New Ibotta Bonuses: $2 New Sign-up Bonus, Current Member Bonuses AND Friend Bonuses

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ibotta-bonusToday Ibotta unveiled new features that I am very excited about!  Whether you are a new or existing Ibotta member, you will benefit immensely from Ibotta’s new features!  If you are new to Ibotta, go HERE to sign up.

What is Ibotta?  Ibotta is a phone app that helps you earn money as you shop at your local grocery store, drugstore or super center.  Go HERE to read my tutorial on how Ibotta works.

And now for Ibotta’s new features!

1) If you sign up for a new account, you can receive a $2.00 New User Bonus if you redeem two offers within the first two weeks of registering!  Go HERE to register for a new account.


2) Ibotta members will now earn bonuses as you redeem offers.  As you redeem more offers, you will earn more bonuses!  To see the available bonuses, in your main menu (on your phone’s app), click “Bonuses” to see the available bonuses for you.


3) Once you sign up for Ibotta, you have a unique referral code.  If you refer friends, you will now earn bonuses as you refer more friends!  Below is the bonus structure:

  • Friend Boost: Sign up 1 friend, Earn $1.00
  • Chatty Cathy: Sign up 4 or more friends, Earn $5.00
  • Trendsetter: Sign up 5 or more friends, Earn $7.00
  • **Ibotta also promises to have additional bonus levels that they will unveil over time!
  • The Walrus: Sign up 100,000 or more friends, Earn $150,000 **If only!!

What are your thoughts on Ibotta’s new features?  I am really excited!!

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