Photo Show and Tell

Photo Show & Tell: Feta Cheese, Pampers Wipes, Weight Watchers Frozen Bars, Frappuccinos and MORE

July 18, 2014

How is your summer going? Have you gone away on vacation? We have been staying close to home (i.e. home) this summer. We’ve spent a lot of time at the pool with Asher. He loves to be outside and as much as I like to chase him around and play with him outside, it is […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Beneful, Angel Soft, Pop-Secret, CapriSun and more

July 11, 2014

Today’s Publix shopping trip was a quick one! In fact, it took place yesterday. And hubby went shopping this week for us! We had a great week. My 21 month old Asher has now completed two weeks of swimming lessons. He takes a 30 minute class twice a week with a local swim instructor. My […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Chinet Napkins, PAM Spray, Pompeian Vinegar, Grapes, Energizer Batteries and MORE

July 4, 2014

What a great week to go grocery shopping! Most stores have bbq related foods on sale for July 4th weekend. And if you shop at Publix, there are tons of coupons we can use with the sale to spend just a little on a lot! I was able to save 77% on everything pictured above.  […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Clorox Bleach, Lipton Tea, Colgate Toothpaste, M&M’s and MORE

June 27, 2014

Whew! Another week has come and gone! I have so much stuff going on and I’m juggling so many balls that my head is spinning! Every Friday I get excited because I know I can take a break from normal responsibilities and put together a plan for my weekly shopping trip.  Today’s Publix trip was […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Musselman’s Apple Sauce, Purina Cat Chow, Organic Milk, Plum Organics and MORE

June 20, 2014

I think it took me about 20 minutes to shop at Publix this week! My list wasn’t long at all so I was able to run in and run out. The highlights of this week’s trip were three things – lots of applesauce for my son (48 cups to be exact), a gallon of organic […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Neutrogena Sunscreen, Healthy Choice Frozen Yogurt, Fresh Express Salad and MORE

June 13, 2014

Today’s shopping trip was pretty quick. My list wasn’t too long. Everything I bought had coupons – except the bananas. I did make a huge mistake on the Chex Mix bags that I bought. Apparently one of them isn’t included in the BOGO sale. So I did spend a lot on those two bags. But […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Ground Beef, Hellmann’s, Ben & Jerry’s, All Detergent, Coppertone and MORE

June 6, 2014

Well, this week I definitely spent way more money than I wanted to. However, I did save a lot (72%) so I’m happy.  I bought organic milk and eggs.  And I bought strawberries, tomatoes and ground beef.  Usually I don’t buy any (or much) produce because we belong to a weekly coop. However, we’ve been […]

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Photo Show & Tell: Mars Candy Bites, Fresh Express Salad, Voskos Yogurt, Pampers Wipes and MORE

May 30, 2014

Well, this week has been busy busy busy! My hubby is back in Africa with the Man Up and Go. He left Monday for Uganda and still has over a week before he will be home. This is his third trip to Africa with Man Up and Go in less than 2 years.  Every time […]

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