seconds continually in a loop.

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  • nickelodeon-favorites-a-very-nick-jr-christmas

    Nickelodeon Favorites: A Very Nick Jr. Christmas

    Nickelodeon preschool favorites from the past and present come together to help celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the all-new collection, Nickelodeon Favorites: A Very Nick Jr. Christmas. This jolly and joyful collection includes beloved shows like Dora and Friends: Into the City! and Bubble Guppies, along with new hit shows like Shimmer and Shine, Wallykazam! and Blaze and the Monster Machines. Whether it’s racing to rescue lost Christmas presents with Blaze or visiting Santa with Shimmer and Shine, there’s no shortage of holiday cheer and festive adventure.

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  • north-pole-kids

    Official Elf Kit from North Pole Kids’ Club

    For kids that want to stay off the naughty list, enlisting in the North Pole Kids’ Club secures a spot on Santa’s nice list. That’s because youngsters 4-years-old and up become Junior Elves by being polite, helpful and merry. It all starts with the Official Elf Kit.™ Boys and girls are asked to perform simple tasks that mean so much to Santa. There’s magic reindeer food and cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve. Before that magical night, an illustrated handbook is packed with fun and creative activities for the Christmas season. Every Santa’s helper gets an authentic elf hat, enclosed in the kit. Choose green or pink for your favorite little elf. Inside the kit is an extra special surprise – Santa’s Magic Key tied with a red ribbon! This is the real way he gets inside so many houses on December 24! Kids are told to hang the key on their front door on Christmas Eve and Santa uses it to make his delivery. Afterwards, he often leaves it on the Christmas tree or by the stockings, to be used again next year.

    Each kit includes: a cozy elf hat, Santa’s Magic Key, a letter from Santa, a 64-page handbook, a 16-page activity book, an elf certificate and more! Save 20% on your order by using discount code BLOG20 (code expires 12/5/16)

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  • once-upon-a-craft

    Once Upon a Craft: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

    The Once Upon a Craft: Twelve Dancing Princesses will dance their way into your little one’s heart! Read the story together; then, watch her creativity shine as YOUR princess colors five fun characters for use against a full-color storybook backdrop. Plus, she can create and decorate a mosaic dancing shoe and princess crown! This double-sided, full-color playset featuring 6 different scenes from the story, 5 ready-to-color characters, and 5 character stands.

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  • paw-patrol-pups-save-christmas

    PAW Patrol: Pups Save Christmas

    Unwrap a high-action adventure this holiday season with a collection from one of the hottest preschool series on TV, PAW Patrol: Pups Save Christmas. This latest puppy collection features daring rescues with just the right amount of holiday cheer! Join Ryder, Chase, Everest and the rest of the gang as they embark on snow-filled adventures to help Santa save Christmas, rescue penguins and polar bears, and much more. Whether they’re feeling festive, competitive or silly, it’s no secret that the pups are here to bring a little extra joy to this holiday season.

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  • dinosaur-escape

    Peaceable Kingdoms Dinosaur Escape

    In Peaceable Kingdoms Dinosaur Escape, three dinosaurs are lost in the ferns and a volcano is threatening to blow! Work together to move the dinosaurs around the board. Uncover the matching dinosaurs under the fern tokens to rescue all three dinosaurs. Get the dinosaurs safely to the island before the volcano erupts and everyone wins!

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  • mainsttoys

    Periodic Table Element Blocks

    Learning the periodic table has never been so fun and we would have given a leg to have this colorful Periodic Table Element Blocks set in our junior high chemistry class. This set includes the entire periodic table of elements on 20 blocks.

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  • phone-phever

    Phone Phever

    Phone Phever is a family game that everyone can play together! Perfect for families, friends, parties, and even classrooms, Phone Phever is a fast-paced, high-energy game that appeals to smartphone addicts of all ages. Individual players (or teams) match both wits and smartphone skills in answering 1,200 fascinating trivia questions and completing hilarious challenges, all of which cleverly explore how the world’s favorite invention — the telephone — has shaped music, movies, TV, history and technology, law and politics, and the rest of Western pop culture. Some example challenges are; be the first to make your phone say “I love Phone Phever” in Italian or be the first to find a telephone number for a Bigfoot reporting hotline! For those who are not so quick with their typing fingers, there are also traditional trivia questions, so there really is something for everyone! Phone Phever is compatible with all smartphones and no app is required.

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  • pie-face

    Pie Face Showdown Game

    The hilarious Pie Face Showdown game brings friends and family together for lots of laugh-out-loud fun. First, players load the arm with whipped cream (not included) or the included sponge. Then each player places their chin on one of the chin rests and at the count of 3, rapidly mashes the button nearest to them, which activates the hand on the throwing arm. The suspense builds as players try to get the arm to move toward their opponent, and when it gets too close to the pie thrower, it’ll spring up, and that player will get creamed! The player who doesn’t get “pie-faced” wins.

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  • pinpoint

    Pinpoint by Blue Orange Games

    Develop your eagle eye abilities with this new twist on a classic “find the differences” game! Each card has 5 images on it- one Original and four with variations. Players use the process of elimination to locate the Original by pointing out differences in the other four pictures. This brain teasing game will delight kids of all ages as they race to spot the differences in the printed pictures.

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  • playdoh

    Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle

    Take a magical trip to the Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle! It’s a colorfully creative kingdom where kids can go to make their wackiest ice cream dreams come true. The whimsical towers of frosty fun create colorful Play-Doh soft-serve treats in unique ways. With the 6 ice cream discs, kids can choose different shapes to press out their swirly Play-Doh ice cream. Just pop one into the center tower to switch up the fun! The Play-Doh soft-serve machine also features an easy-press handle for littler hands. When the dishes are filled to the brim with swirly Play-Doh treats, move over to the topping stations to cover them in wacky whipped cream and crazy sprinkles. The sprinkle crank and frosting tool are also removable for freehand decorating. For even more creativity, this Play-Doh ice cream wonderland also features Confetti compound filled with specs of colorful confetti!

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  • playmobil-city

    PLAYMOBIL Space Rocket with Launch Site

    This PLAYMOBIL Space Rocket with Launch Site will make the perfect gift! My son has LOVED playing with this space rocket and launch site. My son especially loves pushing the buttons on the rocket and hearing the countdown for lift off! And, my hubby loved (seriously – he had a blast) helping my son put it together! This space mission delivers all the imaginative and interactive play that PLAYMOBIL playsets provide. Outfitted with working lights and sound, the rocket is ready for launch! Use the moveable maintenance platform to help the space technicians inspect the rocket before lift off. The included figures, rocket, launch structure, repair robot, computer and other accessories are all essential for the countdown to take off!

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  • playroom-prep

    Playroom Prep

    My son LOVES this activity book! Playroom Prep is an innovative new, hands-on, dry-erase, activity book designed for one-on-one use between an adult and a child. This fun activity book has bright, colorful illustrations and is an effective teaching tool that is fun, age appropriate and encourages families to unplug and play together. This activity book is easy to use and features simple instructions that detail suggested practices that reinforces discussion and practice. Each activity follows a set sequence: the adult demonstrates, the child and the adult try together and the child repeats the steps alone. As a result, Playroom Prep helps cultivate: Concentration, Fine motor skills, Letter sounds, Writing skills; and Important face-time with mom or dad.

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  • pokemon

    eKids Pokemon Stereo Headphones

    Rock around the house to your favorite tunes with these soft, comfortable fit, adjustable Pokemon Stereo Headphones. These great sounding headphones have a built-in volume limiter that protects hearing and makes listening to music safe for your ears.

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  • shining-stars

    Primary Science Shining Stars Projector

    This Primary Science™ Shining Stars Projector from Learning Resources lets young children explore early space science by beaming images of space onto any surface for a close-up view of stars, planets, and more! Just place the discs into the slot for quick and easy viewing. Features an easy-carry handle, automatic shut-off to conserve battery life, and a stand for projector mode. Includes 3 discs, with 8 images on each (24 images total). Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Projector in stand measures 7″H.

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  • puppy-pocket

    Puppy in My Pocket Mom and Triplet Puppies Family Packs

    Puppy in My Pocket and Kitty in My Pocket from Just Play have all new puppies and kitties based on real breeds! Over 100 new puppies and kitties, as well as playsets and accessories, including the Mom and Triplet Puppies Family Packs – multipack of figures that comes with either a bed or a stroller and additional small accessories such as, bottles, rattles, dog bowls and more!

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  • monkey-beach

    Ravensburger Monkey Beach

    In Ravensburger Monkey Beach players will join the quest and help the monkey pirates find the long-lost buried treasure. After inserting all the treasures into the volcano, players take turns selecting a location tile and a treasure tile. Upon their turn each player must now feel for the hidden treasure shapes around the cloth island and guide them out through the beach, waterfall or jungle openings. The catch – there are two different treasures for every shape. While discovering and collecting the various treasures hidden within the island, young children are introduced to tactile and visual recognition of shapes as well as vocabulary building. Treasure shapes range from triangles and ovals to trapezoids and hexagons, and include various symbols such as a diamond, gold bars, an emerald a crown, a treasure map and many more.

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  • dream-lites-minnie

    Rockin’ The Dots Minnie DreamLite

    It’s all about “dot couture.” Minnie’s dot style keeps things sharp and edgy for “girls” who love great style with a hint of feisty fun. This Classic Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet is style and comfort combined. Pillow Pets products bring a touch of room décor along with the practicality of everyday use as both a toy for imaginative play and a pillow for television, bed or travel time. New Rockin’ The Dots Minnie Mouse DreamLite will illuminate your room and turn your cieling into a starry night sky with the touch of a button. Bedtime has never been more fun! The Pillow Pets DreamLites project a variety of colors on your cieling including blue, amber, green or a mixture of all three colors that change every four seconds. The lights can be switched into a timer mode to automatically shut off after 20 minutes

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  • rookie-chef-accessories

    Rookie Chef Accessories Bundle

    This Rookie Chef Accessories Bundle is the perfect accompaniment to the Island Cart. The accessories bundle comes with kid friendly tools including The Slicer-Dicer, The Mixer-Upper and The Handy Slicer. The Handy Slicer is super handy for slicing and chopping, while the Mixer Upper is great for light mixing. Complete the set with the Slicer Dicer, a chopper, grater and slicer that comes with multiple attachments. Adult supervision recommended. You can purchase the Rookie Chef Accessories Bundle by itself or purchase it with Rookie Island Cart. Head HERE for more info.

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  • rookie-chef

    Rookie Chef Rookie Island Cart

    This is the perfect gift for any child that is interested in cooking! My son regularly asks if he can help me cook and this Rookie Chef “Rookie Island Cart” will make our cooking process much easier! The Rookie Island Cart is a mobile kitchen island cart that is scaled down for the size of a child. The kids’ kitchen cart features a Butcher Block top, flip up extension for extended workspace, and height adjustability up to 3″. The cart is predominately made of bamboo construction. The unfinished butcher block top can be used as a cutting surface. You can purchase the Rookie Island Cart by itself or purchase it with The Slicer-Dicer, The Mixer-Upper and The Handy Slicer. Head HERE for more info.

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  • runbow

    Runbow Deluxe Edition

    The Runbow Deluxe Edition includes the critically acclaimed Wii U party game with all the DLC. New DLC includes new levels, costumes/ characters, game modes and more! Runbow is a fast, frantic game for 1-9 players that will keep you running back for more. The world changes with each swipe of the background, so you’ll have to stay on your toes as platforms and obstacles disappear. If you can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. Play with up to 9 friends locally or online. With hundreds of levels, dozens of costumes, and more indie guest characters than you can handle, you better get ready to Runbow!

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  • little-scholar

    School Zone Little Scholar Educational Learning Tablet

    School Zone Little Scholar Educational Learning Tablet is preloaded with School Zone’s proven learning curriculum, including over 200 educational apps, books, songs, and videos. With this tablet, parents are able to track and guide learning, measure performance, and view which apps are being used. Along with this it has parental controls which allows the parents to unlock Wi-Fi at their discretion; customize active apps, music, and e-books, all within the password-protected parental section. Kids will have a blast mastering math, reading, spelling, and more, with over 200 preloaded apps, videos, e-books, and songs. Progressive challenge combines with playful creativity.

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  • sensacalm-snake

    SensaCalm Soothing Snake

    SensaCalm’s Soothing Snake sensory accessory helps to comfort and calm children and adults with autism and other sensory disorders. These soothing snakes are portable and light-weight, making them the perfect accessory. When you wear the soothing snake like a scarf, you are given a soothing hug. Toddler/Preschool Snakes weigh 1.5 lbs and are 4? wide x 28? long. Youth/Adult Snakes Weigh 2 lbs and are 4? wide x 48? long.

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  • sensacalm-blanket

    SensaCalm Weighted Blanket

    SensaCalm has a huge variety of weighted blankets to choose from. You can select a custom weighted blanket or if you need one sooner, you can choose from an assortment of Ready to Ship or Clearance blankets. Weighted Blankets are therapeutic blankets that are made with weights to provide proprioceptive input to the body. Proprioceptive input means awareness of one’s body position in space. The effect is similar to when you swaddle a baby. For children with sensory processing disorder, these blankets are therapeutic. SensaCalm weighted blankets are constructed with quality materials including polyfill which gives a comfortable pillow-like feel. As an adoptive parent to children who have experienced great trauma and neglect, their brains are more prone to display sensory issues. Weighted blankets can help their bodies calm down when they are unregulated. For many of the adoptive families I know who have children with SPD, these blankets are lifesavers.

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  • sequence-cats


    Match the cat pictured on your card to one on the gameboard, then place your chip there. When you have 5 chips in a row, it’s a SEQUENCE. Each card also gives an interesting fact about it’s cat. It’s the Purrrrfect SEQUENCEgame for cat lovers everywhere!

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  • dogs-sequence


    Enjoy the great game of SEQUENCE featuring a unique collection of cuddly canines. Be the first player to get 5 chips in a row by matching the pooch pictured on your cards to the same ones on the gameboard. Each card also has a brief description or fact about the dog shown. So go ‘fetch’ your family and friends for a fun, strategic game of SEQUENCE DOGS.™

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  • shape-mags

    Shape Mags

    Shape Mags magnetic tile building sets will be a fun and valuable part of your child’s cognitive development. The construction stimulates right side brain training, promotes creativity, and assists your child with spatial problem-solving tasks, pattern recognition, motor skills, logical thinking, and math reasoning. The tile building sets allow little builders to create castles, bridges, trains, buildings, pyramids, rockets, their name, and more – the possibilities are endless. Shape Mags building sets include instructions that provide a wide variety of visual examples. Shape Mags are compatible with other magnetic tile brands making it easy to add on to your child’s existing collection, but offers a wider selection of tile shapes.

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  • skylanders

    Skylanders Imaginators

    In Skylanders Imaginators, Kaos has discovered the ancient power of Mind Magic and is using it to create an unstoppable army of Doomlanders! Eon is calling upon all Portal Masters and Skylands’ greatest mystic warriors, the Senseis, to stop Kaos and his minions. Now, you must use the power of your imagination to create your own Skylanders to battle in the ultimate adventure alongside the almighty Senseis to save Skylands. Skylanders Imaginators is available for PS4, PS3, Wii U XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE.

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  • skypaper

    SkyPaper Paper Plane Launcher

    The new SkyPaper Paper Plane Launcher high velocity launcher blasts paper planes up to 100 feet! Stack up to 3 paper planes in the launcher for rapid fire multi-launch action. Each SkyPaper PPL-1 comes with 24 do-it-yourself Paper Planes and easy-to-follow instructions. Build the Glider Plane for speed and distance, or go for flair with the Stunt Plane.

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  • smart-letters

    Smart Letters

    Smart Letters are app-connected smart toys that guide children through various lessons via three different apps. Using the suite of companion iOS apps, children will learn lessons in letter recognition, phonics, spelling, and more. Bridging the gap between traditional learning blocks and technology for educational fun, Smart Letters and apps grow with your children as they learn, apps adjusting to their knowledge base.

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  • space-scooter

    Space Scooter

    The Space Scooter® is an awesome innovative scooter, propelled forward by pushing the board with both feet in an active teeter-totter motion. It’s able to go faster and further than any conventional scooter, just pump and go! Space Scooter can get you riding up to 15 mph without any electric power.

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  • star-wars

    Star Wars Death Star Electronics Lab

    In the Star Wars Death Star Electronics Lab, you will be able to construct real electronic circuits inside the Death Star as you activate authentic light and sound effects from Star Wars movies! Complete over 20 experiments with more than 75 components as you try to make all the functions of the Death Star fully operational like activating the super laser, initiating the tractor beam, triggering the Death Star battle alarm and even powering Darth Vader’s breathing machine! It’s both fun play and real STEM learning. You can even display the light-up Death Star on your wall!

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  • star-wars

    Star Wars Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper Figure

    Stormtroopers are elite shock troops fanatically loyal to the Empire and impossible to sway from the Imperial cause. They wear imposing white armor, which offers a wide range of survival equipment and temperature controls to allow the soldiers to survive in almost any environment. Stormtroopers wield blaster rifles and pistols with great skill, and attack in hordes to overwhelm their enemies.

    With over 65 different sound effects and phrases, the Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper figure uses a motion sensor to respond to specific movements. Equip the figure with the included blaster accessory to hear battle sound effects, or have the figure engage in hand to hand combat for punching sounds! Gear up figure with jetpack to initiate flight mode and hear amazing sound effects based on different motion-activated aerial maneuvers! Mission is a go!

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  • proji-1

    Stars & Stripes Special Edition Projection Clock

    Never set the time again with this radio-controlled projection clock from Oregon Scientific. The projection clock enables the time to be projected directly onto the ceiling so that you don’t even have to roll over in order to see what time it is. The LCD screen show you the time and date, whilst the crescendo alarm comes with a snooze feature so that you don’t fall asleep again. This projection clock also measures the temperature of your room. The chunky feel to this product makes it great for children too. For continuous projection simply power the clock using the included AC power adaptor.

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  • stick-stack

    Stick Stack Board Game

    Stick Stack Board Game is a game where your goal is to stack it up! Add sticks to the wobbly stack using one hand and matching the colors. But keep steady—one unstable stick could make it all come tumbling down!

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  • stompeez

    Stompeez Slippers

    Stompeez are super cute, fun slippers that your girls, boys and teens will love. They are soft, comfy and loads of fun. You just walk, stomp, or jump and Stompeez pop to life! These slippers come in 9 different styles. There’s Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Batman, Nemo, Dori, Shopkins, Happy Puppy, TRex dinosaur and more. These slippers come in two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large.

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  • swagtron

    SWAGTRON T5 Hoverboard

    The new SWAGTRON T5 is lighter than other SWAGTRON offerings at 18 lbs. But carries loads up to 187 lbs. while still rolling along at up to 7 mph for up to 7 miles. Like all SWAGTRON models, the T5 is environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions. Solidly constructed, the SWAGTRON T5 employs only the highest quality components and industry-leading safety features for an adult scooter. This T5 SWAGTRON Hands Free Smart Board contains the latest technology from SWAGTRON, that makes riding secure and more fun.

    The leading secure technology and still full of Swag for those just starting out. Simple, straightforward and affordable — this is the one for you. Begin right here with the SWAGTRON T5, bold and solidly snug.

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  • t-bolt

    T-Bolt Air Rocket Party Pack

    The T-Bolt Air Rocket Party Pack gets the party started! Simply twist together the air tubes, stand back and have FUN! The T-Bolt Party packs comes with one launch system and 6 air rockets! Challenge your friends. See who can get their rocket to go the highest! Air rockets requires no assembly and are a “blast” to launch! High-Volume launch pump and sturdy launch pad included and are made from very durable high grade plastic.

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  • gemmies

    Tech 4 Kids Gemmies Design Studio

    Gemmies™ are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading activity craft. Following a simple Clip. Connect. Create. process, kids clip colorful Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to make 3D sparkling crystal creations! The included design tool and templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations. Gemmies™ allow kids to develop their dexterity and as they master creations, they can move on to more intricate designs and ultimately free-play activity to design whatever can be imagined.

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  • tmnt

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader with Mikey

    Mikey’s new Mutant Loader is the perfect vehicle for building a new Turtle lair, or capturing evil mutants! Children can activate the loader by turning the wheel to scoop and capture mutants or rubble and flipping them into the storage net. This toy includes the exclusive 2.5″ construction themed Michelangelo figure and Mutant Loader vehicle.

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  • multiples

    The Multiples

    This is one of the most innovative educational tools I’ve seen! The Multiples is a line of children’s educational tableware based on 12 multi national animal characters each with a favorite number. These characters and their associated numbers are on plates, bowls and tumblers. The tableware is meant to engage children, their peers and family around the dining table, at meal time. Made from 100% melamine, the plates don’t lose their artwork over time!

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  • velveteen-rabbit

    The Velveteen Rabbit Game

    The Velveteen Rabbit Game captures the spirit of the cherished story as players’ rabbits venture around the board, collecting cards along the way, in a quest to become real.

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  • thirtyone-apron

    Thirty-One Gifts Mini Gather Together Apron

    This Thirty-One Gifts Mini Gather Together Apron is a must-have for the chef-in-training in your life! It has an exterior front pocket and a slider for adjusting, and it makes a great holiday gift or fun birthday present. Personalize it and pair it with the Gather Together Apron so you and your little helper can cook in style!

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  • tidy-books

    Tidy Books Kids Bookcase

    The Tidy Books Kids Bookcase encourages your child’s love of books and gets them ready for learning. Unlike others, the Tidy Books bookcase is easy for kids to use, because their original design is practical and makes books enticing. This bookcase is an ideal first library. It comes with or without a tactile 3D alphabet which encourages natural letter recognition. The front-facing shelves allows your child to easily pick out books for themselves! The bookcase comes in 4 different colors and you can choose for it to come with or without letters. Between now and Black Friday we can save 25% on your order with coupon code save25 After Black Friday, use coupon code save20 to save 20% until Christmas!

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  • turbo-runner

    Turbo Runner by Odyssey Toys

    Capable of going just about anywhere, the Turbo Runner by Odyssey Toys climbs walls and ceilings with ease. The Turbo Runner is a master of all tricks. Transitioning from flight to running mode, it darts across walls then dashes across ceilings – it even runs down staircases. Mimicking a design that was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Navy for a real-life UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), the Turbo Runner fears no trick thanks to its patented cage, which minimizes any force of impact. Master the trimming controls, and soon you’ll be performing amazing stunts never before possible with a flying RC vehicle.

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  • space

    Virtual Explorer Space Expedition

    Go on an incredible journey through our solar system with Uncle Milton’s Virtual Explorer Space Expedition! This unique 4-in-1 system combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on planetarium activities and real STEM learning. Inspire kids of all ages to discover the wonders of our universe! The star planetarium projects hundreds of stars on your walls at the touch of a button. See different constellations as you set to specific dates and seasons. Includes a cosmic night light.

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  • vroom-vroom

    Vroom Vroom

    Ready, Set, Roll! The Great Snail Race has begun and the snails are all ready to go, eager to slide down the garden path. But not so fast! The path to victory is speckled with trinkets and treasures no snail can resist! On your turn, roll the dice, push your snail, and count its shell as it spins around. The fastest snail will win the game as long as it collects one of each trinket on his way to the finish line!
    The adorable snails will help young children develop their dexterity and counting skills, and a build your own track option ensures that each race is different and just as fun as the last.

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  • watercolor-crush

    Watercolor Crush

    Watercolor Crush by the editors of Klutz includes everything you need to make watercolor wonder: 18 paint-ready pages to transform into one-of-a-kind works of art, a book packed with tips, tricks, and techniques to help you express your inner artist, 7 premium watercolor paints in a rainbow of colors, an art- quality brush, and a palette mixing tray.

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  • wet-head

    Wet Head

    This game is so fun! Touted as the next Pie Face, comes Wet Head, an all-new water roulette game full of suspense and a splash of fun! Grab some friends, fill the helmet with water, strap yourself in, give it a spin. Players can play with the included spinner or can download the free Wet Head Challenge app for some tricky trivia questions.

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  • wonderhood

    Wonderhood Corner Shops

    Wonderhood is a new line of creative building toys for girls. These building toys are designed to engage both their scientific and creative sides. Wonderhood building sets foster STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills through their unique open-ended design using plastic Design Panels – there are no detailed instructions or models to copy – the possibilities are endless! Girls can create whatever they dream up, using their own imagination, spatial and fine-motor skills, and problem-solving. Wonderhood Corner Shops have beautifully illustrated, durable plastic Design Panels that spark the imagination and inspire girls to invent stories. An Activity Journal is also included with every set, introducing fun female lead characters as role models. Girls can solve the Journal’s Design Challenges, and record their own design ideas too.

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  • world-village

    World Village Playset – China

    Since our daughter is from China, this toy jumped out at me! This toy is an amazing way to introduce your child to other parts of the world! World Village Playsets are like a mini trip to a new culture that families can explore from home. The World Village China Playset has 30 beautifully detailed pieces including a play mat, a puzzle with play figures, a storybook and story cards, offering up limitless combinations of educational and storytelling play. World Village Playsets gives kids an understanding of world cultures that will be necessary to tackle global issues with respect for all.

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  • hasbro

    Yippie Yippie Yeti Game

    It has long been rumored that yetis roam snowy mountainsides. Many explorers have climbed those mountains and tried to take photos of the elusive creatures to prove they exist. In the Yippie Yippie Yeti Game of strategy and luck, players move their climber figures up the mountain-themed gameboard to collect the best photo cards of the yetis. But beware! Players can get caught in an unexpected avalanche or get knocked off the mountain by the yeti. The first player to collect the best photo cards and summit the mountain wins the game.

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  • zippi-birds

    Zippi Pets

    Zippi Pets put the magic of flight in kids hands! This colorful interactive hummingbird chirps, tweets and sings as she soars through the air. With just a touch, and a little bit of magic, Zippi spins and hovers with animated action, just like a real hummingbird. To start the interactive fun, kids just tap Zippi on the head to wake her up and she chirps brightly in response. Kids can control her flight simply by moving their hand underneath her path. With a built in rechargable battery and the included USB cord, Zippi will be flying again in 20 minutes.

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~~Gift Ideas for Ladies~~

  • rainbow-lava

    17″ Hand-Painted Rainbow Lava lamp

    I love everything about this lamp! This Lava® lamp spreads color and cheer! The hand-painted rainbow base and cap match perfectly to the rainbow of the multi-colored glass globe as the white wax passes through the moving lava, absorbing the different colors and changing tone. This beautiful rainbow lamp will bring color and a relaxed, happy vibe to any room. Watch the motion and enjoy this colorful version of a timeless Lava® lamp.

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  • dutch-oven

    5.5 Qt. Enamel Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven

    Slow-cook your meals to perfection with this 5.5 Qt. Enamel Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven from FortheChef.com. The heat is captured and held within the dutch oven, allowing for meals like roasts, stews, and casseroles to cook for long periods of time without overcooking. Meats that are braised within dutch ovens become extremely tender where the meat just slides off the bone with ease. This cast iron pot is your best friend when it comes to preparing that next delicious stew. It can be used on all cooking surfaces including induction, and is also oven-safe.

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  • sleepphones

    AcousticSheep SleepPhones

    AcousticSheep’s SleepPhones® are headphones that are super comfortable and designed for use in bed, relaxing, traveling, etc. Thin high-quality speakers are tucked inside of a super soft, stretchy headband. With more than 500,000 units sold, SleepPhones® are perfect for light sleepers, insomniacs, people who suffer from ‘ringing in the ears’ or people with a snoring bed partner.

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  • arbonne-intelligence

    Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil

    Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. This sheer, dry oil enhanced with ingredients containing omega fatty acids and antioxidants to help support luminous skin. Like a superfood for your skin, this illuminating oil provides the essential amount of hydration and moisture where it’s needed most; while improving the look of skin texture to help create a more even-toned complexion.

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  • bella

    BELLA 2.5L Air Fryer

    Whatever you can deep fry, you can air fry…it is safer & healthier like having a portable convection-type oven at your fingertips. The BELLA Air Fryer is a multi-functional unit with traditional fryer functions that can air fry french fries, onion rings & chicken nuggets. PLUS it can also bake small cakes, cook small chickens, meat roasts and even bread! Really simple and convenient to use you can cook ½ bag of frozen french fries in 15 minutes using NO oil at all. Save money on oil & power bill… no need to fire up your oven and it’s healthier. The BELLA Air Fryer is more powerful than Sensio’s direct competitor, with its 1500 watt heating system. It can heat up quicker to provide better final results. Sensio’s Circular Heat Technology allows for quick and even cooking every time.

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  • bella-griddles

    BELLA Copper Titanium Coated Non-Stick Griddle

    Whip up breakfast for the whole gang or grill your favorite meats, all with one simple turn of a knob. This BELLA Griddle with Copper Ceramic Titanium Coating allows you to go from keep warm to 400 degrees giving you the option to cook virtually anything you would cook on a stove while using less energy. This versatile cooking surface is BPA Free and features specialized Copper Titaniun non-stick coating which is highly durable and cooks faster than the traditional coatings. Safer than a stove, this unit has heat protection so you never have to worry about over heating. Not to mention, it is super easy to clean. Fully immersible in water, simply toss the cooking plate in sink for ultra easy cleaning.

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  • bella-skillet

    BELLA Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating

    I love our BELLA 12 x 12 inch Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating! The BELLA Copper Titanium coated 12x 12 Skillet is reshaping the cooking game delivering healthier and quicker meals. This multi-functional unit is a must for every kitchen. It can roast, fry, saute, steam, bake and more. Besides cooking 10 drumsticks at once, it is perfect for family meals like omelets, ratatouilles, risottos, paellas, tomato sauce with meatballs; the list is endless. Once the meal is ready, remove probe and serve straight from Skillet. The easy release feature of the ceramic copper titanium coating properties allows for no fuss cooking and clean-up is just a quick wipe away. The base is also fully immersible in water for ultra easy cleaning.

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  • blink

    Blink Home Security

    Blink is an ultra-affordable home security and video monitoring system perfect for homeowners, caregivers, pet-owners and more. Blink systems start at only $99, come with free cloud storage and, at the size of a post-it note, blend seamlessly into any home décor. It is wireless and intuitive. Blink is easy to set up and delivers crystal-clear HD video through the Blink app, which allows users to view live or recorded video. As soon as motion is detected, video starts recording and an alert is sent directly to the connected smartphone or tablet, allowing you to see what caused the alert and decide how to respond.

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  • blooming-secrets

    Blooming Secrets Basil & Mint Garden Jar

    This cocktail-inspired Blooming Secrets Basil & Mint Garden Jar Set features two self-watering herb kits, Basil, and Mint. The Garden Jars feature a vintage-inspired quart mason jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water up to the plant’s roots. These indoor planters allow for year-round gardening and provide the perfect balance of oxygen to water for healthy roots. Grow indoors on a sunny windowsill, then infuse or muddle in your favorite drinks.

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  • brookstone

    Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

    Brookstone has released these new Wireless Cat Ear Headphones and they are awesome! Slip the cushioned earcups over your ears and they conform to the unique shape of your head, blocking out background noise and letting you enjoy all the rich, vibrant sound you expect from premium headphones. But that’s just the beginning. With the flip of a switch, your Wireless Cat Ear Headphones go from private sound studio to a party-rocking sound system everyone around you can enjoy as your music pumps through the external cat ear speakers!

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  • cardio

    Cardio Dance Hoop

    The Cardio Dance Hoop is an all new calorie-blasting hula hoop that can be adjusted smaller or larger to change difficulty as you work out. It burns up to 600 calories per hour while strengthening and toning up to 30 core muscles. It also comes with five, five-minute dance-based workouts – which can be done throughout an entire day to fit in any busy schedule as it breaks up and brings the full benefits of a longer workout into smaller chunks!

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  • cerumworks

    CerumWORX Rejuvenation System

    The CerumWORX Rejuvenation System fights aging on multiple fronts with a 3-step regimen. This system includes CerumWORX Vitamin C Day Serum + CerumWORX Retinol + Resveratrol Night Serum + Hydro-Exfoliating Masque with Glycolic & Lactic Acid and is proven to reduce wrinkles, improve texture and reduce redness in as little as 14 days.

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  • cheeky-mint

    Cheeky Mint Makeup Bag

    Travel in style with their exclusive Cheeky Mint makeup bags. This pouch is great for traveling as well as holding daily essentials on-the-go. We all know that anything is possible with just a little lipstick and a lot of champagne! The bag includes lining for easy clean up (unlike most pouches!), features a stylish gold zipper and is made of high-quality cotton canvas for extreme durability. AND – we can save 10% on our orders with discount code ADDICTEDTOSAVING10

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  • ggb-1

    Chianti Wine Italian Gift Basket

    The Chianti Wine – Italian Gift Basket is the perfect gift from GourmetGiftBaskets.com for lovers of wine and Italian food. This beautiful gift is comprised solely of authentic award-winning foods like Tiramisu Wafer Rolls, artisan pasta handmade in Abruzzo and rich, gourmet Arrabbiata sauce. Of course, no Italian meal would be complete without well-balanced, medium-bodied Chianti, so a 750 ml bottle of Chianti by Ruffino is included too. This basket can be delivered as quickly as tomorrow!

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  • sale

    Christmas to Color Coloring Book

    This 96 page Christmas to Color coloring book captures the joy and warmth of the holiday season. With beautiful black-and-white line art, the images are ready to be brought to colorful life!

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  • coach

    COACH Eau de Parfum

    COACH Eau de Parfum by Coach (found at Ulta Beauty) is inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York City. A fragrance full of contrasts, opening with bright, sparkling raspberry, giving way to creamy Turkish roses, before drying down to a sensual suede musk base. The feminine oval bottle references many of Coach’s iconic codes. Its spray cap is shaped like a gold turnlock, imitating the signature clasp on Coach bags. Ebony and polished metal hangtags add a distinctive finishing touch. A horse and carriage logo, an enduring symbol of Coach craftsmanship, is subtly engraved into the glass. A nod to femininity, the soft pink packaging features a pebble leather effect as a tribute to the original American leather brand.

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  • crepe

    Crepe and Pancake Maker w/ Interchangeable Trays

    This Crepe and Pancake Maker w/ Interchangeable Trays includes a complete three-piece tool set AND interchangeable non-stick cooking plates (no special tools needed). Simply plug it in, let it warm up, and this French crepe maker will give stacks of piping hot crepes and pancakes ready to garnish, add syrup and eat in minutes. Your pancakes from the double pancake maker (4 total at once) will be a perfectly round 4.5″ every time. When finished cooking, the non-stick coating on the plates wipes clean or can be placed in the dishwasher (soak the wooden tools in water). Step-by-step instructions walk you through everything you need to make amazingly delicious food for yourself and your family and friends with this electric crepe maker.

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  • downlite

    Downlite Snuggly Soft Plush Down Throw

    The Downlite Snuggly Soft Plush Down Throws measure 50 inches by 60 inches and feature snooze-inducing soft down to keep you snug.
    Three hundred thread count cotton sateen reverses to a silky soft plush, filled with 7 ounces of grey down. This item qualifies for free shipping to the continental US. Sewn thru construction means the filling stays in place. The throws are machine washable and dryable.

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  • downlite-pillow

    Downlite White Goose Chamber Hotel Pillow

    The Downlite White Goose Chamber Hotel Pillow gives you the softness of down with the support of feathers. This pillow is filled in the center with a 10/90 blend of white goose down and feathers for support. The outer sides are filled with hypoallergenic 600-fill-power white goose down to provide softness and comfort. The outer fabric cover is soft and breathable 100% cotton woven in a durable and leak-proof cambric weave.

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  • dreampad


    The Dreampad is a mind-relaxing, sleep-inducing luxury pillow that plays music through gentle vibration that only you can hear. Everyone knows the difference a good sleep makes – thinking is sharper, attitude is more positive, you’re relaxed, anything is possible. In a nutshell, that’s the goal of the Dreampad: to go into the new day feeling the best we can. The Dreampad plays music through Intrasound Technology™, which converts sound into gentle vibrations that travel directly to your inner ear. This process signals the nervous system to relax, calming your body and mind. It’s safe, comfortable for all ages, supported by research, and it works.

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  • dyson

    Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

    The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum has two cleaner heads and extra tools. It is cord-free and hassle-free. This vacuum has battery power and gives up to 40 minutes of powerful suction. The HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe. The direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt. It has 150% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum. This vacuum was invented for hard floors. The soft roller cleaner head removes large debris and fine dust simultaneously. The stiff nylon bristles remove pet hair and ground-in dirt from furniture, car seats and tight spaces. Max power mode provides 7 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks. It has a mini soft dusting brush for gentle dusting around the home. All Dyson cordless vacuums quickly convert to a handheld for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places.

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  • eat-smart

    EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

    The EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale is perfect if you want to ensure that the ingredients in your baked goods are measured by weight, on a kitchen scale. The Elite Kitchen Scale means better results through accurate measurements and less mess to clean up. There’s no need for scoops, measuring cups and a leveling knife; you’ll save time and mess every time you bake. The large capacity of this kitchen scale makes it perfect for holiday baking and cooking. The Precision Elite is also perfect for everyday tasks from weighing food to monitoring caloric intake. Furthermore, its sleek, modern design fits perfectly in any kitchen.

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  • nebulizer

    Essential Oil Nebulizer

    This Essential Oil Nebulizer is a cold air nebulizing diffuser which is the most advanced and efficient type of diffuser for essential oils. The nebulizer pumps air through a tube that directly vaporizes the essential oil into the air. This diffusion method conserves oil, preserves the natural essence, and maximizes the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils. Immediately start to feel the boost in your energy level, concentration and mood. You will also notice that you get a stronger smell for the same amount of oil used compared to other diffusion technologies.

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  • farberware

    Farberware High Performance Stainless Steel, 12-Piece Cookware Set

    The Farberware High Performance Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set has durable stainless steel construction on the saucepans and the Dutch oven delivers fast, thorough heating and long-lasting beauty. The unique SmartGlide™ Nonstick System in the aluminum skillets combines a dimpled cookware surface and top-quality nonstick to boost performance, create air pockets that transfer heat to food quickly, and help to prevent hot spots that can burn foods. Sear salmon in one of the skillets, boil and drain water from new potatoes using the straining saucepan, and make a garlic lemon butter sauce in the smaller saucepan – and choose from three Prestige® kitchen tools to help with the preparation. The cookware’s sturdy handles with stylish stainless steel inlays provide a comfortable grasp, and shatter-resistant glass lids allow sauces and soups to be monitored without losing heat or moisture. Oven safe to 350°F and dishwasher safe.

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  • fellowes-powershred-m-12c-shredder

    Fellowes M-12C Shredder

    The Fellowes M-12C Shredder is equipped with SafeSense® Technology, which automatically disables the shredder when hands touch the paper opening. This makes it a great choice for at-home use around children and pets. Fellowes’ feature-rich capabilities  make them a great gift for the tech-lover or someone trying to stay on top of home and office organization. The Fellowes M-12C cross-cut shredder features a five minute run time, with a 20 minute cool down period. With its cross-cut capability, it is also tough enough to cut through plastic credit cards, paper clips, staples and junk mail while ensuring confidential documents are shredded into 5/32″ x 2″ unreadable pieces. Makes me want to shred some documents!

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  • flipy


    Let me just say this right up front – I LOVE my flipy . I use it most nights as I watch Netflix on my tablet while waiting for my daughter to fall asleep. Before flipy, I would hold my tablet in my hands while my arms got tingly and tired. Now, I don’t have to hold anything as my flipy does all of the work! This is the perfect gift for anyone who reads or watches shows on their phones or tablets! Most tablet computer stands make you change your leg or back position to get the reading angle you want. The flipy allows you to get comfortable then let the pillow do the work of holding the tablet at the best viewing angle for you. The flipy is made of foam with an ultra-suede cover –it is soft and comfy, yet light and sturdy in your lap. The flipy has 3 different viewing angles that will accommodate most eReaders, Kindles, iPads and tablet computers.

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  • fujifilm-instax-mini-8

    Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera

    The new, compact Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 color models preserve the ease of use and attractive design elements of the existing INSTAX Mini series. At the same time, the Mini 8 cameras offer new features and enhancements. You will instantly notice a slimmer and lighter body. The INSTAX Mini 8 is approximately10% smaller than the Mini 7S in volume ratio. It is now even easier for you to carry around an INSTAX everywhere. The new INSTAX Mini 8 features automatic exposure measurement. The camera signals the recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED light and the user can manually adjust the dial to the recommended setting. This helps the user capture the perfect photo every time. A new High-Key mode is available on the INSTAX Mini 8 cameras. This mode enables consumers to take brighter pictures with a soft look -perfect for portraits. The viewfinder has also been improved for enhanced subject viewing. Framing a shot becomes easier for the user with even greater clarity and improved visibility.

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  • globein


    Whether it’s passing your new serving dish around the table, packaging something inspired into your new gift box, or placing your thoughtfully inscribed new gift cards into the mail, GlobeIn invites you to enter the season of giving with an outstretched hand. With your GlobeIn membership, you will receive handmade goods from artisans in India and Tunisia. The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription featuring exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme by GlobeIn’s editor to bring you exciting products that make you feel well traveled and connected with distant cultures around the world. With your GlobeIn purchase, you help reduce poverty by giving these artisans and their communities, a global audience.

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  • hello-fresh


    For everyone on your shopping list, HelloFresh offers the opportunity to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals without the hassle! Eliminating the need to plan or shop, HelloFresh delivers delicious and satisfying meals that are easy and fun to make in just about 30 minutes. We loved the fact that our box literally had everything we needed – we only needed to use salt, pepper and olive oil from our pantry! The recipes are also reviewed by an in-house dietitian to make sure you’re receiving a well-balanced and nutritious meal. Gift cards are available for a Classic or Veggie Box. So much more than a gift, the benefits of cooking a HelloFresh meal at home are endless, from building healthy eating habits to learning new cooking techniques and bonding over creating a meal together. If you need to freshen up dinner now, check out the HelloFresh app for new and nutritious recipes everyday! To save $40 on your first order, paste promo code DJCR9Q

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  • hi-mirror


    The HiMirror helps you assess your skins conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas and move toward your beauty goals. HiMirror also faithfully records your skin’s condition each day, with the skin analysis technology identifying even the most subtle changes. It is simple to use. Simply stand and take a picture in front of your HiMirror, and get your skin analysis result in just three seconds.

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  • himirror-scale

    HiMirror Smart Body Scale

    The HiMirror Smart Body Scale measures weight, body fat ratio (BFR), body mass index (BMI), total body water (TBW), muscle mass, bone mass, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). All data is displayed on a simple and intuitive interface. In addition to measuring your physical indexes, the Smart Body Scale can assess muscle to fat ratios, and propose body shape improvement plans to help you attain a healthier and better-toned body. Its Bluetooth functions allow you to upload data in real-time, enabling you to continuously track changes to your body indexes. The HiMirror Smart Body Scale works along with the HiMirror. The HiMirror and Smart Body Scale will make the perfect gift!

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  • luca-dani

    Hudson Champagne Bangle by Luca + Danni

    This princess cut inspired Swarovski® crystal dresses up this Hudson Champagne Bangle. Each beveled side radiates a different shade for every stack. Natural brass oxidized or silver plated wire wrapped bangle bracelet with hook and catch closure Features a Swarovski® baguette champagne bauble crystal.

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  • charisma

    IFROGZ Charisma Wireless Earbuds

    Designed by women, for women, the IFROGZ Charisma Wireless Earbuds make sure you’re hearing your music in style. These female-inspired earbuds bring fashion to the forefront, leaving drab design — and stale sound — behind. These earbuds are magnetized meaning no rogue dangling earbuds when you’re taking a break. They also attach to the wireless hub for easy storage and one-bud listening. And they come with The Earbud Tips for Life™ limited lifetime warranty meaning if your earbud tips get worn or damaged, they will replace them.

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  • instant-pot-ip-lux60

    Instant Pot IP-LUX60

    With your Instant Pot, green peas, sweet corn and baby carrots can be steamed in 4 – 7 minutes, fresh or frozen. To make mashed potatoes, you don’t have to boil the potatoes in water and let nutrients leach into the water, simply steam them in Instant Pot for just 15 minutes. An entree of chili or Irish stew can now be done within an hour without you watching over it.

    To tailor for various cooking results and lifestyles, Instant Pot is programmed with adjustable cooking modes, up to 24 hours of delayed cooking, and automatic keep warm for up to 10 hours. Most traditional, modern, and international recipes can easily be adapted for Instant Pot.

    The Instant Pot’s elegant and durable industrial design makes it easy to clean and pleasurable to use for years to come. The stainless steel inner pot and lid are both dishwasher safe while the cooker base can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. You’ll love this 6-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker — Pressure Cooker, Saute/Browning, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer & Warmer!

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  • jaybird

    Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones

    Jaybird Freedom is Jaybird’s smallest wireless buds, that bring big sound, a secure comfortable fit and the ability to listen-while-you-charge. Elegant and micro-sized, Freedom is Jaybird’s most advanced, secure-fit wireless Bluetooth buds ever. They fit perfectly in even the smallest of ears and deliver a hands-free experience that never misses a beat. The buds are multi-faceted and can be the single solution for those looking for a wireless headphone that’s both functional and refined, packing premium features into a bite-sized package.

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  • jlab-crasher

    JLab Audio’s Crasher XL Speaker

    The Crasher XL speaker is the newest and largest addition to JLab Audio’s family of portable Bluetooth™ speakers. The Crasher XL is built to withstand party fouls and ocean splashes, and blows away the competition with 88% more sound than the closest competitor. The Crasher XL comes with the highest splash-proof rating of any JLab Audio Bluetooth speaker at IPX6 and is designed to go hand in hand with any outdoor activity and can even withstand a quick rinse-off under running water. For 13 Bluetooth hours, you can jam to crystal clear sound.

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  • jwalking

    JWalking Designs Little Black Active Skirt

    JWalking Designs eco-friendly, functional, flattering, fitness kilts, skirts and Hawaiian shirts that active women and men love. Their Little Black Active Skirts, has sewn-in shorts, with a wider waistband and longer length that flatter women of all shapes and sizes. This skirt has three secure pockets – one zippered in the back and one on the left side, and a velcro-secured pocket on the right – providing ample space for you to carry everything from cash and keys, to phone and food. If you need it on a race, it’ll have its place.

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  • karcher

    Kärcher’s Follow Me Pressure Washer

    Kärcher’s Follow Me Pressure Washer is the only four-wheeled electric pressure washer on the market! Compact, convenient to store and easy to adjust, it’s designed to “follow you” while you clean and deliver the right cleaning power for any household job. Try the Follow Me to clean debris collected on outdoor furniture, fences, garage doors and even siding.

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  • lee-women

    Lee Modern Series Dream Jean

    Looking for chic skinny jeans with stretch to stand up to a holiday feast? The Lee Modern Series Dream Jean wraps you in softness with a t-shirt-like lining and a stretchy, skinny fit that will ensure look and feel your best for the season. These jeans feature updated finishing and a trendy silhouette.

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  • almond-collection

    L’Occitane Delicious Almond Gift Set

    The L’Occitane Delicious Almond Gift Set indulges and pampers with the delicious, mouthwatering scents and luxurious textures of their Almond Collection, made with sustainably-sourced almond from the South of France. This gift set comes complete with an Almond Shower Oil (500ml), Milk Concentrate (100ml), Delicious Hand Cream (30ml), Bar Soap (50g) and Supple Skin Oil (15ml).

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  • logitech-keyboard

    Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard

    This is the perfect gift for multi-taskers! The Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is a fully-equipped, beautifully finished computer keyboard with numbers pad, which also works perfectly with smartphones and tablets. Enjoy comfortable silent typing, switching easily between all the devices you enter text on.* Works with PC, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS. Using the Easy-Switch button you can easily type a report on your computer, then type a message on your phone or tablet.

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  • lumiere

    Lumière de Vie Serum Concentrate

    Lumière de Vie® Serum Concentrate is the next generation skincare that utilizes nature and science with effective brighteners, powerful antioxidants and the power of the sea. Potent extracts that promote healthy skin collagen for firmer-looking skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, delivering extreme radiance, clarity and renewal.

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  • metal-unlimited-amazing-grace

    Metal Unlimited Amazing Grace Cross

    We love our Metal Unlimited Amazing Grace Cross! Hang this Metal Unlimited Amazing Grace Cross in your home to remember and celebrate the Amazing Grace He has shown you! This item is powder coated and can be hung indoors or outdoors.

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  • metal-unlimited

    Metal Unlimited Circle Vine Monogram Initial & Family Name

    This Metal Unlimited Circle Vine Monogram Initial & Family Name would make an excellent gift idea! This Metal Unlimited Circle Vine Monogram Initial & Family Name sign has a versatile design that looks great anywhere! The metal material allows this sign to be hung outdoors with no rust, and indoors too. Looks great in a family room, on a front door, on a barn, in a nursery, hanging from a mail box…just about anywhere! This item is powder coated in a color of your choice and can be hung indoors or outdoors.

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  • ninja

    Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

    One of our favorite 2015 Holiday Gift Guide ideas was the Ninja Coffee Bar. This year, there is a new Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System available and it is better than a coffee house experience! The new Ninja Coffee Bar System has an integrated frother, six brew sizes, five brew types, and it includes the Ninja exclusive Café Forte – which amplifies the natural subtle flavors of your favorite coffee! The system also has Auto-iQ™ One-Touch Intelligence which lets you enjoy hot coffee in any size. This system comes with a 10-Cup (50 oz.) Ninja® Glass or Thermal Carafe
    and a 50 oz. Ninja Over Ice™ Carafe.

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  • nudestix

    NUDESTIX Nude(Art)ist Kit

    NUDESTIX has launched 6 brand new mini, limited edition, and large kits with some of their all-time-favorite Magnetic Eye and Lip + Cheek shades and textures! Packed with skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizers, the line was created by Jenny Frankel, a chemical engineer previously at MAC and Cover FX, and her daughters, Ally and Taylor, who are the young faces of the brand. The brand’s motto, #GoNudeButBetter, encourages enhancing your best features with that natural makeup look.

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  • nutribullet-lean

    NutriBullet LEAN

    NutriBullet LEAN is the world’s first Precision Nutrient Extractor and body transformation plan with the power to unlock the Weight Loss Code found in everyday food to teach your body how to shed pounds and inches faster than you ever thought possible! The comprehensive system includes a free 30-day supply of LEAN Boost, a 3-in-1 blend featuring satiating plant protein, powerful metabolism boosters, and gut healthy prebiotics. With 1200 Watts of pure extraction power and distinctive MacroBlast Mode technology – transforming the right foods in the right combinations into extraordinary nutrition has never been easier! This powerful blade has been redesigned specifically for NutriBullet LEAN, twisting easily onto your LEAN MacroBlast cups to break down, pulverize, and emulsify contents. Use code NLMEMBER on order form to claim 10% NutriLiving member discount.

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  • nyx

    NYX COSMETICS Liquid Suede Lip Cream Vault Set

    This is the perfect gift for ladies who love lip cream! Get all 24 shades of NYX Cosmetics’ Liquid Suede Lip Creams in a single Liquid Suede Lip Cream Vault Set found at Ulta Beauty. Velvety soft and waterproof this long-lasting lippie glides on and sets into a striking matte finish.

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  • dafni

    Original DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush

    The Original DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush allows you to have salon quality hair in just minutes. Simply brush your hair with the DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush and the brush will straighten your hair. The DAFNI brush is 7x wider than a traditional flat iron allowing you to grab 10x more hair at a time! This cuts your hair styling time in half. Also, there is only one temperature setting (365 F) which is the optimal temperature for hair styling. The barriers around the ceramic surface of the brush allow you to get right up to the root without burning.

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  • peachskinsheets


    We included PeachSkinSheets in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and we loved them so much we had to include them again this year! The Original PeachSkinSheets are GREAT for hot sleepers! Breathable, ultra soft, anti-pill and anti-snag bed sheets featuring thermal control and moisture management properties…warm sleepers stay cool, and cool sleepers stay cozy. The durable athletic grade performance SMART fabric wicks away moisture to keep you drier and more comfortable. Best of all, they have a luxurious 1500 Thread Count softness with a brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides. Available in Split King, Cali King, King, Queen, Full, Twin and XL Dorm Twin and XL Dorm Full.

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  • pixel

    PIXEL Cosmetics

    PIXEL Cosmetics is a different kind of cosmetic brand. They make available formulas and shades that perform. PIXEL is all inclusive and is targeted to fulfill a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, cosmetic consumer who is searching for something fresh by delivering innovative, delightful products at a great value. PIXEL is about empowering all women, celebrating women and their independent lives by building inner and outer confidence through new colors, new looks, new products, one pixel at a time.

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  • plantogram

    Plantogram Hass Avocado Tree

    Plantogram will send the gift that keeps on giving to your family and friends. Plantogram sends fresh fruit trees can either be grown indoors or that are ready to be planted outside. Just think, your friends and family will have fresh fruits for years and years to come! They sent me an Hass Avocado Tree and it is healthy and thriving. I haven’t removed it from its pot yet – I will do this in the spring when I replant it in my yard. The Hass Avocado Tree will come in a 3 Gallon Container. This tree exhibits excellent tolerance to the cold. It is in season October-November and will grow to be a great shade tree. You can also purchase Plantogram gift cards in increments of $50 and $100. Addicted to Saving readers will save 10% on avocado trees with the code Save10

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  • red-copper-pan

    Red Copper Pan –

    This Red Copper Pan is a 10” fry pan that is perfect for frying, sautéing, broiling, or baking up to 500 degrees without food sticking! Its ergonomically designed handle stays cool to the touch and it is affordably priced at $19.99!

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  • revere

    Revere Copper Confidence Core 2-pc Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Frying Pan Starter Set

    REVERE Cookware’s Copper Confidence Core™ cookware helps heat quicker and more evenly, heating up to 50 percent faster than hard-to-handle
    heavier gauge cookware. The new REVERE cookware also features the patent pending Nest & Protect™ interlocking handles. Pots and pans store
    efficiently, seemingly floating above each other, without touching or scratching the interior or exterior surfaces.

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  • proji

    Rose Gold PROJI Clock

    This Rose Gold PROJI Clock is an alarm clock with a simple yet modern design. This radio-controlled clock is both easy to read and operate. The LCD screen displays the current time, day and indoor temperature in large font making a quick glance at the time, easy. This PROJI clock has an adjustable projection arm with 180 degree flip projection image meaning you can project the time and temperature on a wall. You can adjust projection arm to shine on your ceiling or any angle that suits your eye level. If using the clock while battery powered, simply tap on the snooze/light button the time is projected onto your wall/ceiling. For continuous projection simply power the clock using the included AC power adaptor.

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  • runlites-splash

    RunLites Splash

    This is the perfect gift idea for someone who loves to run, walk, cycle, hike or hunt at night or in the early morning! RunLites Splash line of gloves features a new lightweight breathable fabric in fresh colors, patterns and fabrics. These gloves include reflective strips on the palm and around the LED light pocket. They also have a convenient palm pocket for items such as money and keys. There is a special opening for the chargeable cable – that way you will not need to remove the lights from pocket before charging!

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  • scattergories


    Scattegories is one of my favorite games! If you love The Game of SCATTERGORIES, then SCATTERGORIES CATEGORIES is the next game you will want to play! It’s a great twist on your favorite. Keep the fun coming with this fast-thinking categories game.

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  • secret-celebrity-keyport

    Secret Celebrity Keyport Bootie

    KEYPORT is the go-to Bootie for the fall season!! Ride through your day with this surprisingly comfortable and supportive wedge, featuring and elasticized double wrapped ankle strap and oversized elastic gore giving this ankle bootie a sweet yet stylish appearance. Whether with a skirt or a pair of jeans, this bootie is the KEY to all your fall events! These boots are affordably priced at just $69.99!

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  • sephora

    Sephora Gift Ideas

    If you are looking for last minute gift ideas, make sure you head to Sephora. They have gift ideas for everyone. They sent me a huge 22 pound box of Sephora gift ideas and I videotaped the unboxing. Make sure you check out my 2016 Sephora Gift Guide Unboxing video to get lots of fun gift ideas. And don’t forget that Sephora doesn’t just sell makeup! They have haircare and skincare products for men, women, teens, etc.

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  • shark

    Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology

    The Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is Shark’s most technologically advanced ultra-light upright vacuum. It provides remarkable floor to ceiling cleaning and obliterates embedded dirt and stuck-on dust, while providing improved flexibility. It has Triple Particle Cleaning designed for an incredible clean and the new dual brushroll system automatically transitions from floors to carpets.
    With two brush rolls working together, the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology picks up large particles, small particles, and stuck-on particles — on all types of floors and carpets.

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  • smashbox-eye-contour

    Smashbox Light It Up: Eyes, Contour, Lips Set

    This Smashbox Light It Up: Eyes, Contour, Lips Set includes a contour palette, photo op eye shadow palette and Be Legendary Lipstick palette. Smashbox’s L.A. photo studio pros picked their fave contour, eye shadow and lipstick shades and popped them into this palette to instantly light up our looks.

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  • smashbox-lip

    Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick + Lip Mattifier Set

    This Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick + Lip Mattifier Set includes 6 of their most coveted shades. The set also includes Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer which changes any cream into a velvety matte in seconds!! The shades included are Be Legendary Cream Lipsticks in Famous, Primrose, Fig, Legendary, Tabloid and Inspiration. As you transform your lips with color they will be moisturized and softened with shea butter & Vitamins C and E.

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  • soft-comfort-heartbreaker

    Soft Comfort Heartbreaker Bootie

    Steal the show with this HEARTBREAKER Bootie from Soft Comfort. This western bootie with its golden double zippers is THE look for Fall! You can rock these booties with shorts or jeans. Head to the beach or downtown in comfort because it features the supportive Memory Foam for which Soft Comfort shoes are known. This extra cushioned, stitch detailed insole will have your feet falling in love! Depending on the color boots you choose, they are priced between $35.99 and $59.99!

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  • softscience

    SoftScience Ladies Daisy Yoga Clog

    The SoftScience Daisy clog brings a fun and easy option to women who appreciate supreme comfort footwear. This incredibly lightweight yet supportive slip-on clog is built on a Trileon™ “ballet” outsole which is their lowest profile sole. SoftScience’s designers were able to pack all the same supportive comfort features into the streamlined ballet as their other outsoles. The Universal Comfort Platform of the Daisy distributes body weight evenly across several foot zones, eliminating pressure points and relieving foot tension. This incredibly restorative benefit makes The Daisy an excellent choice for everyday casual wear, post run/exercise recovery, indoor relaxing, post-operative recuperation or for anyone who appreciates being supremely comfortable all day long!

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  • spanx

    Spanx Look At Me Now Leggings

    These Spanx Look At Me Now Leggings are cool enough for a crowd and also comfy enough for the couch. Perfect for the mom on the go! The leggings have a wide, double-layer waistband that slims your stomach. Their seamless shaping firms all around and are wonderfully comfortable all day long.

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  • spray-perfect

    Spray Perfect Spray on Nail Polish

    Spray Perfect spray on nail polish is available in Racy Red, Sexy Silver, Naked Nude, Party Pink, Passion Purple, Whimsical White and Black Beauty, Spray Perfect is an easy way to look great for a night out, a day at the office or a holiday celebration. Spray Perfect gives the worlds fastest manicure- dries in under a minute. It has new technology where color only adheres to the nails and it washes easily from the skin. It only takes seconds of gentle rubbing to remove excess polish from skin. Spray Perfect is available at retailers nationwide.

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  • tasc

    Tasc Women’s Sideline 1/4 Zip

    The Tasc Sideline 1/4-Zip was designed to be your go-to top for every activity, featuring flattering princess seams, a lock-down zipper, and thumbholes. The MOSOtech fabric offers UPF 50+ protection, moisture-wicking with anti-odor making it perfect for any season or activity. It’s also great as a first layer in chilly weather.

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  • dear-kate

    The Go Kommando Yoga Capri

    Dear Kate is an incredible lifestyle athletic & lingerie brand by women for women. Dear Kate just launched their “Go Kommando” yogas with a special no leak, stain resistant, sweat proof liner. These yogas are great for all ages of women, young and trendy who sport the athleisure style. The underlux technology is super great for brand new moms.

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  • timex-ladies

    Timex IRONMAN Sleek 50 Mid-Size

    The Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Mid-Size has a lightweight performance design and is super-soft and durable. Its strap is also fade resistant. This watch has a stopwatch with 50 Lap Memory & Interval Timer. It is water resistant up to 100 meters and has an INDIGLO® night-light.

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  • world-vision

    Turquoise Medallion Necklace from World Vision

    The 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog contains more than 250 poverty-fighting gifts, ranging in price from $16 to $39,000, that improve the quality of life for struggling children and families in the U.S. and around the world. With World Vision, when you make a donation, you will help where it’s needed most — AND receive a gift for yourself or someone you care about! Your gift to help where most needed will address specific, urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet for a child, family, or community. One of the available mementos you can receive with a donation is this brightly beaded Turquoise Medallion Necklace that was handmade by families in Delhi.

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  • pyrex

    Vintage Charm Golden Days 3-pc Mixing Bowl Set

    I have to tell you that I adore these bowls. They are so bright and cheerful! This Vintage Charm™ Golden Days 3-pc Mixing Bowl Set is inspired by Pyrex®’s 1971 Butterfly Gold pattern, one that was found in almost every American kitchen in the ’70s and ’80s. Here, a sunny butterfly-and-floral motif graces each of the bowls. The 3-Pc Mixing Bowl Set includes one each: 3-cup, 6-cup and 10-cup mixing bowls. The bowls nest for compact storage and the curved interior allows for easy mixing and cleaning.

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  • vivitar-1

    Vivitar IPC-112 PureCam

    The Vivitar IPC-112 PureCam allows you to stream super clear HD video securely to your phone or tablet with the built-in app or Wi-Fi. You can save your important moments with the available Micro SD card slot or over the cloud. Using your smartphone, you can chat with friends with the built-in 2 way microphone! With motion detection, night vision and multi-camera viewing angles the PureCam allows you to know exactly what is going on when and where it happens

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  • youcopia

    YouCopia WrapStand

    The YouCopia WrapStand organizes aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax and parchment paper in the cabinet or pantry helping you reduce cabinet or pantry clutter. Eight adjustable wire holders can be positioned to perfectly fit boxes. Also makes a great plastic food bag dispenser! No mounting or installation required.

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~~Gifts for Men~~

  • atari

    Atari Flashback Ultimate Portable Game Player

    This is the perfect gift for anyone who, like me, played with Atari as a child! This new Atari Flashback® Ultimate Portable Game Player has 60 Legendary Atari 2600 hits including: Millipede®, Pong®, Missile Command®, Asteroids®, Centipede® and more. It has an LCD screen and comes with a rechargeable battery. It also has a video out port although the cable is not included. It also includes a SD slot for downloaded games. This is a travel-friendly MUST HAVE for the avid gamer.

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  • sale

    Balitello Performance Dress Socks

    Balitello Performance Dress Socks™ are socks that strike the unique balance between fun-performance and stylish-professional. People love wearing Balitello Performance Dress Socks doing their day-to-day activities (work, errands, happy hour) because they can look great and feel awesome while they do it. A perfect gift idea is giving the men in your life a subscription to the “Sock of the Month Club.” It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • bella-waffle

    BELLA Copper Titanium Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

    My hubby specializes in making brinner (breakfast for dinner) and thus, I’m categorizing this awesome waffle maker as a “Gift Idea for Men.” With the BELLA Copper Titanium Rotating Waffle Maker, you can enjoy fresh Belgian waffles morning, noon, or night, and the toppings options are nearly endless. Go with classic butter and syrup, or try some fresh strawberries of blueberries. For a savory variation, pair your waffles with some fried chicken. Or if you’re in the mood for dessert, try chocolate chips and whipped cream. With a rotating function that allows for even cooking, the Rotating Waffle Maker produces waffles with uniform crispness. The browning control dial offers nine settings, so you can precisely cook your waffles to the level of darkness you prefer. A proprietary specialized Copper Titanium nonstick surface delivers optimal fast-action cooking while waffles come out fully intact ensuring superb waffles. After cooking, simply wipe the cooled cooking surface with a soft cloth to clean. The removable drip tray catches runoff batter and crumbs for easy cleaning. Auto-Lock and Nonslip feet prevent spills and dangerous accidents around the kitchen. The folding handle makes it convenient to store the Rotating Waffle Maker until the next time you crave homemade waffles.

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  • capresso

    Capresso Mini Kettle

    The Capresso mini kettle is perfect for anyone who needs to boil water for smaller serving sizes. The simple operation, miniaturized size, and easy cord storage make it the perfect electric kettle for anyone with limited space in their kitchen or office. The mini kettle is also the ideal travel companion for people that want to enjoy hot beverages or easy preparation of instant soups and hot cereals while traveling. Dry boil protection, and automatic shut-off ensure safe and worry-free operation, while the heat resistant base is safe for any surface.

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  • classic-upwords

    Classic Upwords

    Upwords has been sending word builders soaring to new heights ever since the game debuted in 1983. Now, the Classic 80’s version is back! The 8×8 gameboard grid and 64 letter tiles challenge players to think “upside” the box!

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  • crossover-symmetry

    Crossover Symmetry

    Crossover Symmetry is an evidence based shoulder health and performance system, developed by top sports physical therapists, athletes and coaches. The programs are designed to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics in order to eliminate pain, reduce the risk of injury and optimize performance. They target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve the neuromuscular coordination thereby enhancing athletic performance. This Crossover Symmetry package is simple and portable. Every package includes all 5 programs that target different aspects of your shoulder performance. These programs will improve posture, scapular stability and rotator cuff function but best of all they can be completed in 5 minutes anywhere.

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  • jlab-epic2

    Epic2 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

    JLab Audio, the award-winning designer of personal audio products, launched its new next generation Epic2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. The redesigned earbuds are the sleekest wireless earbuds JLab has released yet, with best-in-class battery life of 12 hours – four hours more than competitive products. They’re equipped with Crystal Clear Clarity (C3) technology, Bluetooth 4.0 and are waterproof with an IPX5 rating. The Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are also equipped with Beacon Signal Technology for improved earbud-to-device connectivity – perfect for workouts anytime, anywhere.

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  • finis-underwater-mp3-player

    Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player

    This would make the perfect gift for anyone who swims competitively or for fun. The Duo™ is an MP3 player designed for swimmers that offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds. The Duo™ utilizes a sleek, two-piece design and Bone Conduction audio transmission to deliver crystal clear audio through cheekbones to the inner ear. An integrated clip design secures the Duo™ to goggle straps to rest on the cheekbones for a comfortable and streamlined fit. A simplified interface offers four buttons to easily navigate between songs, podcasts, audiobooks and other supported audio files. The Duo™ supports unprotected MP3 and WMA files. The included USB magnetic dock allows for universal data transfers and charging. The device offers 4GB of flash memory and a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery life of up to 7 hours.

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  • fuelshaker

    Fuelshaker Pro

    Fuelshaker Pro is a new hybrid shaker bottle that allows you to store and release sports supplements — such as protein powder, pre-workout mix and post-workout mix — whenever and wherever you want. With a slick, modern design, the Fuelshaker Pro holds up to 600 ml of liquid and 50 grams of powder. It is 100% leak-proof, machine washable and easy to use. The turbine-shaped agitator is released as soon as you push the button on the bottom of the bottle,ensuring the perfect mix, even with the toughest powders. Features a latchable loop for easy carrying and dual-open body for cleaning. Fits inside almost any cup holder. The Fuelshaker Pro retails for $26.99. Each Fuelshaker Pro comes with a Fueler. You can add additional Fuelers to make it easy to swap out your used compartment for a fresh, dry supplement at any time.

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  • hammacher

    High Definition Camera Drone on Hammacher Schlemmer

    This High Definition Camera Drone found on Hammacher Schlemmer captures high-definition pictures and video from up to 300′ away. Only available from Hammacher Schlemmer, its built-in gyro stabilization keeps the drone level, enabling its built-in HD camera to snap pictures at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and record 720p HD video without undue shaking. The drone responds nimbly to its 2.4 GHz radio remote when issued commands to move forward, backward, up, down, or hover in-place, powered by four 7 3/4″-long high-efficiency propellers. Trim controls allow an operator to precisely dial-in the drone’s flight performance for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Images and video are saved onto an included 2 GB microSD card. A press of a button also sends the drone into a perfectly executed 360° loop.

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  • impulse

    IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Earbuds

    Turn up the volume and trust your instincts with the IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Earbuds. The Impulse Wireless Earbuds feature Reflective Acoustics™, an advanced audio technology that formulates sound based on the fundamentals of human hearing. The wireless hub clips to your shirt collar so that convenient music and call controls are easily within reach. Its magnetic clip securely stores the earbuds when they’re not in use. The sweat-resistant design meets IPX-2 standards to keep the music going through any workout.

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  • jam-speakers

    JAM Symphony WIFI Home Audio Speaker

    JAM Wireless Audio, makers of the No. 1-selling Bluetooth speaker in the U.S., launched a new line of premium, affordably priced Wi-Fi Home Audio speakers earlier this year. These new JAM Symphony WIFI Home Audio Speakers offer users the ability to create a customizable, whole-home audio system instantly, with no installation required. The JAM Rhythm is the ideal Wi-Fi speaker for small to medium sized rooms, while the JAM Symphony, with its immense bass and hi-fidelity tweeters, is perfect for larger rooms. Both deliver incredible stereo sound quality at roughly half the cost of major competitors. Up to eight JAM Wi-Fi speakers can be paired together to create a complete home audio solution. The free JAM Home Audio App allows users to sync and control the speakers from anywhere and stream different music to each room. Users can also group the speakers together to play the same music throughout the home. An in-app intercom feature allows users to communicate messages to speakers in other rooms.

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  • kanex

    Kanex GoPower USB-C Portable Battery

    The GoPower USB-C Portable Battery Provides users with a new level of power, value, and performance. This Kanex GoPower USB-C 15,000 mAh rechargeable battery is capable of delivering one full charge to the USB-C MacBook® and multiple charges to tablets, smartphones, and other USB devices. It features an aluminum body with slim design for durability and easy transport, and is the easy way for users to quickly recharge their electronic portable devices, no matter what type of connection is needed.

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  • kanex-1

    Kanex MiColorPremium Lightning Cables

    Kanex MiColorPremium Lightning Cables are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These premium USB cables charge and sync iPhones, iPads, and iPods. They feature DuraBraid, a nylon-fiber-encased cable designed to reduce tangles and increase durability while offering a unique premium look and feel. Both the premium aluminum finish and DuraBraid cable are perfectly color matched to complement iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models.

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  • karcher-vac

    Kärcher’s Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner WD 5

    Kärcher’s premium line of wet/dry vacuums help you clean both dry and wet without stopping to remove the filter, a perfect combination for year-round home projects and messy hobbies. When it’s time to change the filter, these vacuums make it easy by allowing you to change the filter without opening the collection container, keeping the woodworking and home renovation dust inside where it belongs. Karcher’s WD5 provides powerful, convenient cleaning performance and unrivaled filtration technology. A top mount filter location means easy, sealed access to the filter without recirculating dust. The built-in blower quickly moves dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas. The 1800-watt motor delivers superior air flow into 6.6 gallons of usable wet or dry capacity. Durable construction for years of use. Includes hose, extension wand, crevice tool, hand grip nozzle, standard floor nozzle, pleated filter and fleece bag

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  • lee-men

    Lee Modern Series Slim Tapered Leg Jean

    Lee Jeans’ newest innovative fabric is Active Comfort Denim. The Lee Modern Series Slim Tapered Leg Jean is designed to fit closer to the body with a modern, tailored look while offering more stretch. This style is sure to make your guy look and feel great. This premium ring spun denim features a unique blend of fibers with four-way flex designed for extreme range of motion. The Lee Modern Series’ iconic style is made with advanced technology for comfort and durability.

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  • montel-grill

    Living Well with Montel Portable Outdoor Grill

    This Living Well with Montel™ Portable Outdoor Grill makes grilling simple and convenient. The grill is lightweight, cordless (battery operated, 4 AA batteries), and large enough to cook for up to 5 people at once. Use the included Carry Case to take it to the beach, tailgating, or camping. This grill quickly ignites with charcoal while the built in fan and drip tray helps to create less smoke than conventional grill. It has removable parts and a convenient drip tray for easy clean up. Includes Carry Bag, Stainless Steel Barbecue Rack and Recipe Book with Montel’s Secret Family Recipes too.

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  • lhomme

    L’Occitane L’Homme Cedrat Collection Set

    L’OCCITANE’s Cédrat Men’s grooming collection conveys a fresh, delicate, citrus fragrance that is light, yet refined for a perfect masculine balance. Specially designed to address a man’s daily grooming needs, all skincare products are formulated with organic Corsican Cedrat extract to offer a multi-benefit men care line. The L’HOMME Cedrat Collection Set includes Eau de Toilette (75ml), Shower Gel for Hair & Body (250ml), After Shave (30ml) and Bar Soap (50g).

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  • case-logic

    LoDo Satchel by Case Logic

    This Case Logic LoDo Satchel has a contemporary design that delivers a stylish laptop satchel perfect for work, school or travel. This satchel has a thickly padded laptop compartment sized to fit a 15’’ MacBook Pro® or laptops with up to a 14’’ display. It has a high quality cotton canvas exterior with leather-wrapped handles and zipper pulls. It has two interior pockets to stow away water bottles. It also has two exterior water bottle pockets.

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  • logitech-dashboard

    Logi ZeroTouch Air Vent and Dashboard Smart Car Mounts

    The Logi ZeroTouch™ Air Vent and Dashboard smart car mounts for Android™ smartphones, together with Logitech’s voice-controlled app, delivers a hands-free, in-car experience that lets you have the best features of a connected car, without buying a new car. The app is automatically triggered when you dock your phone to the magnetic air vent or dashboard mount, allowing you to use your voice to call, text, navigate and more, all without ever looking at your phone.

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  • meori

    Meori Foldable Outdoor Box

    The Meori Foldable Outdoor Box is water-repellant and tough. The outdoor box features large grommets so you can easily secure it to boats, cars, trucks—wherever your adventures take you. It folds and unfolds in three steps. It has two compartments with elastic mesh pockets. It’s perfect for outdoor wear and tear and wipes clean with damp sponge. Holds up to 65 lbs. Save 15% thorugh 1/15/17 with the code meoriholiday

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  • mohu

    Mohu Leaf 50

    We cancelled our cable the summer of 2015 and this Mohu Leaf® 50 would make an excellent gift for anyone thinking of cancelling! The all-new Leaf® 50 is the most powerful indoor HDTV antenna yet. The Leaf 50 indoor HDTV antenna features the same incredible design as the classic Leaf® antenna, but now includes a revolutionary digital HDTV amplifier with a low noise figure and one-of-a-kind RF filtering. What exactly does this mean in terms of performance? It means that the Leaf 50 is optimized specifically for TV stations, filtering any additional RF signals that can hinder picture quality. The result? A top-performing indoor antenna that will allow you to receive the top 20 shows for FREE in full high 1080p definition.

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  • whiskware

    Pancake Art Kit

    I’m filing this under the “Gift Ideas for Men” category but really it is a gift idea for the entire family! My hubby makes amazing pancakes so this is a Christmas present he will use all the time! This Pancake Art Kit makes pancake making EASY! Simply add the pancake ingredients to the Batter Mixer. The Batter Mixer easily mixes the batter as you shake it. Then, dispenses the batter to your skillet. You can make standard circular pancakes or pour batter into greased pancake molds to make pancakes shaped like dinosaurs or gingerbread men. You can even get creative and make other fun shapes using the Pancake Art Bottle. This kit comes with the Batter Mixer, Pancake Art Bottle and two pancake molds.

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  • parallels

    Parallels Desktop 12

    For tech lovers of all ages, choosing between the Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows is now a thing of the past. Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac, the leading desktop virtualization software, – allows access to beloved Microsoft applications and services on a Mac, bringing the best of both worlds onto one platform. With Parallels Desktop 12, you can run Windows on your Mac without rebooting and use Windows apps like they are native to Mac or PC. This program is optimized for Windows 10 and ready for macOS Sierra. With Parallels, you will get 500 GB of online backup storage (for 1 year). And, it comes with dozens more smart tools to simplify everyday tasks. You can download a free two-week trial of Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac!

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  • arbonne-sunscreen

    RE9 Advanced for Men Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen

    A great gift for the man in your life! RE9 Advanced for Men Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen is a refreshing, lightweight moisturizing lotion that improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles, firmness and suppleness while protecting against UVB/UVA rays with broad spectrum 15. Not only does Anti-Aging Moisturizer improve skin’s overall appearance and deliver lasting hydration (without the grease!), the sunscreen component helps to prevent sunburn and early signs of aging.

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  • rocketbook

    Rocketbook Wave

    The Rocketbook Wave provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. You can also erase your notes using your microwave oven and reuse your notebook. Yes, you read that right! This product is a must have for all business owners, entrepreneurs, students… well everybody because it allows you to be able to take notes and then convert them to digital format and upload/organize notes in the cloud. New customers can save $5.00 with code ROCKET5

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  • roku

    Roku Express

    We stream all of our television! We rely solely on Netflix, Hulu, etc to watch TV and movies. Roku Express is the affordable way to stream to your TV and make every TV in your home smart. There are no monthly equipment rental fees for owning a Roku Express. With Roku Express you can stream just about anything – movies, TV shows, live sports, news, and music. With 350,000+ movies and TV episodes to choose from, entertainment is on your schedule. Find popular choices that you can rent, buy, subscribe to or watch for free. The Roku mobile app will also turn your smartphone or tablet into a convenient streaming companion. Use your mobile device as a fully functional remote control and so much more!

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  • runlites-sling

    RunLites SLING

    The RunLites SLING is perfect for those wanting hands-free access to light without wanting to wear an actual glove. If you live in muggy Tampa Bay like me, these are perfect for our balmy mornings! The RunLites SLING has hands-free directional light without the warmth of a glove and is made of weather resistant material to withstand the elements. They have a sleek design with a “barely there” feel with a wide reflective wrist strap.

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  • sfera-balance

    sFera Balance Disc

    sFera Balance Disc is a versatile core and balance training tool that will be a valuable edition to any home gym. The unique donut shape design of the disc makes it more convenient for seated workouts (extreme core training!) while also adding a challenge to simple standing exercises like lunges and squats. This disc will also add a challenge to any Yoga practice while also providing a way to modify some of the poses for Yogis who have sensitive wrists, knees or coccyx. The unstable surface of the disc makes you engage the deepest (and hardest to reach) core muscles during every exercise which in turn results into trim abs and improved posture. All you need is just 10 minutes to work all major muscles of your body.

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  • slingbox

    Slingbox M2

    Take the shows, games, and teams you love with you, wherever you go with the Slingbox M2. Whether you are in another room or across the globe, you can be sure that your shows are on. With Slingbox M2, watch every channel on your television, on any device, like your phone, tablet, or laptop—LIVE. It works over WiFi as well as 3G and 4G cellular networks without restrictions. It even works internationally, all without monthly fees. If you’re a die-hard sports fan who travels, Slingbox is a must-have. The extra channels and coverage you’re already paying for are all available without having to worry about ‘blackouts’ or device restrictions. There are no monthly fees.

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  • ggb

    Snack & Chocolate Gift Basket

    This gift basket can be delivered as quickly as tomorrow! Snack & Chocolate Gift Basket from GourmetGiftBaskets.com makes a generous gift that no one can resist! Inside a gorgeous basket, your recipient will discover an impressive selection of delectable gourmet snacks and decadent chocolate treats. Complete with premium cheese and crackers, delicious chocolate wafer petites, and velvety chocolate-dipped peanuts, this gift is guaranteed to please at any occasion!

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  • snappower

    SnapPower Guidelight and Charger

    The SnapPower Guidelight can safely and easily transform an outlet coverplate into a convenient night light. They automatically turn on and off by a sensor and are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting for perfect nighttime illumination. The SnapPower Charger allows you to easily convert your outlet coverplate into an attractive USB charger. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use.

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  • space-polyglot

    Space Polyglot Game

    Space Polyglot is the first fast-paced language learning game. Space Polyglot is a mobile app that uses special psychological strategies in a video game environment to help people memorize foreign words and phrases. Players will begin their journey on Earth and, upon completing each level of play, eventually end up traveling to Pluto. Users just choose their native language, the language they want to learn and select either the ‘learn’ or ‘challenge’ mode. Target languages available on the Space Polyglot demo version, which just covers planet Earth during the Kickstarter Campaign, include Spanish, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian and English.

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  • sherlock

    The Sherlock

    The Sherlock from Marbles: The Brain store will fire up your keen sense of observation and unlock your superior Sherlockian mind to crack the mysterious case of the wooden puzzle like a true detective. Pick a challenge card, examine every nook and cranny of the indicated rods, eliminate the impossible, and strategically fit the rods into the cube until they lock into place. This game will test your deductive reasoning and short-term memory with 7 levels of challenge ranging from Elementary to Sherlock. The beech wood puzzle pieces and pine storing case make The Sherlock a brilliant and display-worthy gift for your favorite puzzle sleuth.

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  • thinkware

    THINKWARE’s F750 Dash Camera

    THINKWARE’s F750 Dash Camera is the perfect gift for families that love to take road trips, the dad looking for the best high tech gadgets for his car or just the daughter/son that could benefit from the safety of installing a dash cam. This camera is equipped with highly innovative features to keep users safe while driving and capture any special road trip moments on camera. The camera comes with 1080p Front & Rear All Full HD. It has a Road Safety Warning System which notifies you have lane departure and forward collisions acting as a safeguard and lower the risk of accidents by warning drivers of impending road hazards. It also has Built-in GPS tracker which embeds speed, time, and location data in the recorded videos to provide all the crucial information in case of an incident. With its built-in Wi-Fi, the Thinkware mobile app lets you have complete control from your mobile device. You can connect and download recordings straight to your iOS or Android phone.

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  • timex

    Timex IRONMAN Sleek 150

    The Timex IRONMAN Sleek 150 is the perfect gift for runners, bikers, walkers or people who need motivation to get in shape. With its tapscreen technology you can easily access the stopwatch and timer. It is lightweight. It has an easy to use menu based system and the stopwatch has 150 lap memory, an interval timer, a target pacer as well as hydration alerts. It is resistant in the water down to 100 meters and also has an INDIGLO® night-light.

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  • toydriver


    The Toydriver is a small, battery operated screwdriver specifically designed for those pesky screws on all toy battery covers. It was created by a mom of 3, who was fed up with hunting down the right-sized screwdriver to change out batteries in her kids’ bubble guns & train engines. An all-in-one solution, Toydriver’s bits replace small to medium-sized screwdrivers, and allow families to get back to having fun faster. Toydriver’s long and narrow bits reach recessed screws perfectly. And with just the right amount of power, Toydriver won’t strip small screws.

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  • trackr

    TrackR Bravo

    The TrackR bravo is a coin-sized Bluetooth device that you can attach to all your important belongings — from car keys to wallets to even pets — to make sure they never get lost. Once you pair your TrackR bravo with the free iPhone/Android app, you can use your phone to locate any misplaced item in seconds. With the world’s largest Crowd GPS network, when an item is truly lost, the entire TrackR community is activated and will anonymously update the customer with the exact GPS location of their lost item. Plus, with custom printing options, you can choose any photo to print directly onto a TrackR, making it the perfect personalized, low-cost gift this holiday season!

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  • ue-boom-2

    UE BOOM 2

    This is one of my favorite gift guide entries of the year! The UE BOOM 2 by Logitech is the 360-degree wireless speaker you need – It blasts loud, amazing sound in every direction. UE BOOM 2 is designed to get wet, muddy and beat up with its go-anywhere shape, 15-hour battery life, 100-foot wireless range, and waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof acoustic skin. Available in several eye-catching colors, it’s constantly unlocking new experiences like Siri and Google Now voice integration, Block Party (lets three friends share songs through the same speaker) and Tap Controls (start, pause and skip songs, without needing to have your phone in-hand.)

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  • waterpik

    Waterpik DualSpray+

    This DualSpray+™ shower system enhances your showering experience and turns your ordinary shower into extraordinary. Choose the soothing rainfall experience for relaxation or the powerful and invigorating spray to refresh and wake up each day. The diverter lets you switch between the drenching rain shower and fixed mount shower heads for a true spa experience. It provides two amazing shower experiences with one simple installation.

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  • wurkin

    Würkin Stiffs Passport Wallet

    This Würkin Stiffs Passport Wallet is a must when you are traveling overseas. Your passport, credit cards, ID card, foreign currency and coins fit right in. You would think all of those necessities would make you feel bloated and bogged down. However, it’s quite the opposite with the pocket design and footprint size. Before your next international flight, make sure you take this essential with you. Würkin Wallets also keep your information safe by restricting your passport, credit and debit cards’ Radio Frequency Chip from casting its signal while the wallet is closed. A thin alloy matrix is fused between our embossed Italian calfskin leather, keeping your digital information from getting out.

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~~Holiday Entertaining~~

  • aervana


    Aervana is the original one-touch, luxury wine aerator. Now, with Aervana, all it takes is one finger and the push of a button for perfectly aerated wine delivered straight to your glass. Instant aeration gives you the freedom to enjoy wine in any environment, in any quantity, both quickly and easily. Now you can experience the enhanced flavors and aromas of properly aerated wine, instantly and mess-free. Aervana allows your wine to open-up, demonstrating the craftsmanship and perfection the winemaker puts into each bottle. Plus, it’s the only aerator designed to keep sediment in the bottom of the bottle, instead of your glass.

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  • blue-apron

    Blue Apron Meals

    We thoroughly enjoyed our Blue Apron meals! We prepared three different meals and our favorite meal was Seared Salmon with Glazed Carrots & Saffron-Yogurt Sauce. So good. Blue Apron is a fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service that helps chefs of all levels cook incredible meals at home. They take care of the menu planning and shopping (providing you with fresh, locally sourced ingredients in pre-measured quantities), so all you have to do is cook and enjoy your meal. Blue Apron offers 2 plan options with no commitments or fees. Plus, you can choose to skip your orders up to 5 weeks in advance or cancel at any time. They accommodate a variety of dietary preferences – e.g. vegetarians, pescetarians, or if you don’t eat red meat, fish, shellfish, pork, or lamb – and personalize your menu each week based on your preferences.

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  • blue-apron-wine

    Blue Apron Wines

    Take dinner and holiday entertaining to the next level with incredible wines, hand-selected to pair perfectly with Blue Apron Meals. Blue Apron works with renowned vineyards to bring us reds + whites that complement their recipes (or savor solo). They offer customized shipping, so your wine arrives when and where you want it. Their 500ml bottles (? of a standard-sized wine bottle) provide the perfect amount for two to share.

    More Information
  • applights

    Candy Cane Pathway Markers AppLights

    These Candy Cane Pathway Markers AppLights will get your house ready for Holiday Entertaining! With this set of 8 pathway markers, you can light the way for friends, family, and guests. Whether you line the walkway leading up to your home, or line the edges of your fences or porch, you are sure to bring the magic of the holidays to your outdoor spaces! They bring art and science together, giving you the colors of an artist’s palette to decorate your home! And you can further enhance your outdoor decorative masterpiece with light strings, spotlights and kaleidoscopes! They bring the same level of advanced creativity and connectivity to your home, inside or out!

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  • capresso-coffeemaker

    Capresso MG900 10-Cup Rapid Brew

    Prepare for holiday entertaining with this coffeemaker. Make a perfect cup of coffee each and every time with the Capresso MG900 Rapid Brew. This coffee maker brews 10 cups of coffee in under 7 minutes for maximum flavor and aroma. The stainless steel housing and glass carafe offer a stylish, durable exterior while the stainless steel-lined heating system eliminates contact with aluminum and reduces the need for decalcifying. With a gold tone filter that is easy to clean and eliminates the need for paper filters, this machine also has an extra-large showerhead design that fully saturates ground coffee, ensuring the best extraction. The 50 ounce water tank is fully removable for easy filling.

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  • cheeky-mint-pillow

    Cheeky Mint Florence Travel Quote Throw Pillow

    This Cheeky Mint Florence Travel Quote Throw Pillow would make the perfect gift for lovers of travel! The throw pillow features a photo of the Florence sunset and serves as a beautiful reminder that To Travel is to Live. AND – we can save 10% on our orders with discount code ADDICTEDTOSAVING10

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  • nuts

    Delectable Organic Gift Basket from Nuts.com

    This Delectable Organic Gift Basket from Nuts.com is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates organic foods. This organic gift basket is filled with organic chia energy squares, organic trail mix, organic pepitas, organic tamari roasted sunflower seeds, organic dried mango, organic salted pistachios, organic raw mixed nuts, organic cranberries, organic simply strawberries, and organic peanut butter. This gift basket is a nut lovers dream!

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  • dino-pops

    Dino Pop Molds

    These Zoku Dino Pop Molds create Lucy the Cavegirl and her five larger-than-life dinosaur friends—a stegosaurus, pterodactyl, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, and apatosaurus. Your pops will feel right at home in any freezer and can be made with your favorite juices, smoothies, or other recipes. Each frosty pop can be easily removed from the mold by pulling on the stick—no rinsing required!

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  • ellia

    Ellia Blossom Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

    This is the perfect accessory to holiday entertaining! Diffuse citrusy and woodsy oils together to have your house smelling like the holidays when guests arrive. The Ellia Blossom Diffuser makes a perfect accessory for any room. Consciously crafted from ceramic and wood, it gently lifts the scent of your favorite essential oils into the air to transform the mood of your space. The Blossom Diffuser delivers up to 6 hours of continuous runtime. It features a color-changing light and an Essential Oil Starter Kit with three samples.

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  • ellia-oil

    Ellia Orange Essential Oil

    Ellia Orange Essential Oil is cleansing, uplifting, and sweet. Diffuse it to inspire a positive, cheerful mood, or mix it with a carrier oil to apply it topically. It also mixes wonderfully with other essential oils, so get creative! We recommend pairing it with peppermint, lemon, and sage essential oils.

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  • enviro-log

    Enviro-Log Firestarters & Firelogs

    This is the perfect gift for holiday entertaining with a cozy fireplace or fire pit! Enviro-Log Firestarters are made from 100 percent recycled eco-friendly wax and offer an alternative to kindling, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol-based gels. Each firestarter provides up to 20 minutes of burn time with tall and consistent flames that can even light firewood that has been dampened with light snow or rain. Burned to completion, each firestarter is 100 percent consumed and leaves no mess to clean up. Enviro-Log Firelogs are known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market. Enviro-Log Firelogs can also be stored and burned in all weather conditions and can be transported for camping, fishing, RVing, tailgating and other outdoor activities without the concern of restrictions imposed on firewood by some states and campsites. They are also a popular choice for fire pits, wood stoves, chimineas, and campfires. Each 5-pound firelog will burn up to 3 hours and each 3-pound firelog will burn up to 2 hours.

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  • ginos

    Gino’s East Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza

    We used to live in a suburb of Chicago and one of the things we miss the most is Gino’s East Chicago Style Pizza. This is a gift idea that I would send myself, or send to my hubby (so that I can enjoy it too). But this gift would be perfect for anyone who enjoys pizza like we do. You can enjoy Gino’s East Chicago-style deep dish pizza anywhere in the US now that Gino’s East delivers it right to your door!These frozen pizzas have Gino’s East classic deep dish style, with thick fluffy crust under a satisfying layer of cheese topped with a generous portion of their delicious sauce. It is just so good. You will thank me.

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  • godiva-ornament

    GODIVA Chocolate Tree Ornament

    This would make the perfect hostess gift when you attend holiday parties! Leave this GODIVA Chocolate Tree Ornament on the host/hostess’ tree with a small note and it will bring a smile to their face! This GODIVA Chocolate Tree Ornament comes in a tree-inspired box filled with 8 beautiful, foil-wrapped chocolates.

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  • graeters

    Graeter’s Ice Cream

    Graeter’s Ice Cream is a nationally recognized and awarded ice cream brand that was founded over 146 years ago in Cincinnati, OH. They have perfected the art of using the French Pot, a traditional, small batch artisanal process of making ice cream. Known for their indulgent, premium flavors and ingredients, they’re also widely recognized for their gargantuan gourmet chocolate chips. You can find Graeter’s Ice Cream at most grocery stores and you can even have it shipped it across the country! They have countless flavors to choose from. My personal favorite is Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. SO SO good!

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  • gruet-nv-blanc-de-noirs-90-points-wine-spectator

    Gruet NV Blanc de Noirs – 90 points Wine Spectator

    Pale salmon in color, this full-bodied wine had a fine mousse and a creamy, rich texture. Complex aromas and flavors of raspberry, baked pear and cherry are complemented by a hint of toasted vanilla. The balance of fruit, minerals and crisp acidity lead to a round mouthfeel and lasting finish.

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  • gruet-nv-brut-90-points-wine-spectator

    Gruet NV Brut – 90 points Wine Spectator

    Aromas of green apple and citrus mineral notes make for a delightful start to this traditional sparkler. Our Brut NV offers bright, crisp acidity complimented by a touch of yeast on the delightfully long finish. A classic house style!

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  • brut-rose

    Gruet NV Brut Rosé

    A beautiful garnet in color, this Rose NV has a delicate, fine mousse and rich, fruit flavors. This full-bodied sparkler starts with floral and berry aromas which introduce flavors of cherry. raspberry and wild strawberry, finishing delicately with zesty acidity.

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  • gruet-sauvage

    Gruet NV Sauvage

    Gruet Sauvage NV is a bone-dry sparkler, pale straw in color with a delicate but persistent mousse. The aromas of bright mineral and citrus notes tickle the nose followed by touches of green apple, lemon and grapefruit. The finish is structured, flavorful and long. The bright acidity makes this wine a perfect pairing for oysters, sushi and cream sauces.

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  • hold-go

    Hold & Go Slow Cooker

    The Hold & Go Slow Cooker is a 5-quart slow cooker with a no-spill locking lid that is designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. It is perfect for traveling with food to holiday get-togethers! The single-handle makes it easy to hold and go to any of your events. The reinforced handle has been tested to hold up to 60 lbs! The handle also doubles as a convenient place to prop the lid while serving, keeping your counter tops clean and dry. No need to go buy a separate accessory! The Hold & Go cooks on high, medium or keep warm settings and is known for its consistent, even cooking. The 5-quart size is perfect size for a 4.5 lb.chicken or two 2 lb. roast

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  • hot-logic

    Hot Logic Mini

    The perfect gift for any food-lover or someone who loves to entertain, this one of a kind portable mini oven cooks meals from scratch, reheats leftovers and keeps food HOT for hours! It’s truly a “smart oven” and using this Hot Logic Mini is simple! With no tricky buttons, dials or timers, the Hot Logic Mini makes it impossible to overcook a meal as it doesn’t go past boiling point. Just pop a meal in the bag, plug it in and off you go. Eat in a hour, or 8 hours later. Food will be cooked (or reheated) to perfection.

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  • jammin-jammies

    Jammin’ Jammies

    Wake-up and smell the cookies with these Jammin’ Jammies Cookie Bakeoff Pajamas! Celebrate the holidays in matching jammies inspired by the season’s get-togethers and favorite treats. Enjoy a fun family cookie bake-off with bonus cookie cutters. Soft, comfy and totally fun, these family pajamas are a cozy gift idea for the whole family! BONUS: As a gift to you, Jammin’ Jammies will package the family pajama experience in individual Gingerbread House gift boxes for FREE (one box per PJ). Or choose a personalized Family-Size box for 5$. These pajamas will be delivered right to your door and ready for gifting!

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  • kind

    KIND Bars Nuts & Spices Variety Cube

    KIND Bars Nuts & Spices Variety Cube has sides that fall away to reveal the 20 Nuts & Spices KIND bars, making it easy to eat, share and enjoy! Their Nuts & Spices bars only have 5 grams of sugar or less and there are no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols – they are a snack that only tastes indulgent. Flavors include: Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, Cashew Ginger Spice, and Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond.

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  • kookie-krums

    Kookie Krums

    One of our favorite local bakeries is Kookie Krums. They bake the softest, most delicious cookies, cupcakes, brownies and more. Their store is located in Dunedin, Florida but if you are not local you can also order these sweet treats and have them shipped throughout the US. Choose from Cookie Bouquets, Holiday Baskets, Elf Cookie Pants, Christmas Mugs and so many other adorable hand packaged gift packages. Our favorite is Elf Cookie Pants. They are the most adorable pants that can be stuffed with up to 2 dozen yummy cookies! All of their gift ideas make perfect gifts to send out anyone with a sweet tooth!

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  • loccitane-advent

    L’Occitane Advent Calendar

    Discover L’Occitane’s homage to beauty. Treat yourself to a must-have skin care, bath and body, or hand care gift every day with this Advent calendar. Open all 24 château doors and find a surprise hidden behind each one. Featuring a selection of best sellers, this calendar is filled with 24 days of beauty products. Indulge a loved one or treat yourself to a luxurious pre-holiday gift with the L’Occitane Holiday Beauty Advent Calendar.

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  • melitta

    Melitta Porcelain Pour-Over Coffee Brew Cone W/ Bamboo Stand

    This Melitta Porcelain Pour-Over Coffee Brew Cone W/ Bamboo Stand is an elegant, coffee shop Barista style way to brew coffee at home in this time honored Melitta tradition. We love coffee in our house and I had never heard of the pour-over method! To use your pour-over coffee brew, fold the seams of the Melitta filter and place in Melitta cone pour-over brewer. Set your pour-over on top of the bamboo stand. Then, place your mug directly underneath the cone on the foot of the stand. Pour hot water in a swirling motion over the grounds. The slower the water is poured, the bolder the coffee will be!

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  • nature-nates

    Nature Nate’s Holiday Tins

    These are the perfect hostess gift. We go through a lot of honey in our house and these Nature Nate’s Holiday Tins are divine. The decorative tins hold a 16 oz. bottle of Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey that will be sure to sweeten anyone’s day. Different from your typical grocery store honey, Nature Nate’s is as nature intended. It’s treated with very low heat, keeping all important enzymes intact. It’s also unfiltered, which means it still contains pollen and retains the best flavor, aroma and nutrition naturally. Nature Nate’s is also made by 100% American bees, helping to eliminate pesticides, and ensuring the highest quality product

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  • night-stars

    Night Stars Landscape Lighting Celebration Series w/ 12 Patterns

    The Night Stars Celebration Series is a motion projection lighting system that displays a kaleidoscope of fun, festive and interchangeable images. Made for year-round use, the Celebration Series’ specially designed slides are easy to use and transform any area from ordinary to extraordinary! Display the images in a fixed position or at 3 different selectable motion speeds. Ideal for interior and exterior walls, dance floors, landscapes, pools, gazebos, and more! Create an enchanting experience at every celebration, from Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween and birthdays.

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  • noble-vines

    Noble Vines

    Noble Vines is farmed in the red, cobblestone soils of the Ewart family’s owned vineyards in Lodi and on the gentle slopes of their cool-climate San Bernabe Vineyard in Monterey, California. At Noble Vines they pay strict attention to sustainable farming to ensure their land endures for the next century and beyond. They craft their wines with concentrated flavors, silky fruit and soft, supple tannins. These wines are sold at many Walmart, Target and grocery stores across the country.

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  • nonnis

    Nonni’s Limited Edition Biscotti

    Just in time for the holiday season, Nonni’s has released four limited edition biscotti flavors inspired by trending and in-demand flavor combinations including chocolate hazelnut spreads, pumpkin spice and dark chocolate. Nonni’s Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti are made with delectable cocoa and crunchy hazelnuts, then delicately dipped in rich milk chocolate. Nonni’s Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Biscotti are made with real pumpkin and sweet spices, then dipped in decadent dark chocolate. Nonni’s Pumpkin Spice Biscotti are made with real pumpkin and a blend of robust spices, then dipped in gourmet cinnamon icing. Nonni’s Gingerbread Biscotti are made with real molasses, almonds and premium spices, then delicately dipped in white icing.

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  • no-no

    NO/NO Snow Man and Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder Set

    Feed the birds while adding a wintery whimsical touch to your yard, garden or patio. The NO/NO® Snow Man and Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder Set features a diamond mesh wire design that attracts clinging birds. The handcrafted construction of these festive, powder-coated feeders make them durable and able to withstand weathering and squirrel damage. The mesh design allows snow and water to blow through the feeders so that water doesn’t collect in the seed reservoir. Easy-to-use, simply fill the 15” tall feeders with black oil sunflower seed, hang and enjoy! This darling duo is sure to keep many different kinds of wild birds flocking to feed again and again.

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  • omaha

    Omaha Steaks: The Tasteful Gift

    For us, one of the most practical gifts we love to receive is food. Especially food that will help make our dinner-times go smoother. Omaha Steaks has tons of gift ideas that will be delivered frozen to the recipient’s doorstep. The Tasteful Gift package includes (2) legendary Filet Mignons, (2) Top Sirloins, Omaha Steaks Seasoning, (4) juicy Pork Chops, (4) delicious Potatoes Au Gratin and (4) decadent Caramel Apple Tartlets. It’s a gift that is sure to be treasured throughout the year.

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  • one-hope

    ONEHOPE Gold Glitter Edition Brut Sparkling Wine

    This ONEHOPE Gold Glitter Edition Brut Sparkling Wine would make the perfect gift for wine lovers. This California Brut Sparkling Wine is light in color and displays aromas of fresh green apple and nectarine with a hint of fresh baked bread. Crisp, intriguing fresh fruit reminiscent of succulent peach, sweet berries and pear linger on the palate, finishing with creamy and refreshing bubbles. This Brut Sparkling Wine can be paired with appetizers, seafood, sushi as well as a wide range of desserts and cheeses. Every bottle provides 15 meals to children in need.

    More Info
  • otis

    Otis Spunkmeyer Sweet Treats

    These would make perfect stocking stuffers or snacks to give out to unexpected guests over the holiday season. Otis Spunkmeyer, a pioneer in the fresh-baked cookie business since the 1970s, has launched a new retail line of twenty pre-packaged sweet treats in May 2016. To celebrate the success, Otis Spunkmeyer will introduce its new hot chocolate frosted crème cakes, available for a limited time at national retailers starting October 1. Aside from their amazing flavor, the best thing about these cakes is that they contain ‘NO FUNKY STUFF’, which means NO artificial flavors or colors, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils. With treats like Iced Lemon Mini Loaf Cakes (my favorite), Double Chocolate Cookies, Banana Muffins, and more, there is enough variety to please everyone.

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  • personalogy-party

    Personalogy Party Game

    Personalogy Party Game is an absurdly provocative game for thinking people. Personalogy Party Game made Amazon’s top 100 card games in 2015! It’s the Personal Trivial Pursuit Game that instantly connects players-gets everyone talking, laughing and having FUN! The perfect antidote for awkward social situations, cocktail or office parties, and holiday travel. Personalogy is Cards FOR Humanity! This game comes with 135 topical, unusual, LOL questions and surprising answers.

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  • pioneer-woman

    Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection

    The Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection is a collection of holiday themed dishware, mugs, bakeware and accessories. Each piece is beautifully designed and excellent quality. Some pieces are versatile and can easily be used year-round and not just during the holidays. Pioneer Woman’s collections are found at Walmart.

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  • playmobil-advent

    PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar “Christmas on the Farm”

    This PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar will be a family favorite this holiday season. In the advent calendar “Christmas on the Farm,” head outdoors into the winter wonderland for festivities! This advent calendar has lots of animals and contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas. Once all the pieces are revealed, create a festive animal gathering with Santa! Includes backdrop, Santa, angel, and child figure, tractor, cats, dog, cows, sheep, goats, chicken with chicks, birds, trough, and tons of other accessories.

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  • star-shower

    Star Shower Motion

    Illuminate your house with the Star Shower Motion. The stars will move before your eyes if you have it on motion mode or you can freeze them with just a click. Use the extra-long stake to securely place it in your yard, then click to make thousands of green and red stars explode into motion. The secret is the weather-proof laser design that projects holographic stars while the motion motor creates shimmering patterns of beautiful light.

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  • tableart-tivoli-gold-rim-set-of-4-wine-glasses

    TableArt Tivoli Gold-Rim Set of 4 Wine Glasses

    These TableArt Tivoli Gold-Rim Wine Glasses are complete handmade with an optic design and two gold bands that elevate the occasion. You can also use them for wine, water, ice tea and more to make any day a special day. Comes in a Set of 4 17-oz wine glasses (hand wash only).

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  • thirstystone-urban-farm-mango-wood-tray-with-rope-handles

    Thirstystone Urban Farm Mango Wood Tray With Rope Handles

    Serve family and guests in style with this mango wood tray, which features rope handles on each side for easy carrying. A dipped center creates more room to transport large amounts of food. Cleans easily with a warm damp cloth. Perfect for a blogger like me who likes to work from her bed and couch!

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  • thirtyone-bag

    Thirty-One Gifts Littles Carry-All Caddy

    These Thirty-One Gifts Littles Carry-All Caddies are an adorable alternative for stocking stuffers or to carry holiday cookies and treats. The exterior mesh pocket allows you to add a note or a fun surprise.

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  • thirtyone-pillow

    Thirty-One Gifts Statement Canvas Pillow

    This Thirty-One Gifts Statement Canvas Pillow is perfect for your home or as a meaningful gift. Whether you’re commemorating the holidays, a wedding, new baby, anniversary or first home, this personalized pillow cover will be a cherished keepsake. Now available with select embroidered designs. 100% natural cotton canvas.

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  • teleflora

    Thomas Kinkade’s Jolly Santa Bouquet

    Thomas Kinkade’s Jolly Santa Bouquet from Teleflora is a tribute to Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™, in this latest installment to Teleflora’s exclusive, bestselling holiday collection. Jolly Santa Bouquet brings to life all the special memories of childhood sharing holiday wishes with Santa. Featuring a gazebo at the North Pole, this hand-crafted, hand-painted holiday scene illuminates and lights up amongst the scene of parents and their children eagerly awaiting their chance to visit with Santa. As a collector’s dream, this is the perfect holiday ‘must-have’ to celebrate the timeless holiday tradition of Kinkade.

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  • winc


    Winc is a wine of the month club which sends you new wines each month. Each month Winc will make new recommendations for you based on your Wine Palate Profile. You then have the opportunity to try their suggestions or make your own selections from their ever-changing assortment. You can skip a month at any time. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • chilean-wine

    Wines of Chile

    Before you plan for holiday entertaining, consider trying Chilean wine! Descordchados is the most important annual guide to South American wines in the world written by Patricio Tapia of Wine & Spirits Mag. For the first time ever, Descorchados will be printed in English and will serve as a perfect holiday gift for consumers and wine buffs alike. Paired with a Chilean wine, receivers will be able to discover a new world wine region in text and in taste. There is no better gift for adults than an introduction to exploration through Chilean wine and the new Descrochados guide. The guide is available on Amazon and the wines are available with national distribution, one retailer currently being Whole Foods.

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~~Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas ~~

  • alex-graffiti

    ALEX Toys Shimmer and Shine Scra-ffiti

    I totally remember doing crafts like this when I was little! Shimmer and Shine Scra-ffiti Pad by ALEX Toys lets artists create beautiful colored designs based on Nickelodeon’s favorite genies! With special paper, the Scra-ffiti book is made so that when you draw with the wooden stylus, the top layer of the paper scratches away, revealing a rainbow of colors underneath! Practice different scratching techniques for cool effects. The book contains 10 adorable pages featuring Shimmer, Shine and more, plus a wooden stylus.

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  • amy-grant

    Amy Grant’s Tennessee Christmas Album

    I love Christmas albums and one of my favorite singers since my childhood is Amy Grant. I adore her Christmas albums so when I learned she was releasing a new album this year, I was so excited! Amy Grant has unveiled her first all-new Christmas album in nearly twenty years, just in time for the holiday season. Her album Tennessee Christmas is a collection of thirteen new recordings, including the title track, Tennessee Christmas. This album offers a blend of heartfelt originals and Amy Grant’s own spin on popular Yuletide classics, seamlessly weaving together the joy, love, laughter, and even grief this season brings.

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  • ancestry


    If you or a family member are looking to discover your family history, Ancestry.com is the perfect gift. As an adoptive mom, these kits are amazing gifts for my children. AncestryDNA is a cutting edge DNA testing service that utilizes some of the latest autosomal testing technology to revolutionize the way you discover your family history. This service combines advanced DNA science with the world’s largest online family history resource to predict your genetic ethnicity and help you find new family connections. It maps ethnicity going back multiple generations and provides insight into such possibilities as: what region of Europe are my ancestors from, or am I likely to have East Asian heritage? Your AncestryDNA results include information about your ethnicity across 26 regions/ethnicities and identifies potential relatives through DNA matching to others who have taken the AncestryDNA test. Your results are a great starting point for more family history research, and it can also be a way to dig even deeper into the research you’ve already done.

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  • arbonne-gloss

    Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss in ‘Cardinal’

    A red lip can make all the difference. With this plant extract and peptide infused shine, Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss in ‘Cardinal’ will make your your lips not only feel quenched and moisturized but also appear more voluminous. The formula contains a sheer-to-medium coverage which is gorgeous worn alone, or as a top coat to deepen another red lipstick. The perfect red holiday lip!

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  • atomic

    Atomic Beam Flashlight

    Light up the night with this ultra-bright, supremely tough Atomic Beam flashlight. Shines and withstands hard impacts, water submersion, and extreme temperatures, all in a compact and lightweight design. The flashlight features a super-bright spotlight that can be seen from miles away or the powerful strobe to stun an intruder.

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  • bodyworksball


    As a blogger who routinely hunches over my laptop, I am so excited about this gift guide entry! The BodyworksBall is a self massage tool for instant relief of neck cricks, shoulder knots, and relief to sore aching hands and feet. It is great way to counter the ill effects of sitting and “Tech Neck” from sitting hunched over tech devices. The BodyworksBall is the perfect gift for the hard to shop for business traveler, new Mom, teacher and weekend warrior.

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  • tammy-lu

    Bonikka Collection Rag Dolls

    Tammy Lu is part of the Bonikka Collection of rag dolls. These dolls all handmade fun rag dolls with great personalities! The Lulu Collection also features a big sister and matching little sister combination with coordinating funky hairstyles, colorful floral dresses and soft plush shoes! They each have a matching mini doll sister.

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  • shopkins

    Brush Buddies Shopkins Brite Beatz

    I love toothbrushes as stocking stuffers! Shopkins Brite Beatz plays the Shopkins theme song along to synchronized lights. Brite Beatz helps improve oral care making brushing fun for kids. Shopkins theme song will play for the dentist recommended two minutes. Shopkins Brite Beatz has fun characters on the handle and a comfortable grip for kids.

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  • burts-bees

    Burt’s Bees Endless Shine Trio

    The Burt’s Bees Endless Shine Trio features three of their Lip Shines in a warm color palette, to hydrate lips, while delivering sheer, glassy shine. This trio is available in two shade options. These lip shines nourish your lips with apricot wax and deliver softness with sunflower seed oil. They have 100% natural ingredients.

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  • christy-nockels

    Christy Nockels’ The Thrill of Hope Album

    Christy Nockels is a worship leader/singer-songwriter who lives in Nashville, Tenn and this fall she released a new Christmas album called The Thrill of Hope. In 2009, Christy released her first ever solo album, Life Light Up followed by a 2012 sophomore release Into The Glorious and a critically acclaimed live worship album Let It Be Jesus in 2015. The Thrill of Hope has familiar favorites like
    O Come O Come Emmanuel and O Holy Night as well as unique additions to the classics. This will be a timeless Christmas album for years to come.

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  • circuit-scribe-mini

    Circuit Scribe Mini Kit

    The newest (and smallest) member of the Circuit Scribe family is the mini kit! Featuring a miniature version of their conductive ink pen, it is an accessible introduction to electronics. The kit comes with a coin cell battery holder (which boosts the voltage to 5V), a slide potentiometer, and an LED. Explore basic circuit concepts by drawing conductive doodles, creating paper-based switches, and fading the LED on and off with the slider.

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  • claessens

    Claessens’ Kids KWID Time Teaching Watch

    The Claessens’ Kids KWID Time Teaching Watch teaches kids to read both digital and analog time by displaying them together! It also teaches time management skills, thanks to an hourglass timer that is great for tracking privileges, chores, tooth brushing time and more! When the hourglass empties, a song plays and an animation pops up. For ages 4-10 years old. This watch comes in blue or pink.

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  • colgate

    Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

    The Colgate® Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen provides effective whitening and convenience…all from one product. Perfect for everyday use – no hassle, no mess! It’s as easy as…Brush. Whiten. Go.® The Optic White® toothbrush is specially designed with whitening cups and polishing bristles to help remove surface stains. The gel in the built-in Optic White® Whitening Pen contains hydrogen peroxide, which provides effective whitening beyond surface stains. Its unique stay-on gel formula adheres to teeth for 5 shades whiter teeth that starts working in 1 day. No waiting, no rinsing! For best results use two times daily until gel pen is empty.

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  • contigo

    Contigo AUTOSPOUT® Gizmo Flip Kids Water Bottle

    Contigo AUTOSPOUT® Gizmo Flip Kids Water Bottle is the perfect spill-proof sidekick to all your kid’s adventures (even the upside-down ones, thanks to the spill-proof valve). Kids get a kick out of pressing the button for the pop-up straw; plus, the protective spout cover helps guard against germs and messy situations.

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  • disney

    D-Lectables by Imperial toy

    D-Lectables collection 1 consists of 12 favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, and more in the form of ice cream, milk shakes and cupcakes. Each character separates into 4 interchangeable Disney® sweet treat themed pieces: base, filling, frosting, and topping! Use your imagination to mix and match elements from different characters to create your favorite D-Lectables’ combinations.

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  • daniel-tiger

    Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel’s Winter Wonderland DVD

    Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel’s Winter Wonderland DVD features four stories including “A Snowy Day,” “Daniel’s Winter Adventure,” “Neighborhood Nutcracker,” and “Baking Mistakes.” In the stories “Daniel’s Winter Adventure” and “Neighborhood Nutcracker,” Daniel discovers that when sledding, ice skating, or learning a dance for “The Nutcracker” ballet, “if something seems hard to do, try it a little bit at a time!” In addition to these grr-ific stories, kids can watch Daniel and Miss Elaina play snow astronauts in “A Snowy Day,” and Daniel and Prince Wednesday make cookies with Baker Aker in “Baking Mistakes.”

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  • disney

    Disney Baby SoapSox®

    The new SoapSox® Disney Baby line of bath toys feature some of Disney’s most beloved characters including: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, as well as, Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo. SoapSox® drenched the bath toy market in 2013 when it introduced its lovable 2-in-1 stuffed animal washcloths. Now kids can cuddle their favorite stuffed Disney Baby companions during the day and then play with them during bath time at night for added fun in the tub. Snuggle, cuddle, and play together all day and when it’s time for your bath, bring them with you! A patented soap pocket transforms lovable SoapSox® into sudsy wash cloth – just add soap and scrub.

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  • doc-artisan

    Doc Artisan MagMount

    Drive safe and hands free with the Doc Artisan MagMount! The universal magnetic mount gives users seamless functional management of your phone or tablet for everyday use. The Nano suction membrane and traditional lever action suction cup will secure your MagMount to most non porous surfaces like finished wood, counter tops, fridges, etc. The Mag Mount is compatible with all major smart phones and tablets!

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  • water-defense

    Dry Spell Water Defender Bags

    Available for phones or tablets, the Dry Spell Water Defender Bag protects your device from water, snow, sand, sticky fingers, etc. Simply slip your device inside this protective bag, and worry no more! You may find this hard to believe, but the Dry Spell also floats! No more fear of your coveted device ending up at the bottom of the lake. Sturdy locks clamp your device safely inside and shield it from the elements. The clear window allows your to keep on texting, surfing, or taking photos all the while.

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  • fruit-me-up

    Fruit Me Up!

    Fruit Me Up! is a better-for-you option for a stocking stuffer and a convenient holiday snack! Fruit Me Up! are all natural and organic fruit sauce pouches that provide kids a delicious snack on the go. Available in three varieties – Fruit Me Up! Naturally Better, Fruit Me Up! BOOST and Fruit Me Up! Organic – the apple-based pouches are made with real apples and filled with natural fruit energy, recognizable ingredients and delicious taste kids crave. The mess-free squeezable pouches are shelf-stable and safe to keep in the pantry, pack in a lunchbox and keep out of the fridge.

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  • glow-for-a-cause

    GLOW for a Cause Perfumes

    Look and feel your best with GLOW for a cause products! From body butter to lip balm and perfumes, you will smell divine and look fine at all times! For only $16, their delicate fragrances will keep you smelling fresh all day and you can feel good knowing that every GLOW for a cause product you buy is directly helping one of the many charities that GLOW for a cause donates to with each purchase.

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  • godiva-gold-box

    GODIVA Chocolate Gold Gift Box

    This GODIVA Chocolate Gold Gift Box is the perfect stocking stuffer for any chocolate lover. It includes eight popular GODIVA milk, dark, and white chocolates with classic Belgian fillings. My person favorite is the Almond Praline Raindrop. So good!

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  • homedics-sound-machine

    HoMedics SoundSpa Mini Portable Sound Machine

    This is the perfect stocking stuffer! Use the HoMedics® Sound Spa® Mini to create a peaceful sleep environment and fall asleep faster. Equipped with four soothing, natural sounds, our miniature SoundSpa allows you choose from white noise, summer night, ocean waves, and rain, while unwinding from your day. It’s almost makes the perfect addition to any nursery. The rhythmic sounds instill a feeling of comfort that lulls people of all ages to sleep with a built-in auto-off timer.

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  • inchbug

    InchBug Orbit Labels

    The Original Orbit Label is any parent’s solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, snack containers and other various drink/toiletry containers. This innovative product is non-adhesive, reusable, and personalized to meet your needs. Orbit Labels® were designed to make every parent’s life simpler! Say goodbye to “permanent” markers that wash away in the dishwasher. These labels are easy to use – just stretch and release for a snug fit around a variety of containers. Orbit Labels® are an ideal gift for baby showers and toddler birthdays and a must-have for preschool and daycare. Orbit Labels were designed to fit the traditional 4oz. baby bottle and can stretch to accommodate the needs of a child’s changing drink container. These labels fit all sippy cups and a variety of sport bottles. They can be moved from container to container since they are non-adhesive and reusable – a great alternative to the traditional method of one-time-use sticky labels! Orbit Labels are also great for labeling shampoos and toiletry containers for camp and college-bound kids. They are a unique gift idea for any age!

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  • kinsa

    Kinsa Sesame Street Ear Thermometer

    Kinsa took a standard thermometer and made it “smart” by connecting it to a corresponding app. Kinsa’s app offers users the ability to track symptoms, temperatures and medication notes while also giving users Medical Guidance if a fever is detected. The Kinsa Sesame Street Ear Thermometer is designed to make illness easier on parents and kids. Elmo’s comfortable ear probe is gentle on sleeping babies, and his one-button temperature read is gentle on tired parents.

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  • home-for-the-holidays

    Home for the Holidays Music CD

    Celebrate your favorite holiday with this Kohl’s Cares Home for the Holidays CD. This CD has family favorites like “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Frank Sinatra, “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley, “Sleigh Ride” by Johnny Mathis and more. 100% of the net profit from the sale of this item will support kids’ health and education initiatives in communities nationwide.

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  • marcus

    Marcus & Marcus Rocket Themed Feeding Spoon Dispenser

    Marcus & Marcus Rocket themed Feeding Spoon Dispenser is soft edged for baby’s tender gums and dispense one bite at a time. The food-grade silicone container holds up to 3 oz of baby food and can be safely warmed directly with hot water or a microwave oven. Hygienic stand up base allows the dispensing spoon to stay upright and not touch surfaces. This Feeding Spoon Dispenser comes in pink and blue.

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  • matt-redman

    Matt Redman’s These Christmas Lights Album

    I think that CDs or digital album gift certificates are the perfect stocking stuffer. Matt Redman has unveiled a Christmas album titled These Christmas Lights. These Christmas Lights is filled with powerful and diverse collaborations, featured artists on the album including Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Tomlin and Tasha Cobbs. These Christmas Lights finds Redman sharing his interpretation on quintessential holiday songs, along with creating new, originals including “His Name Shall Be,” “Help from Heaven,” the title track and more.

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  • melissa-doug-ornaments

    Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Christmas Ornaments

    This Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Christmas Ornaments kit is an all-inclusive paint-your-own set! Paint two double-sided resin ornaments with a choice of six sparkling metallic paints. Attach the red and green ribbon to make festive holiday decorations to hang on the tree or anywhere!

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  • melissa-doug-gingerbread

    Melissa & Doug Mess Free Glitter – Christmas Tree & Gingerbread House

    Make dazzling Christmas decorations with press-on glitter in this Melissa & Doug Mess Free Glitter – Christmas Tree & Gingerbread House Kit! Their patented technology lets kids get the look and feel of real glitter without the mess. One simple process creates amazing results: Just peel away a section of white paper from the gingerbread house, Christmas tree, and sticker shapes to reveal the sticky surface, then select which of the five different-colored glitter sheets to press on for instant sparkling art. With 26 foam stickers and five glitter sheets, there are many ways to make these sturdy free-standing Christmas designs sparkle!

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  • motives-maven

    Motives Maven Mattes

    Motives® Maven Mattes provides an unparalleled matte finish in chic shades essential to your collection. This luscious lip innovation was handpicked by top makeup artists for its rich hues and creamy formula. Quick dry time and minimal transfer optimize payoff for an instantly modern, sought-after pout.

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  • nair

    Nair Hair Removers

    These make wonderful, practical Stocking Stuffers! The new Nair Nourish line and Wax-Ready Strips are a travel must-have, offering a convenient and easy way to remove hair while soothing your skin. It lasts longer than shaving- use once and you won’t have to worry about removing hair the entire week! Save hundreds of dollars by DIY waxing instead of going to the waxing studio.

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  • nodpod

    Nodpod Eye Pillow

    This is the perfect gift for sleep deprived moms like myself! The nodpod is a patented, unique way to get the best sleep ever. The nodpod soothing microbead eye pillow either comes conveniently snapped to the edge of a pillowcase or as a strap, snap and velcro- free travel version. Each pod of the nodpod eye pillow is gently and equally weighted with machine washable microbeads. These beads provide a gentle, constant pressure that creates a profound calming effect, like that of a hug. The nodpod eye pillow’s patented design perfectly molds to the contours of your face for light blocking comfort that’s never felt so good!

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  • personalogy-family

    Personalogy Family Fun Card Game

    The Personalogy Family Fun Game made Amazon’s top 100 card games in 2015! Personalogy Family Fun is the LOL storytelling card game that quickly brings families together. Create hilarious and memorable moments during family dinners, gatherings, parties or road trips. This game reveals that kids do say the darndest things. The box is designed small enough to fit into a purse and/or a Christmas stocking. For Families with Kids 7-11.

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  • pinpoint

    Pinpoint by Blue Orange Games

    Develop your eagle eye abilities with this new twist on a classic “find the differences” game! Each card has 5 images on it- one Original and four with variations. Players use the process of elimination to locate the Original by pointing out differences in the other four pictures. This brain teasing game will delight kids of all ages as they race to spot the differences in the printed pictures.

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  • poseidon

    Poseidon Children’s Sonic LED Toothbrush

    The Poseidon Children’s Sonic toothbrush features a brush head that lights up with a rainbow of bright LED colors during the 2-minute brushing cycle that will make brushing fun! High quality DuPont bristles and 16,000 pulses per minute will help keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy. Battery included and it ships free!

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  • rubiks

    Rubik’s Key Ring

    This makes a fun stocking stuffer! The Rubik’s Key Ring puzzle plays like the original 3×3 Cube! . The key ring is not only way-cool, it really works!

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  • sandisk

    SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

    This is the perfect stocking stuffer for parents who don’t want to miss their children’s Kodak moments! The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iOS makes it easy to free up space on the iPhone or iPad! This means you can store every family moment throughout the next year without having to worry about running out of space. With up to 128GB of additional capacity, the iXpand automatically backs up your camera roll, and even lets you watch popular-format videos straight from the drive. Also with a USB 3.0 connector for faster transfer speeds to Mac or PCs, you can save time when uploading family photos, home videos, and favorite music, freeing up storage in a flash. Featuring a completely redesigned app to easily manage content, this pocket-sized device is perfect for any parent to use on-the-go when trying to keep up with their kids.

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  • santas-apprentice

    Santa’s Apprentice & The Magic Snowflake

    I love having movies as stocking stuffers! Santa’s Apprentice is a movie about Santa not wanting to retire. But rules are rules and he must train someone to replace him. The lucky winner, to be chosen from among millions of children, must be named Nicholas, be an orphan and have a pure heart. On the other side of the planet, there is a little boy who is a perfect match, but his lack of self-confidence and fear of heights make him a poor contestant. Will Santa agree to step down, and help his apprentice take his place? In The Magic Snowflake (sequel to Santa’s Apprentice), the new Santa is a seven year-old boy. Will his first Christmas on the job be a success? This time it’s official: Nicolas is the new Santa – a big job for someone who’s only seven years old. Two days before his first big night, Nicolas has to handle a major crisis: the magic of Christmas seems to be disappearing around the world and it looks like it’s Nicolas’s fault. Indeed, thinking he needed to act like an adult to meet his new responsibilities, Nicolas contracted the illness of those who want to grow up too fast: Grown-up-allosis. The Council of Retired Santas is forced to relieve him of his duties and appoint an experienced Santa who will be able to manage the delivery in time. To get his job back, Nicolas must regain the innocence, freshness and carefree attitude of his childhood.

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  • sfera-balls

    sFera PRO Therapy Massage Balls

    sFera PRO Therapy Massage balls are a set of massage balls that are a compact alternative to a foam roller that comes in a convenient carry case. These balls can be used to massage away daily stress, release tight muscles and speed up recovery. The set comes with an exercise guide that shows all possible ways to use the balls to massage virtually every muscle in the body. It’s like a gift of a personal masseuse that can be used any time and in any location. The massage ball set is a great gift for fitness enthusiasts who want to release tight muscles and improve their performance. Yoga enthusiasts will find this set helpful to prepare their muscles for deeper openings and stretches.

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  • robocopp

    Sound Grenade by ROBOCOPP

    The SOUND GRENADE is an ultra-compact personal alarm, small in size but big in sound. Once you pull the pin, this personal alarm emits a 120 decibel (ambulance-level) alarm. The siren will sound continuously for 30 minutes unless pin is returned to device. It comes with a pre-installed metal hook so you can clip it on a keychain or backpack with extreme ease.

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  • spibelt

    SPIbelt Endurance Series

    Take a SPIbelt Endurance Series on your run, hike, bike, or travels without distraction, bulk, or bouncing. Stable for heavier loads, holsters for energy gels, adjustable race bib toggle, reflective trim for increased visibility and water-resistant lining which adds an extra level of protection over our Original SPIbelt. They expand to hold any smart phone, keys, money, ID, even a passport.

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  • secret-life-of-pets

    The Secret Life of Pets (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

    Comedy superstars Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart make their animated feature-film debut that finally answers the question: what do your pets do when you’re not home? When their owners leave for the day, pets from the building gossip with their friends, satisfy their sweet tooths, and throw outrageous parties. But when a pampered terrier (C.K.) and his unruly new “roommate” from the pound (Stonestreet) get lost in the urban jungle of New York City, they must put aside their differences to survive the epic journey back home in The Secret Life of Pets.

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  • tonka-tinys

    Tonka Tinys

    These make awesome stocking stuffers! Tonka Tinys are the perfect vehicles to take on the go! These micro-sized vehicles are built Tonka tough and feature the same great styling as the classic Tonka vehicles. These vehicles are perfect for vehicle-loving kids or collectors! Tonka Tinys are the perfect pocket-sized vehicles to create adventures wherever you are. Choose from 22 different replicas of real-life trucks. Each vehicle comes with its own garage for storing and Stacking!

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  • vivitar

    Vivitar Smartplug

    The Vivitar Smartplug gives you direct control of your appliances. Simply plug into a power socket and pair over Wi-Fi. Turn lights and appliances on and off from anywhere with the avaible iOS and Android app. Set it and forget it! Schedule your sensors once and they’ll remember your routine until you change your mind. With the app you can also schedule your sensors for when you’re away from home! Also available is a built-in smart sensor for temperature actions!

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  • wild-kratts

    Wild Kratts: A Creature Christmas DVD

    In the fun-filled Wild Kratts: A Creature Christmas DVD, the Wild Kratts crew is resting and relaxing as they get ready for the Wild Kratts Christmas party after a busy year filled with amazing creature adventures! It’s too bad their arch villains Donita Donata, Gaston Gourmand, and Zach Varmitech are about to spoil the fun. The sound of jingle bells is replaced by alarm bells as the team discovers that Donita, Gaston, and Zach are capturing baby animals from around the globe. With Christmas fast approaching, can Martin and Chris rescue their baby animal friends and return them to their homes in time for the holidays?

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~~Book Gift Ideas ~~

  • moose

    1, 2, 3 Moose

    1 wolf, 2 moose, 3 cougars, and more! Award-winning nature photographer Art Wolfe’s engaging photos of animals introduce young children to wildlife while also teaching them numbers and how to count in this colorful and educational board book.

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  • 365-lego

    365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks

    365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks inspires you to look at your LEGO bricks in new and exciting ways. This interactive book features imaginative play and building ideas, from LEGO projects that take just a few minutes and require a handful of bricks to inspirational build ideas and activities to keep you occupied for hours. The book includes visual tips and advice from LEGO fan builders to help encourage you to get creative and have fun while learning new building skills such as building your own LEGO pet, challenging your friends to make the tallest LEGO tower against the clock, and creating a LEGO treasure hunt. Featuring a timer and random number generator for selecting activities, 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks is full of games and activities that will keep you busy every day of the year.

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  • cardboard-tubes

    51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes

    51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes, transforms unwanted cardboard tubes into dinosaurs, monsters, ocean life and much more. Perfect activities for parents and children to create together, the 51 projects feature a well-balanced mix of techniques, materials, colors, and styles for a range of ages.

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  • a-christmas-treasury

    A Christmas Treasury

    The A Christmas Treasury holiday anthology features seasonal classics from the turn of the twentieth century. Recounted in verse, the tales feature quaint color illustrations by popular children’s artists of the era such as Margaret Evans Price, W. F. Stecher, Raphael Tuck, and others. Heartwarming tales include: “The Night Before Christmas,”Clement C. Moore’s timeless poem about a visit from St. Nicholas; “Father Christmas,”a celebration of plum pudding, Jack Frost, snowmen, and other holiday delights;
    “How Santa Filled the Christmas Stockings,”in which a little boy discovers the pitfalls of greed; “A Visit to Santa Claus,”the story of Teddy’s trip in his glider to Santa’s workshop; “Polar Bear at the Zoo,”in which Teddy and his flying machine return to the North Pole with a polar bear; and “Christmas ABC,”charming verse couplets that spell out Yuletide treats.

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  • collection-4-year

    A Collection of Stories for 4 Year Olds

    Snuggle up together and share classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes with your toddler. A Collection of Stories for 4 Year Olds has been carefully chosen for 4-year-olds, they are easy to read, with enchanting illustrations filling every page. Enjoy the tales of The Ugly Duckling, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Princess and the Pea along with exciting new stories and rhymes to treasure, in a sturdy, collectible format with a fun cut-out cover.

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  • night-of-great-joy

    A Night Of Great Joy

    Mary Engelbreit presents A Night of Great Joy, a delightful picture book that celebrates the joyful season of Christmas. This book tells the story of the nativity through the performance of a children’s Christmas pageant. With adorable illustrations and simple storytelling, Engelbreit paints a wonderful picture of the night that Jesus was born. A Night of Great Joy recalls that fateful night with wonder and awe. From the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem to the gathering of many before the baby Jesus, this holiday treasure leads children through the tale of the birth of Jesus, guiding them with the star of Bethlehem.

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  • royal-christmas

    A Royal Christmas To Remember

    With the arrival of the most spectacular winter in years and Christmas only a night away, Princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope find themselves in the midst of a scene right out of a holiday fairytale in this newest adventure in the Princess Parables series A Royal Christmas to Remember. But then the threat of bandits in the village lead the king away from the castle on Christmas Eve! Suddenly, the bandits come crashing into the castle. Praying to God for courage and safety, the princesses are soon rescued by five brave knights and then do some rescuing themselves. The next day, the princesses go to the village to see how they can be of help to the people, discovering that the true meaning of Christmas is honoring and giving glory for the greatest gift of all.

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  • pigs

    Alaska’s Three Little Pigs

    Alaskan charm and wacky details fill this retelling of the classic three little pigs story—now in a simple, sturdy board book version for the youngest audience. The pigs build houses in a wintery wonderland, but what kind of structure can withstand a hungry bear awakened from hibernation? An igloo will do! Vibrant art and simple text adapted from Alaska’s Three Pigs make this a great read-aloud story for toddlers.

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  • american-presidents-sticker-book

    American Presidents Sticker Book

    This American Presidents Sticker Book features every U.S. president, from the Founding Fathers to the Chief Executives of the twenty-first century. Forty-four images come with frames that include names and dates in office. Match each portrait with the appropriate frame and get acquainted with these important figures of American history.

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  • brain

    Anti-Inflammatory Eating for a Happy, Healthy Brain

    New from the author of Anti-inflammatory Eating Made Easy, this cookbook shows how to use diet to improve your state of mind. The latest research shows the connection between a healthy gut and a healthy mind. Inflammation markers are frequently found in the blood of people with anxiety and depression, proving a food-mood connection. In this book nutritionist Michelle Babb shows how reducing that inflammation and balancing the flora in the gut results in a healthy mind. Based on the success of her clients, Babb first explains the science behind this eating plan, then delivers 75 tasty recipes that range from simple to easy gourmet that will satisfy your taste buds, your microbiome, and your mood

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  • art-lab

    Art Lab for Little Kids

    Art Lab for Little Kids by Susan Schwake is developed for younger children (4-6 year olds) and targeting one of the most critical developmental periods for children. It is the perfect book for both parents and teachers who are seeking enriching and unique experiences to offer this age group. The book begins with an introduction on materials and setting up a space for making art. The lessons that follow are open-ended to be explored over and over – with different results each time. They are geared for children being taught or guided by adults and are successful on all levels of experience and age. They do not result in “cookie cutter” end products, but are a method of learning something new each time they are used.

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  • bear

    B is for Bear: A Natural Alphabet

    A is for Acorn; B is for Bear; C is for Cloud. Celebrated paper artist Hannah Viano has created this beautiful alphabet book that will appeal to children as well as adults. The flora, fauna, and landscape elements in this book are found throughout North America, so readers around the country will connect with Viano’s gorgeous art and text that are both scientific and poetic.

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  • cars-and-trucks-dot-to-dot

    Cars and Trucks Dot-to-Dot

    If you’re fascinated by cars and trucks, you’ll really enjoy the puzzles in this Cars and Trucks Dot-to-Dot book!Just connect the numbered dots in each large, full-page illustration to draw simple models of a dump truck, fire engine, ambulance, cement mixer, race car, dune buggy, school bus, convertible, police car, jeep, moving van, taxi, SUV, and 17 other cars and trucks. Pictures of children and animals are included in most of these entertaining illustrations — which, when completed, will give you a highway full of motorized vehicles. And when you finish each picture, you can have even more fun by coloring it.

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  • children-just-like-me

    Children Just Like Me

    Children Just Like Me is a comprehensive view of international cultures, exploring diverse backgrounds from Argentina to New Zealand to China to Israel. With this brand new edition, children will learn about their peers around the world through engaging photographs and understandable text laid out in DK’s distinctive style. Highlighting 36 different countries, Children Just Like Me profiles 44 children and their daily lives. From rural farms to busy cities to riverboats, this celebration of children around the world shows the many ways children are different and the many ways they are the same, no matter where they live.

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  • collection-2-year

    Collection of Stories for 2 Year Olds

    Collection of Stories for 2 Year Olds is a 96 page book filled with stories for toddlers. Snuggle up together and share classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes with your toddler. Carefully chosen for 2-year-olds, they are easy to read, with enchanting illustrations filling every page. Enjoy the tales of The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks along with exciting new stories and rhymes to treasure, in a sturdy, collectible format with a fun cut-out cover.

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  • christmas-tree-coloring-book

    Creative Haven Christmas Trees Coloring Book

    Thirty-one artfully decorated Christmas trees need only your touches of color to bring out their true beauty! Unique and festive designs include traditional as well as contemporary trees with themes that include Victorian, floral, tropical, and woodland. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, the Creative Haven Christmas Trees Coloring Book offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment. Each title is also an effective and fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress.

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  • disney-pixar

    Disney Pixar Lots to Discover

    Join the Disney Pixar pals in this jumbo coloring book Disney Pixar Lots to Discover –more than 300 pages! This awesome coloring book features the Emotions from Inside Out, Marlin and Dory, Mike Wazowski and Sulley, Arlo and Spot, Woody and Buzz, and many more! It also includes over forty stickers and a code for a free digital storybook!

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  • disney-princess

    Disney Princess Collector’s Tin

    Join Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle and the rest of the Disney Princesses for some enchanting fun inside this Disney Princess Collector’s Tin! Inside this gorgeous tin you’ll discover two activity books and one coloring book, as well as a perfect poster for you to color and hang in your bedroom! This tin also has 50 dazzling stickers, and 4 markers to use. It’s a tin full of fun!

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  • enchantails-books

    Enchantails 3 Book Set

    This 3 book set of Enchantails includes the adventures of Royal Mermaid Daughters Tasi, Lucienne, and Kelani. These books are the perfect accompaniment to Enchantails Mermaid Slumber Bag Sets. They are perfect gifts to children who love the world of Oceana where the royal mermaids inhabit. These books teach a little about marine life and that the mermaids are all different, based on long-held mermaid mythologies around the world. And, I love that these books are empowering adventure fiction for girls!

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  • giant-christmas-coloring-book

    Giant Christmas Coloring and Activity Book

    All of Santa’s little helpers will love this Giant Christmas Coloring and Activity Book. There are a ton of pages to color, including many featuring the adorable characters from ClausKids.com. Plus, there are dozens of puzzles, including dot-to-dots, mazes, crosswords, and hidden pictures. Children can also complete unfinished illustrations of a snowman, the magical workshop at the North Pole, and other festive scenes.

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  • chris-tomlin

    Good Good Father

    This book has easily become a favorite bedtime story for my children. Grammy Award-winning music artist, Chris Tomlin, and Pat Barrett, team up to tell the story of a little bear named Tucker whose life and townspeople are forever changed when they learn just how great the King’s love is for them. When Tucker’s friends need help, he goes to see the King who lives in a castle where the door is always open. Tucker wants to take the perfect gift to the King in hopes he will be convinced to help. Along the way, Tucker encounters a variety of humorous animals filled with advice who leave him confused about what the King is like. He doubts whether the King would be willing to help. Just as Tucker is ready to give up, he meets the King who runs to him with open arms offering love, acceptance, and help.

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  • goodnight

    Goodnight, Manger

    Goodnight, Manger, written by Laura Sassi and illustrated by Jane Chapman, tells the story of Mary and Joseph as they try to get Jesus to sleep in the noisy stable after his birth. Told in gentle, lulling rhyme, Goodnight, Manger is an adorable and tender bedtime story, for Christmas or any time of year.

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  • green-toys

    Green Toys Storybooks

    Green Toys Storybooks is a series of three 32-page hardcover storybooks that build out the Green Toys world. These books are about the popular Green Toys Construction Trucks, Sport Boats, and Train. Kids will see their favorite toy characters embark on exciting adventures throughout the pages and can re-create the story with their toys. The act of reading and playing supports ‘Guided’ Open Play, which in turn develops language skills, emotional intelligence and abstract thinking. Choose from Mixed-Up Trucks, Boats Built for Speed and/or Train off the Rails.

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  • hidden-pictures-and-coloring-fun

    Hidden Pictures Coloring and Puzzle Fun

    Fish in trees? Carrots streaming out of a garden hose? It’s true! You’ll find all sorts of things where they’re not supposed to be in this fun Hidden Pictures Coloring and Puzzle Fun Book. Easy-to-read captions and drawings tell you what to look for in 26 puzzles. When you’ve found all the “lost” objects, you can have even more fun by coloring each picture.

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  • corduroy

    Corduroy Book & Plush

    Perfect for cuddling, this Kohl’s Cares Corduroy plush is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face. Pair this plush Corduroy with the book Corduroy and your little one is sure to love following along as you discover how an adorable bear finds his missing button.

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  • enchanted-princesses

    Learn to Draw Disney Enchanted Princesses Drawing Book & Kit

    Each princess featured in Learn to Draw Disney Enchanted Princesses Drawing Book & Kit has her own special story about her personal journey to “happily ever after.” Now young princesses-in-training and aspiring artists alike can learn how to draw Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas with this fun-filled, colorful, and enchanting Disney learn-to-draw book and kit. Each drawing subject starts with a basic shape and progresses to a finished final color over five to seven step-by-step drawing instructions, and each new drawing step is shown in blue for an easy-to-follow guide. Drawing tips, tricks, and techniques from professional Disney Storybook Artists teach budding artists how to draw their favorite Disney princesses just like they appear on the big screen. The kit includes 4 twist-up crayons; 8 fine-line markers; a drawing pencil, sharpener, and custom-printed eraser; a pink stenciled ruler; and 10 sheets of drawing paper.

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  • madeline

    Madeline Book & Plush

    Kohl’s Cares® has this family favorite “Madeline” Book. Along with the book, this cute and cuddling Madeline plush from Kohl’s Cares is perfect for your little one. 100% of the net profit from the sale of this item will support kids’ health and education initiatives in communities nationwide.

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  • map-of-the-united-states-picture

    Map of the United States Sticker Picture

    Learn to identify and locate all 50 of the United States with this entertaining and educational Map of the United States Sticker Picture Book. Simply apply 44 stickers of the states (in a few instances, smaller adjoining states appear on one sticker) to appropriately marked areas on the laminated outline map located on the inside covers. To help you apply the stickers in the correct places, the shape and color of each sticker corresponds to the shape and outline color on the background map. A challenging activity for pre-schoolers, this sticker picture book will also be a useful learning tool for elementary school students of all ages.

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  • paw-patrol

    Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Happy Tin

    In the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Happy Tin, join Marshall, Skye, Ryder, and the rest of the PAW Patrol for some barking good adventures! Inside this awesome collectable tin you’ll discover two pup-tastic activity books and a paw-some coloring book, as well as a double-sided poster for you to color, 50 terrific stickers, and 4 felt-tip pens. It’s a tin full of fun!

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  • on-the-farm

    On the Farm: Sticker, Punch-out, & Play Activity Book

    This interactive book introduces young children to the world of the farm. Vibrantly illustrated background, stickers, and punch-outs come together to provide hours of imaginative fun. The background scene, a stand-up panorama of the farmyard and stable, is perfect for stickering as the child envisions his very own farm, and then serves as the backdrop to punch-out playtime. The sturdy punch-outs are perfectly sized for little hands, and include boy and girl farmers, animals, and machinery. Use stickers to keep chickens in their coop, horses grazing near the stable, or lead the cows to pasture. All together, Sticker, Punch-out, & Play!: On the Farm makes for interactive play and limitless fun.

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  • on-the-site

    On the Site: Sticker & Punch-out Activity Book

    Have you ever wanted to be in charge of your own construction site? With this awesome interactive activity book, On the Site: Sticker & Punch-out Activity Book, you can! Unfold this book, and there’s your stand-up play scene. Customize your construction site with the reusable stickers and punch-out, stand-up characters, and you’re ready for action! What you build on your construction site is up to you! Use dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers to move dirt and build houses and skyscrapers. Includes a 48-page activity book with cool facts about construction tools and vehicles, puzzles, and games, plus the punch-out characters, reusable stickers, and a fold-out construction site scene.

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  • pete-the-cat

    Put Me In the Story: Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

    Pete the Cat is having one of those days—the kind where nothing is going his way. But when Grumpy Toad lends Pete a pair of cool, blue, magic sunglasses, that gloomy, dreary day turns itself around! This personalized book about learning to see the world in a whole new way features your child’s name and photo along with an encouraging dedication message from you. Your child plays a special part in the story—they are the one to let Grumpy Toad borrow the magic sunglasses in the first place!

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  • i-love-you


    Show your little one the many ways you love them with the help of your friends over on Sesame Street! There are lots of ways to say “I love you,” but it’s how you share and show it that matter most! The sweetest book to share every day of the year, I Love You Just Like This! brings parent and child close and cozy together in a special storytime experience to spread some love. Often, always, and time and time again, this personalized book will show your little one how much you love them… just like this! Personalize the story with your child’s name, photo, and a special message with lots of love on the dedication page!

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  • quick-easy-dump

    Quick and Easy Dump Dinners

    If dinner is a rush at your house followed by a mountain of dishes, this cookbook by renowned TV chef and author Cathy Mitchell will change all that. Dump Dinners offer more than 250 easy and quick dinner recipes. No complicated prep or fancy techniques. Just dump the ingredients in a pan and bake! And because it’s all cooked in just one pan, cleanup is a easy. Save money, save time, and feed your family.

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  • ready-set-find

    Ready, Set, Find Christmas

    Get ready to follow Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. They are in a hurry! Mary is expecting the baby Jesus and they need your help to find many things along the way. This holiday board book is perfect for young children who will love finding the 48 objects hidden on the pages while reading the classic story of Christmas, accurately retold and with scripture references. On your mark, Ready-Set-Find!

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  • ripleys

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird!

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird!is a mind-blowing collection of fantastic, fun, and even freaky stories from around the world. Sections include Animals, Pop Culture, Feats, Art, Food, and Beyond Belief. What they all have in common is that they’re all true and handpicked by Ripley’s Believe It or Not!—the authority on all things unusual and incredible!

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  • river-rose-book

    River Rose and the Magical Lullaby

    It’s a big day for River Rose—she’s going to the zoo! But when she’s too excited to fall asleep the night before, it takes a magical lullaby from Mom to send River Rose off on a dream adventure! Soon River Rose is hopscotching with the hippos, slip-sliding with the penguins, and dancing with the big brown bears. It’s a rollicking, rhyming tale from America’s most beloved performer, recording star Kelly Clarkson. Come along on this bedtime journey with an original lullaby that parents and kids are sure to love!

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  • snow-bunnys

    Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift

    In Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift by Rebecca Harry, join Snow Bunny as she makes Christmas gifts for her friends in this sweet, winter-themed picture book. When all of Snow Bunny’s friends leave because of the cold, Snow Bunny is sad and lonely. But when she sees a big, shiny button in the snow, she knows just what to do. She spends the rest of the day making a warm hat for Mouse, a wooly scarf for Fox, and a cozy coat with a button for Bear. Now with these Christmas gifts, they’re warm enough to be outside with Snow Bunny and light the Christmas tree!

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  • snowflake-books

    Snowflake Stories

    This year, give your little one a gift they will cherish forever: a highly customizable book from Snowflake Stories. This book is so customizable that I was able to create characters resembling my transracial family which consists of a bald, white daddy, a dark haired Italian mommy, a Chinese daughter and an Ethiopian son. It is amazing. These beautifully illustrated, personalized children’s books are available in bilingual and single language versions in any of 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Every custom-made hardcover storybook features one special child and (up to) 5 family members. And each character in the book is completely customizable; with just a few clicks of the mouse, select skin color, hairstyle, eye color, and other traits to ensure that your cast reflects your little cutie pie and loved ones. There are 3 books to choose from: Dance Dance Recital is the perfect gift for your little ballerina, Soccer Game for Boys and Soccer Game for Girls.

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  • dutch-oven

    The Dutch Oven Cookbook

    Home cooks know that the Dutch oven is the original slow cooker and the most versatile pot in the kitchen! From savory meals to sweet desserts, soups to stews, or the perfect pot roast, the Dutch oven is your go-to kitchen essential for one-pot meals. In this companion to their best-selling Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook, the authors offer more than 70 recipes for easy-to-prepare recipes for all occasions plus complete information about how to select and care for your Dutch oven. This new edition features full-color photographs throughout the book and a variety of delicious recipes for delectable one-pot meals.

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  • night-before-christmas

    The Night Before Christmas

    The Night Before Christmas box set, illustrated by Janet Samuel, contains a board book and a cuddly plush reindeer! The colorful board book features a simple rhyming story inspired by the Clement C. Moore poem. With your very own cuddly Rudolph reindeer, it’s the perfect introduction to the magic of Christmas.

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  • nutcracker

    The Nutcracker

    The Nutcracker by Grace Maccarone is a beautiful adaptation of the classic Christmas tale for young children, complete with breathtaking illustrations. Clara and Fritz can’t wait for their family’s Christmas Eve party to start and for their magical godfather, Uncle Drosselmeyer, to bring their gifts. He finally arrives with many wonderful toys, but Clara is taken by a simple nutcracker. Fritz, however, snatches and breaks her precious toy! Drosselmeyer repairs it, and after everyone goes to sleep, Clara runs to say good night to the nutcracker. But then something very strange happens. The Christmas tree and everything around it seem to expand, and huge squeaking mice invade the room. But her nutcracker springs to life to defend her! This beautifully adapted classic tale with striking illustrations makes a perfect Christmas gift for young readers.

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  • the-snow-queen

    The Snow Queen

    When Gerda’s beloved playmate, Kai, disappears one winter afternoon, all of the grownups give him up as forever lost. But Gerda knows in her heart that Kai can be rescued, and with nothing more than the clothes on her back, she journeys to a far country, populated by an ancient sorceress, friendly crows, and fearsome robbers. Gerda’s power to face every obstacle in the quest to save her friend from his kidnapper, The Snow Queen, lies in her innocence and her abiding faith. Storyteller Hans Christian Andersen is famed for his heartwarming tales of enduring love and persistence in the face of adversity. Enchanting full-color images by Golden Age illustrator Edmund Dulac enhance Andersen’s fairy tale of a girl’s unshakable determination and stirring heroism, a classic that inspired the Disney animated film Frozen

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  • tis-the-season

    ‘Tis The Season Holiday Cookbook

    Have some family fun in the kitchen with this Kohl’s Cares ‘Tis The Season holiday cookbook. This cookbook has over 100 kid-friendly cookies, bars, and candies recipes. 100% of the net profit from the sale of this item will support kids’ health and education initiatives in communities nationwide.

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  • twisty-mazes

    Twisty Mazes for Little Hands

    Start Little and Learn Big with Twisty Mazes for Little Hands! Find the way in this fun, friendly and maze-filled wipe-clean activity book. Find out about first colors, numbers, shapes and opposites along the way. Just in case you lose your way, this adorable book comes with a wipe-clean pen for you to start again!

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~~Gift Ideas for Pets~~

  • fidophile


    Fidophile is a simple, easy to use, way to celebrate and honor your beloved furry friend. Simply logon to the website, upload one of your favorite dog photos, choose the breed of your dog, select one of six different beautiful wooden frame options, and within days your personalized photo frame will arrive ready to hang on your wall. The frame comes as a side by side with the photo and a professionally written overview about the history and heritage of their breed.

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  • petlinks

    Petlinks Stir Crazy Electronic Motion Cat Toy

    The natural oils in catnip trigger a burst of playful energy in most cats, usually followed by a mellow period. The spinning mobile motion of Petlinks Stir Crazy Electronic Motion Cat Toy will excite your cat and give them exercise while simultaneously stimulating them with the diffusion of catnip from the rotating inner ball.

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  • smartykat

    SmartyKat Rascin’ Rascal

    The SmartyKat® Rascin’ Rascal™ is an interactive cat toy that will keep your cat busy! You control the fun as you make the mouse race forward and swerve back to create an irresistible game of chase! The remote control has a built-in laser pointer that your cat will love. And, the mouse is fully rechargeable with USB for endless fun!

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  • lazybonezz

    The Croc Single Feeding Dish from LazyBonezz

    The Croc Single Feeding Dish in Espresso is something worth drooling over! This croc embossed feeder is a sturdy and stylish option for meal time that will keep your kitchen looking polished. Outfitted with sleek stainless steel, the dishwasher-safe bowl also features rubber non-skid feet on the bottom to protect your floors, prevent clacking noises, and stop dogs from scooting it around. The innovative design will impress even the most pampered pets and their owners.

    Buy Now
  • trusty-pet

    TrustyPup Memory Dreamer Deluxe Memory Foam Pet Bed

    The TrustyPup MemoryDreamer is filled with shredded memory foam that conforms to the dog’s body contours, easing painful pressure points. The generous back and side wall bolster nearly encircles resting pets providing cushioned support for head and neck. It has an open front for easy entry by your dog.

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