Crustless Veggie Quiche Recipe (Gluten-Free)

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One of my favorite meals to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner is Crustless Veggie Quiche.  This is by far one of the most versatile recipes I’ve ever made.  When I’m eating extra healthy, I will make this with mostly egg whites and skim milk.  If I’m in the mood to add meat to the recipe, I’ll dice up some pepperoni or bacon to add  it.  I also always cram lots of vegetables in it.  I always use peppers and onions and have used other veggies like kale, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, jalapenos and even zucchini.

When I was eating foods with gluten, I would always make this recipe with Heart Smart Bisquick. Last year when I was 100% gluten free, I would make this Crustless Veggie Quiche, with gluten free baking blends.  I have had great success using Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix as well as Gluten Free Bisquick in this recipe. (Please note that the recipe below is interchangeable – all you need is 3/4 cups Bisquick or Pamela’s or a different baking mix.)  The major difference I have noted for regular Bisquick versus a gluten free baking mix is that the Bisquick quiche rises a bit more and is a bit more fluffy while the gluten free variation is a bit more dense.

This Crustless Veggie Quiche is excellent fresh out of the oven.  But it is also amazing reheated the next day.  It is filling and well rounded meal as it has lots of protein from the eggs, milk and cheese.  And, it has lots of fiber, vitamins and nutrients from the veggies!

In a mixing bowl, mix the wet ingredients (recipe is below)
Saute your vegetables (recipe is below)
In a casserole dish, layer your vegetables, cheese and then milk and egg mixture (recipe is below)
Finished Product: Crustless Veggie Quiche

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  1. Sara K says

    Doesn’t Bisquick have gluten? Just curious! :o) I’m not GF but, I have friends that are and I always like to share GF recipes when I find them! :o) This looks super yummy either way!

    • Addicted to Saving says

      No problem :) I use Pamela’s (which is G-free). But I do believe Bisquick now has a Gluten Free variation. I haven’t tried that yet though :)

      • Lotus says

        The gluten free Bisquick does indeed yield a slightly fluffier baked product, be it cobbler, quiches, etc…
        Best thing to make for company, hands down!

        I made one for my folks using fresh crab, red pepper, green onion, some Italian blend cheese with a bit of cream cheese too. Delish!!

  2. Ivy M says

    I make this without crust and it works out great. We don’t need the extra carbs so I just spray the pan and then pour in the egg mixture.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      That is a great idea Ivy! Your version makes more of an egg bake! I will need to try that next time :)

  3. Giselle Reyes says

    Can you use almond milk or anything besides actual dairy milk? My husband can’t eat any dairy. Is that GF mix you use grain free?

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi Giselle – I vaguely remember using soy milk a couple of years ago when I was still able to eat soy products. However, I can’t remember how it turned out! If you end up trying almond milk, please let me know how it turns out. I would love to hear!

  4. Debbie says

    Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to trying this, it looks yummy! Bisquick does come in GF and it’s great, I use it in a wide variety of recipes from pot pies to baking cakes, it makes a great coating for chicken too. It is my favorite GF product.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Barbara, I have not tried that. I will say that when I keep it refrigerated and try it the next day, it’s often better than the night I cooked it! Maybe you could try halving the recipe so that you don’t have any go to waste? Keep us posted if you do freeze it – I’m interested to know myself how it turns out.

  5. Toni says

    I made a variation of this today and it turned out fantastic!! Great recipe!! I needed more servings for a group meeting so I increased some things. I used 1.25 cups of Pamela’s GF mix, a dozen eggs, almond milk, fresh spinach sauteed in minced garlic and grass fed butter, regular flavor cooked sausage and sharp cheddar mix. I also added oregano and ground mustard. Very versatile recipe!! I’ll be making it again. Very yummy and easy!

    • Liza says

      I’m so glad you liked it Toni! This is by far one of my favorite meals to make! I’m so glad it came out good. Next time I’m going to try adding oregano and ground mustard – I’m thinking those flavors would go so nicely in the quiche!

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