FREE Old Spice Body Wash at Walgreens This Week!

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I have received a ton of emails and comments regarding the Old Spice deal going on this week at Walgreens.  To see this week’s Walgreens ad & coupon matchups, go HERE.  I am going to break down the three options I posted for this week’s Walgreens ad because I can totally see how these options are confusing! 

Get $4.50 RR WYB any participating Old Spice or Gillette Body Wash, $4.49 FREE

Below are the coupon options available for this deal.  You can not use each coupon on just one body wash.  I am giving you all of the available coupon options so that you can check your coupon stash and see what coupons you have and then you will need to decide which coupons to use.  I gave you three scenarios for the coupons below based on the best deals utilizing these coupons.

-Buy One Get One Free Old Spice Body Wash 04-18-10 RP 

-Get one Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorant Free wyb Old Spice Body Wash or Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorant 1.7oz + 05-02-10 PG 

-Get one Old Spice Body Wash free wyb one Old Spice Body wash or Fresh Collection deodorant, 1.7oz or larger, 05-02-10 PG

-$1.00/2 Old Spice Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Body Wash, any (2) 1.7 oz+ – 05-02-10 PG

-Get One Gillette Body Wash Free wyb Gillette Antiperspirant/Deodorant, up to $4.99 05-16-10 RP

-$4.00/2 Gillette Deodorant or Gillette Body Wash 05-02-10 PG 

Option One:  Buy 2 Old Spice Body Wash, use one B1G1, spend $4.49, receive $4.50 RRs, makes your bodywashes FREE!

For Option One, I have you using only one coupon.  You are using the Buy One Get One Free Old Spice Body Wash coupon from 04-18-10 RP or 05-02-10 PG.  You are going to buy two Old Spice body washes (priced at $4.49 each).  Since you are using one B1G1 coupon, you are only paying for one body wash (remember the second body wash is free when you use this coupon).  So, you will end up paying $4.49 for two body washes and then a $4.50 RR (Register Reward) will print out that you can use on another transaction. This makes both body washes free.  ** NOTE** You can only do this deal once per transaction.  You will not receive two sets of $4.50 RRs if you do this deal twice in just one transaction.  Also, you can not use the RR you received from this deal on another Old Spice/Gillette Body Wash deal.  If you used the RR on a second Old Spice or Gillette Body wash deal, a new $4.50 RR will not print out.

Option Two:  Buy 2 Old Spice Body Wash, Buy 1 Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorant, use one B1G1 Body Wash, use one Free Deodorant, spend $4.49, receive $4.50, makes your two body washes and one deodorant FREE!

For Option Two, I have you using two coupons.  You are using the Buy One  Get One Free Old Spice Body Wash coupon from 4-18-10 RP or 05-02-10 PG.  You are also using the Buy One Old Spice Body Wash Get One Fresh Collection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Free from 05-02-10 PG.  You are going to buy 2 Body Washes (priced at $4.49 each) and you are going to buy one Old Spice Deodorant.  Since you are using the B1G1 body wash coupon, you are only paying for one body wash.  And, since you are technically paying for one body wash, you can use the free deodorant coupon because the deodorant states “Buy One Old Spice Body Wash, get one Old Spice Deodorant free”.  So, you will end up paying $4.49 for two Old Spice Body Washes and one Old Spice Deodorant.  A $4.50RR will print out which makes all three products totally free!  ** NOTE** You can only do this deal once per transaction.  You will not receive two sets of $4.50 RRs if you do this deal twice in just one transaction.  Also, you can not use the RR you received from this deal on another Old Spice/Gillette Body Wash deal.  If you used the RR on a second Old Spice or Gillette Body wash deal, a new $4.50 RR will not print out.

Option Three:  Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash, use one $4/2, spend $5.00, receive $4.50 RRs, makes it $0.25 each

For Option Three’s scenario, I have you buying Gillette Body Wash.  If I were you, I would use the $4/2 Gillette Deodorant or Body Wash 05-02-10 coupons at Target to score FREE Gillette body wash (go HERE for more info).  But, if you really need Gillette body wash and you want to get it at Walgreens, what you need to do is Buy two Gillette Body Wash (priced at $4.49 each).  You will use one $4/2 coupon from 05-02-10 PG.  You will spend $5.00 on the two Gillette Body Wash and will receive a $4.49 RR making each body wash only $0.25.

Let me know how the transaction goes when you do your Walgreens shopping trip this week!  Walgreens is super tricky.  Sometimes I want to pull my hair out because each store has different “policies” and it seems oftentimes the cashiers have zero training over how to use coupons.  Also – I’ve had issues before with store managers who can’t explain policies or how RRs work.  If you decide to shop at Walgreens, you WILL get awesome deals.  But, oftentimes you will have to work for them.  So, be prepared that your transactions may not go smoothly.  Remember to keep your cool and always ask to speak to a manager if things are not going the way you think they should.  Good luck and leave comments on this post letting all of us know how your shopping trip goes!


  1. Jenn says

    Hi Liza! Thanks for explaining! I went today and got two body washes and two deodorants for free. (Only paid tax.)
    I did two separate transactions. I used Buy one body wash get deodorant free both times. I received my RR both times.
    This is what my cashier told me to do and it worked fine. Thanks again.

      • Cathie says

        Hi Liza,
        I have the Old Spice bogo body wash, plus the buy one body wash get free deodorant, and also bogo deodorant. Can I lay on the counter 1 body wash w/bogo body wash coupon, 1 body wash w/bogo deodorant coupon, and 1 deodorant w/bogo deodorant coupon & 1 deodorant w/nothing? I think this would cost me for only one body wash, for which I would get the RR. Am I too far out there?

        • Liza says

          Hi Cathie – You are making me use my brain this afternoon! Okay if I read this correctly, you have one B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash coupon, one Free Deodorant wyb Body wash coupon and One BOGO deodorant coupon. If you are looking to use all three coupons, do the scenario below:

          Buy 2 Body Wash
          Buy 2 Deodorant
          Use one B1G1 Body Wash coupon
          Use one B1G1 Deodorant coupon (this gets you one deodorant free)
          Use one Free Deodorant wyb Body Wash coupon (this covers the one deodorant you are paying for)

          You will end up paying for one body wash. After you receive the $4.50 RRs, you will have received all five items for the price of one deodorant. So yes you are correct you would get everything for the cost of one body wash which after RRs is free!! Awesome job. **Disclaimer – Walgreens is TRICKY with coupons so go in with an open mind and patience :)

  2. Jamilla says

    Hi Liza,
    In the past, whenever I tried to use manufacture’s coupons for an item that offers RR, the RR did not print. Several ‘store managers’ have explained that this is because I used a coupon with the item. Since then I’ve stopped using manufacture’s coupons for these items.
    I wonder if their policy has now changed? I’ll have to try again and see.

    • Liza says

      Hi Jamilla! You should be able to receive the RR with the use of a manufacturer’s coupon. That said, I had an instance about a month ago where the RR didn’t print out when I used coupons. I hate to say this, but I think that Walgreens has a ton of gliches in their registers and policies. No where on their ads does it say that a RR won’t print out if you use coupons. I would recommend trying again though b/c this deal is too good to miss. I have read numerous comments on the forums out there that the RRs are printing with coupons on this deal. But, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. That is why I printed out the caveat at the bottom of this post that Walgreens is tricky. Sometimes I don’t even go to Walgreens and ignore their deals b/c the whole experience tends to be too much work and stress :)

      • Teresa says

        Hey, I actually had that same sort of problem last night at Walgreens. I had purchased the Pepsi sale with a gift card and was expecting $3.00 RR back but it didn’t print. I figured it was because I had used a gift card and a $3 off a $10 purchase coupon. I had a prescription issue that required me to call the store back so while I had them on the phone I explained the soda purchase and told them I had not received the RR and wanted to know if there was a reason. The person I spoke with said that there should be no reason they didn’t print and when I came in to get the prescription issue resolved, he would see what he could do for me because that was something I was owed for making the purchase. He was actually very nice and accommodating. I am figuring it out it never hurts to ask someone in charge or the right person. :) I hope this helps.

  3. mary says

    Hi Liza,
    I did this deal yesterday buying a body wash and get a deodorant free. Bought 2 papers, used a $2 rr and paid total 4.77 out of pocket and got back the 4.50 rr. Just wished it was a rolling one!! This is the only body wash and deo my husband will use. :)
    Thanks for all your help with the scenarios!

    • Rocki says

      I have more of these coupons if anyone wants them. My hubby has such sensitive skin I’m not even gonna try these b/c he only uses certain products. LMK and I can mail ASAP. I’m in Brandon if you want to meet somewhere.

  4. Cynthia says

    Hi Liza~
    I also went to Walgreens this past weekend for the Old Spice deal. My first transaction I bought 2 body wash and 2 deodorant and used my B1G1 body wash coupon and 2 coupons for get free deodorant with purchase of body wash. The cashier told me I couldn’t use both free deodorant coupons but I told her I could and they rang through fine. I paid 4.49 and got back 4.50 RR
    I decided to then do the exact same transaction with the same coupons since my husband and sons all use the body wash. I used my RR so only paid tax on the second transaction. I knew I wouldn’t get back the RR’s again but since I don’t go to Walgreens that often didn’t want to misplace the RR’s or not use them b4 expiration. Thanks for the post!!

  5. Kelly says

    My Walgreens had the Old Spice on sale for $2.19. I bought 2, used a BOGO Q, paid the $2.19 plus tax using RR from previous week and received a $4.50RR! 2 for free!

  6. Lavonna Eudy says

    I got lucky! I went to the new Walgreens on East Lake Rd, hoping to use the $3 off a $10 purchase coupon. The cashier who was working with me didn’t understand RRs so she called the manager who allowed me to do SIX transactions. My first three transactions were for 2 body washes each – I paid for one and used a BOGO coupon for the other AND got the RR for each transaction. THEN she let me do 3 more transactions using the BOGO coupon and applied the RR to the cost of the other bottles. That means I got 12 bottles for the price of 3 plus tax!!!

  7. Cynthia says

    Looking at all the different posts, that’s why I try to avoid Walgreens. It seems like they all have their own policies and even their own prices. I like Publix….I always know what I’m getting and at what price with no hassle!

  8. Dana says

    I FINALLY had an almost successful trip to Walgreens. I paid $5.97 and received 2 body washes and 1 deodorant, I used 2 b1g1 and received $4.50rr back. I did pay .50 more because the cashier took off both body washes instead of 1 body wash for $4.49 and 1 deodorant for $4.99 so that’s what I mean by almost successful. Then I stopped at another Walgreens (didn’t want to jinx myself or push my luck:-) and used my rr ($4.50) and another b1g1 and bought 2 more body washes and only paid $1.04. Not as good of a deal as some of the others but I was just so happy to finally receive my first rrs and use them!

  9. says

    hi i want to know from where can i get coupon of old spice i dont have p&g coupon. do you have any link from where i can print the coupon?

  10. Teresa says

    I posted this on Facebook but I thought I would add it here as well. I went to the new Walgreens on East Lake as well. My cashier really had no clue as to what was going on but I was able to purchase two body washes and one deo and used two of the B1G1 coupons. I didn’t dare do any more for fear of completely confusing him.

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