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  1. Sharon says

    I am a new subscriber and brand new to couponing. Thanks to you I scored my first free items yesterday – toothbrushes! Thanks! :)

    • Addicted to Saving says

      You are welcome! Awesome job scoring free toothbrushes! Let me know if I can help you during your couponing journey! :)

  2. Natasha tremmel says

    I am an existing subscriber. I would buy my kids Christmas gifts with the $300 This year we are very tight on money so the $300 would help us a lot

  3. betty says

    Would love to help my daughter-in-law in MA save money. She shops mostly at Market Basket. She has 4 little ones & doesn’t have the time for couponing. Is there a site up that way that would tell me upcoming sales so I could put the coupons together & send them? Thanks for your help.

  4. Judith says

    I am a new subscriber and I’ll spend the $300 buy Xmas presents for charity and my what’s left over for my children!!! Thank u 4 da opportunity!!!!

  5. Kimberly Wood says

    I would use the money to buy my kids something for Christmas and use some for books or gas as I am a single mom and a college student. I am a new newsletter subscriber.

  6. Linda says

    I am a new subscriber. I purchased my first free item at Shoprite last night. It was a Colgate toothbrush on sale for 66 cents. I had a dollar coupon so it was free! One little item for free made me one little happy camper!

  7. Ann says

    I am a subscriber. I love saving money. :-) I would use the money to get my car worked on so I could go see my sister (our parents are deceased).

  8. Ms Tee says

    If I won $300, I would spend it by paying off some debt and buying Christmas presents!! I would also donate some to the family we’re adopting for a campaign at my job!


    If I had the 300 dollars I could pay a bill and get my wife some thing too don’t care about me I have enough junk.

  10. Kristy Thornton says

    I am a subscriber already. I follow your posts on Facebook everyday and I also check your Daily emails. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I love couponing and saving my family money!!

  11. Emily says

    I am a new subscriber but I follow you on facebook. I would use the gift card to get my kids some spring/summer clothes :)

  12. loran says

    new subscriber. I would love to win the gift card because it is my birthday on Friday March 2, and I would use it to go to the purchase of the house (built in 1959) that my we just went under contract for. We have to clean it up REALLY well and do some repairs… so the money will go to great use!!!

  13. Carla says

    This is awesome. I am new to your site. Thank you for this chance to win. I definitely would NOT use the card on a purse….lol But on more needful things like gas and food. Thanks again. CR

  14. jeanette says

    im new to coupon and love your site. on it about 10 times a day. so thank you for all your help. couldnt do this with out you

  15. tina says

    im a new subscriber but i follow you on Facebook.
    Ever since i can’t believe just how much freebies i get almost everyday!!! Thanks so much!!

  16. Deborah says

    I am a current/existing subscriber of your daily emails. Your site always has clear instructions for giveaways, deals and coupons.

    Thanks for being so meticulous with info you share with us.

  17. says

    I have been a subscriber for awhile and thank you for helping me cut down my grocery budget. I recently had to take a pay cut so couponing has helped fill that gap!
    I love everything about Chic-fil-a, as I’m originally from the area it all started. Thanks again!

  18. Myra May says

    I’m an existing member of Addicted to Saving and I love their savings tips and I love Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Mg, your email is not in our database so I am assuming that you were able to unsubscribe. Let me know if you have any questions.

  19. Mackenzie says

    I love this site! Thank you for all your hard work, it’s so rewarding when you score a great deal and you make it so easy for us! I don’t ever think I’ll pay full price again!!

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