Jilll’s Steals and Deals from the Today Show

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Every Tuesday, Jill’s Steals and Deals provides The Today Show readers with high value coupon codes that score you great deals.  (emphasis on the word great)  These deals are available for 24 hours.  Many of the websites are going super slow due to the high volume of traffic.  Go HERE for the direct links to all of the deals listed below.

Some of the highlights of the deals available:

  • Rebecca Beeson Loungewear  on sale 77% off at $24
  • Amrita Singh Bangles (Set of 36)   on sale 75% off at $25
  • YoGen Universal Mobile Device Charger on sale 80% off at $10.00
  • Deepa Gurnani Headbands  up to 79% off at $8.00
  • Ruby Kats Watches up to 78% off at $40.00


  1. marie says

    just wondering if you had any idea of when you might have the wrap watches back on the steals and deals..

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi Marie! I have no idea! :) I just post the deals that are announced on the Today Show.. Sadly, I don’t have any inside scoop on what deals are coming up..

  2. says

    On The Today show, 6/14/11, there was some type of mini pedometer on Jill’s Steals and deals..I came in on the end of it, and now can’t find it! It was shown as a Father’s Day gift..Do you know how i can find it? Thanks, Ann

  3. says

    On June 14th I ordered Rebecca Beeson slacks and Jacket. To date have not received them. @ months is a long time to wait. I received purchase order but, no product,no shipping notice have called get answering machine, have emailed no return. please help. Attorney General is next.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi Eleanor! I’m sorry you haven’t received your product. I’m afraid I can’t help you. My recommendation to you would have been exactly what you did which to call and email them. Keep me updated on if/when you receive your slacks and jacket. Good luck!

    • says

      Hi Elenanor,

      I too have had problems receiving merchandise from the Today’s Steals and Deals. After waiting four months for my purse I called my credit card company (as I was charged for the purse on the day I ordered it). They had me dispute the charges…and credited my credit card back the amount of the purchase!
      Amazingly I had my purse within two weeks!!! I called the credit card company to tell them I received my item and they reissued the money to them.

      Hope this helps all shoppers out there with this information as I love getting these great deals…

  4. Michele says

    How do I find today Jills steal and deal for my Talking toddler dvd set. 12/14/11 show. Also what is the promo code.

  5. jill graham says

    I ordered a bath robe from your deals in mid April…I knew it was not returnable…My problem is I ordered 2 robes, and when the package arrived , it contained only one robe. There is “no” paperwork inside the package…I waited for the credit card bill, and I have been charged for the 2 robes I ordered . now almost two months later, still no second robe. The credit card company has no phone number, the company on the package is on the internet, but no way to contact them. l have no way to contact the company for the credit to my account that I’m due, or to receive the second robe….please help. 763-370-4984 Thank you

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