Addicted to Saving Giveaway – Scotties Facial Tissues Prize Package & Walmart Gift Card (3 total winners)

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**UPDATE** Entries for this giveaway have been closed.

How many of you have been dealing with the cold or flu this year?  Seems like it’s been a particularly bad year across the country, which is why I’m happy to giveaway this awesome prize pack of Scotties Facial Tissues!

The folks at Scotties know the best defense is a good offense, which is why they advocate a healthy lifestyle to keep the immune system strong. With one of the worst flu seasons upon us and allergy season just around the corner, having a reliable and soft facial tissue makes all the difference. According to WebMD, clogged nasal passages not only make you feel unwell, but the lack of oxygen intake can also impair judgment and leave you in a fog.

Recover quicker with Scotties Facial Tissues, which offer up to 20 percent more plush tissues per box than other leading brands. Additional options include aloe-infused tissues for extra softness and soothing comfort. Feel confident in your choice knowing that Scotties is passionate about the environment as well – planting 3 trees for every 1 they use.  How awesome is that!

Scotties is so confident you’ll love their facial tissues that  they have provided Addicted to Saving with 3 prize packages to give away: two runner-up winners will receive a prize pack of Scotties Facial Tissues (like the picture above), and one grand prize winner will not only win the Scotties Facial Tissues prize, but will also win a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card!  Sweet!

You may receive up to 4 entries for this giveaway, as listed below.

Giveaway Details – How to Enter

1) Leave a comment on this post stating what’s worse for you or your family – cold season or allergy season. This entry is mandatory.

2) Become a fan of Scotties on Facebook. Leave a second comment stating you have done so. This entry is optional.

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Giveaway Ends Wednesday, 2/20/13 on or after 10 pm EST

Disclosure: This giveaway has been provided and sponsored by Scotties.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. Lyndie says

    Become a fan of Scotties on Facebook. Leave a second comment stating you have done so…yup! (a while ago)

  2. Bex says

    I have allergies all year round, so cold season is definitely worse, especially when my husband gets sick.

  3. Angela P says

    Allergy – it’s year round for all 5 of us! Plus 3 family members allergy leads to Asthma flair ups which means lots more coughing and nose blowing!

  4. Allison Hendrickson says

    Cold season is the worst for us, especially now with an infant who doesn’t know how to blow her nose . We are so ready for summertime!!

  5. Amanda says

    Allergy Season is far worse. With the combo of me, my husband, and two kids with allergies it seems like someone always has a runny nose!

  6. Stephanie L (Issa Bargainlover) says

    Allergy season is way worse for us! Liked Scotties on FB, and I am a subscriber! Thanks?

  7. Julie Smith says

    Allergy season is definitely the worst around here. Lots of oak trees. Last year we bought over thirty boxes of tissues :( so please send some this way :).

  8. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh its such a toss up for us! I would have to say cold season cause its so hard for little Carter to get the colds….although his daddy’s allergies are not good, but its worse when they are little!

  9. Chandra says

    Allergy season and cod season coincide for the women in our house. We have already gone through four boxes this month alone!

  10. dawn k says

  11. Faith Vandriel says

    No allergies here thankfully! But there’s been a lot of coughing going around here this winter season :(

  12. Neiddy says

    I think Allergy season is the worst, during cold season you may or may not get the cold but if you suffer from allergies it is pretty much guaranteed that you will get them

  13. Cate says

    Cold season is miserable…my husband has been sick for weeks and I work with kids, so I can’t escape either.

  14. Emma says

    We don’t really have those kinds of allergies (more like rashes for us), so definitely cold season. Ugh, it’s the worst.

  15. Jackie says

    I am an email subscriber!!! I’m totally addicted to addicted to saving!!!! I Love all the savings!!!!

  16. noelle says

    allergy season is the worst for us with 3 kids sensitive to all the pollens. We use alot of tissues! Its a constant uphill battle to keep them clear!

  17. Heather Muisener says

    Cold Season! I work at a day care and the children’s noses are always runny and stuffy.

  18. Darlene says

    Allergy season is the worst at our house. We go through a box a Kleenex every night until the allergies slow down. Couldn’t live without them.

  19. Deb says

    Allergy! Not only outside but have a daughter that has a dust issue. Yikes! Do we go through the tissues around Thanks

  20. Deb says

    I am a proud e-mail subscriber. I rely on all of your hard work searching for great deals. It really helps me save money.

  21. PAM says

    I hate colds! For me, I am completely down and out with a cold. I am fortunate that I don’t have alergies, but I sure do get colds. And then it is tissue time. I like them soft, and free would feel even better!

  22. Tanya Allison says

    cold season definitely the worse and not alot of good coupons for tissues either :( would come in very handy being single mom with limited income

  23. Angela Hardy says

    Hard to choose. But right now – I have a super bad cold, so I’ll say COLD SEASON! OMG! I need some tissues now! LOL!

  24. paula says

    Allergy season for me, cold season for the kids. Liked Scotties on Facebook, follow Addicted to Saving on Facebook and shared this giveaway.

  25. Marlene says

    I have allergies year round and now husband suffering with allergies and a cold. To say the very least he is miserable.

  26. Paula Robertson says

    Allery season is the worst for me but cold season really causes the whole family to suffer, and if I we have to suffer we want to do it with Scottie !

  27. sue keith says

    Allergy season for sure…never hd allergies until i moved to I have them and my son;(