*HOT* FREE $10 Walmart Gift Card wyb 2 Energizer Max Packs #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop

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Energizer Bunny Birthday #shop
I have posted this deal a long time ago, but since there is a new $1.00 off Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight coupon out, that makes this deal even better!

I don’t know about you, but now that we have a child, we are going through batteries left and right! Some of Asher’s favorite toys require batteries and if they run out of juice, I will try to find a deal on the replacement batteries. Sometimes, when I don’t plan ahead, I have to bite the bullet and pay full price.  Right now is an awesome time to purchase Energizer Max batteries at Walmart! It’s the Energizer Bunny’s 25th birthday (that makes me feel old) and right now when you purchase two specially marked packages of Energizer batteries at Walmart, you will receive a $10.00 Walmart Gift Card via mail! And this gets even better! Each household can do this deal up to four times and submit and receive up to FOUR gifts cards! Most rebates like this only allow one per household. I am loving that you can do this gift card deal up to four times!

Energizer Batteries #shopTo take advantage of this deal, head to Walmart and be on the lookout for the batteries. You should also see signs that show the Energizer Bunny popping out of a birthday cake as pictured above.

Energizer Batteries #shopThe eligible batteries have blue stickers on them that say “get a $10 Walmart Gift Card by Mail.” Purchase two packs of specially marked batteries and head to checkout. You will pay in full and once you are home, you can request your gift card! Gather the unique code from each pack of Energizer Batteries and head HERE to submit your codes. You will then receive your gift card in the mail in the next 6-8 weeks!

And guys – this is an awesome deal! The packs of batteries I purchased were between $6.37 and $6.97 each. See the scenario below:

Buy 2 Energizer Batteries (make sure they are specially marked), $6.37 – $6.97 each
Minus two $1.00 off Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight coupons
Total Due: $10.74 – $11.94
Receive $10 Walmart Gift Card. When factoring in your gift card, each pack of batteries is between $0.74 and $1.94 (depending on the batteries you purchase if you purchase an 8 pack, this makes each battery between $0.11 and $0.24!)

Energizer Batteries #shop

I purchased four packs of batteries. Since Asher’s toys all require different batteries, I like to have an assortment on hand for when we need to replace batteries or when he is given gifts that require batteries.

energizer batteries #shopHubby and I replaced the batteries in Asher’s toys that were no longer working or slowly dying. (One of his toys is supposed to play music, but instead it sounds like a machine gun and I can’t wait to replace those batteries!)  And, we were excited because we put batteries in the Zebra Rocking Horse toy that was handed down to us. We’ve had the zebra sitting on our lanai, not working since Asher came home in August. Now that we’ve installed batteries in it, Asher was able to sit on it and use it for the first time!

Asher in motion on his rocking zebra!

A better shot of Asher posing next to his rocking zebra which now works because of Energizer Max batteries!

Do you go through a lot of batteries in your house?  Will you be taking advantage of this deal?

Fine print: To participate in the Energizer Battery, Inc. $10 Walmart ® Gift Card Offer (“Offer”), purchase any two (2) specially marked packages of Energizer ® MAX ® batteries AA-8, AAA-8, C-4, D-4 or 9V-2 between October 1, 2013 and August 14 , 2014 at participating Walmart stores, while supplies last. Each specially marked pack will contain one (1) unique code (“Code”); two (2) Codes are required to receive a $10 WALMART® gift card (“Gift Card ”) Maximum of four (4) Gift Cards per person/household/email

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    • Zombie says

      Angela, this is not where you are supposed to submit the code numbers. RE-read the article. There is a link that goes to a special webpage.

    • says

      I Love Energizer Batteries anyway, I have to have quite a few for my scent sprayers that I have throughout my mums home…but these are max so they’ll last even longer. Thanks, Energizer…They keep going, and going, and going!!!!!! Rita B.

  1. says

    Thank you for explaining the process so clearly. I saw this deal on another savings blog and was completely confused as to how to take advantage of this deal. Details are so important for people that are new to couponing and savings sites.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Thank you Regina! I do try hard to explain b/c I remember when I first got involved with couponing, I was so confused all the time! I appreciate your kind words. :)

  2. Veronica says

    This rebate is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought TWO PACKS of energizer MAX batteries and was unable to receive the $10.00 walmart gift card because they didn’t have some damn sticker on them. If the sign would have said that I needed to get the packs that had some sticker on them then I would have.I wonder how many other people they tricked into buying their batteries by not being specific? I’m sure glad I save all my receipts because I’m heading back to walmart just to return these ENERGIZER MAX BATTERIES and getting some DURACELL !

  3. Linda says

    I read the promo sign and did look for the blue stickers. It is your fault for not reading the terms. They did not trick you or scam you. Grow up.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi Mar Catherine – have you tried calling customer service by any chance? There should have been a number on your rebate.

  4. Alma Rivera says

    This is not true and its a scam. I filled this out since December and I put in the code and received an email. I’ve been tracking it and it says they sent it out on December 16 and I still haven’t received it. Now I contacted the email they have in case you have any problems and they told me they have nothing to do with it. No one knows where my egift card is.

    • Billy Rosa says

      Energizer is pulling this same b.s. in 2016. Now its $8 Bunny Bucks, in which the check is in the mail indefinitely for about 4 months now. After 4 calls to customer service, I gave up. They say the promotions team handles it, but here’s the catch, you cannot speak with promotions directly… Follow ups that never occur. What a scam.

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