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  1. jennie says

    I love this site for saving !!! I am so glad it’s here. Hope I win, and Good luck to everyone. Happy Holidays ( I like Merry Christmas and Happy New Year) but political correct

  2. says

    I will find a CVS close to me. In the meantime, I recently moved and there is a Waldgreens across the street. CVS has always been my first choice, and I have been a faithful customer for years. However, with the high cost of gas and the convenience of Waldgreens being across the street….well that is going to chance. CVS I’m coming back. I’ll just have to find a store closer in my travels.

    Beverly Miller

  3. bill says

    Hello, i just started printing coupons and not sure if my printer is working correctly or what, but there is no bar code, just little dots… Is this normal?

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi Bill! That is not normal. Assuming you are printing out a manufacturer coupon, there should be a bar code.. Did you download the printer app? (Websites like Coupons.com and CouponNetwork.com require that you download the app.)

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi there – I tried submitting your email address but received a message that it has already been submitted. If you have an alternate address, let me know and I will try it. Thanks.

  4. mary w says

    Just bought my first coupon binder to start saving my coupons and buying my first Sunday newspaper EVER tomorrow. Any tips on how to make a chart/ table for a shopping trip?

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Yeah Mary! I post the coupon matchups for 20+ stores each week. You can print your grocery list right from my site! Hopefully this will make your shopping trips easier!

      Regarding organizing your binder, what I did is separated my binder via category. So I had sections like: dairy, pet food, frozen foods, desserts, etc. You can really organize your binder however you see fit! Organize your binder in a way that makes sense for you :)

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