Holiday Side Dish Recipes: Tangy Broccoli Salad

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I decided to repost the holiday side dish recipes I published last year because they were such a hit!  For me, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about the side dishes.  I’m not a huge meat eater in general and truthfully, I’m not a fan of turkey, so I use Thanksgiving and Christmas as an excuse to indulge in carb laden side dishes.  :)  Whether it is my Homemade White Cheddar Mac & Cheese or my Corn Pudding, I am perfectly happy eating one side dish after another and skipping out on the turkey. The recipe below is a favorite of mine because it is a cold salad.  It is easy to prepare and I tell myself that it is as “healthy” as a garden salad that I might prepare for dinner.

My hubby’s aunt first introduced me to this recipe.  She prepared it for a family gathering and I immediately fell in love with the tangy sweetness of the dressing mixed in with the bacon and peanuts.  The broccoli is so crunchy and absorbs the dressing nicely.  And, the vibrant colors of this dish really stand out.

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Tangy Broccoli Salad

Salad Ingredients

1 Head of Broccoli (cleaned and cut into small, bite size pieces)
1 c Raisins
1 c Salted Peanuts
12 Strips Bacon (cooked & crumbled)

Dressing Ingredients

1 c Mayonnaise
3 T vinegar
1/2 c Sugar


1) In a mixing bowl, mix broccoli, raisins, peanuts and bacon.
2) In a small bowl, mix dressing ingredients.
3) Pour dressing ingredients over salad ingredients.  Mix well.
4) Pour into serving bowl. Chill.  Stir before serving as dressing will settle to bottom.

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