$5.00 off of $50.00 PRINTABLE Publix Coupon

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This is a HOT $5.00 off of $50.00+ Publix store coupon you can print out!!  I don’t know when I last saw a printable Publix coupon like this!!  The only caveat is that this is a coupon found on Publix’s website under Miami, Florida.  Most Publix locations will take this coupon even if you do not live in Miami but I wanted to give you the head’s up.  Since the fine print doesn’t state use only in Miami, I am thinking we should all be okay.  That said, it wouldn’t hurt to ask customer service first before shopping!  Go HERE to print out your coupon!

Thanks Christine! :)

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  1. Teresa says

    Is anyone else having a hard time printing this? Mine won’t print at all. I’m thinking it’s just me, probably operator error, but I’d thought I would double check.

  2. Janette G says

    You can type in a few South FL zip codes and this coupon shows up. I typed in the zip for the Keys and this coupon was there as well. It must be a South FL promotion. I will definitely be looking up different FL zips in the future:)

    • Liza says

      `Hi Stephen – great question – you can use this coupon before coupons. I recommend you give this coupon first so that the register shows you reached $50.00 and then give the rest of your coupons. Or – if your cashier wants all of your coupons first (most do) let him/her know that you are giving them a $5/$50 coupon.

  3. NIKKI says

    There were some real issues with this coupon here in south metro Atlanta. Only after I said “never mind, Ill email Publix and see if its fraudulent”, did they agree to “allow” me to use it. So, be aware.

  4. NIKKI says

    mmmm….I see the issue here. This coupon is only intended for the specific store(s).I will pay them back next time I go. UGH..the poor cashier was uncomfortable with it too…

  5. Hillary says

    The coupon states it is good at your local Publix store. We have a new Publix in Tallahassee. I went to their weekly ad and they had a Publix coupon which stated it was specifically for their store only. This $5 off $50 does not state a specific Publix location.

  6. sarah says

    I could not print. :( the website had the following comment. We’re sorry, this Special is no longer available. Please click here to view our current Weekly Ad Home.

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