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I’m excited that Liza is letting me “guest blog” today, primarily because I get to do two things for my wife that I know she would never do herself: brag about how awesome she is and make a plea on her behalf.

Liza is naturally a very private person. Yet in these last couple of years, I have seen Liza struggle with grit and determination to let her guard down and be more open, and it has paid off in making AddictedtoSaving.com successful beyond our wildest dreams.  Yes there are bigger blogs and more popular sites, but can I just brag on my wife for a minute?

Liza works tirelessly – I mean 60+ hours a week since November 2009 when she launched Addicted to Saving. (And honestly, there are weeks when it’s more like 80+).  She’s had over 4.6 million hits, 1.6 million unique visitors, and 8.8 million page views.  She’s given dozens of seminars and has helped thousands of people learn the art of stretching the dollar. I have seen countless emails of thanks from single moms, widowed dads, families struggling to make it, and have myself, literally been brought to tears over the gratitude of others, lives whom my dear wife has touched.

In short, my wife is awesome.

Yes, she is flawed.  She married me, for one. But I’ve seen her mature into an open, trusting, loving, winsome, passionate, and persevering woman of God over the last three years, which nicely compliments the hard-working, beautiful, complicated, elegant, sensitive, and caring qualities she already possessed.

And so, I want to make a plea on her behalf.  Over the last few years, many of you have asked Liza, “How can we help you?”   First of all, by coming to AddictedtoSaving.com, you do help Liza, and we are so grateful for it. But there is something else I’d like to specifically ask for: I am asking for our sake that you will help us bring home a child.

Many of you know we have not yet been blessed with children, and are adopting two children from Ethiopia and from Haiti.  However, we’ve been presented with an opportunity to bring home a little girl this August by way of domestic adoption.  This will be our third adoption, Lord willing.  So far we have given over $20,000 of our own money to make these adoptions happen.  Each adoption costs about $30,000.  Three adoptions means $90,000. As of now, our funds have been depleted and we estimate we will need to raise about $60,000 to make these adoptions happen.

This is my plea on Liza’s behalf: will you help us raise the money we need to adopt these three children?

We have set an audacious goal of raising $60K in 60 Days. We have placed our fund-raising thermometer on the right hand side of AddictedtoSaving.com so you can track our progress.  Technically this campaign will run from June 1 – July 31, but we wanted to get an early start and let you all know.

Over 100,000 unique visitors come to AddictedtoSaving.com each month.  That means if each visitor gave just one dollar, we could raise the money almost overnight.  But we know that not everyone will give.  After giving it some thought, Liza and I are humbly asking that if you have been blessed at all by Liza’s site, would you consider giving a gift of $20 to help us reach our goal?  We only need 3000 readers to give $20, and we will have the $60k needed to fund our adoptions.

On the one hand, it’s very, very difficult asking for money.  But we are in a position that we don’t have a choice, and so we are humbled in asking for your help.

We know that there are many abuses of money in the world today.  We want to promise you that these funds will only be used for adoption expenses.  We have set up a separate account for these funds, and you may give securely via PayPal or with your credit card, or you may send a check as well.  If you’d like to give a bigger donation, we can also provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, if you so choose, but this will go through a separate channel.  Instructions on how to do this and more information can be found at: AddictedtoAdoption.org.

In short, Liza and I need your help.  We believe that adoption is God’s Plan A for us, and He has given us a heart and love for the world’s orphans.  In fact, in the future we would like to help raise money for other families to adopt as well.

So if you are moved by orphans, have been blessed by Liza’s site, have a heart for kids, or just want to help, we would like to thank you in advance for your generosity.  May God richly bless you for your sacrifice and willingness to give on our behalf.

Please go HERE to donate on AddictedtoAdoption.org, or click on the thermometer on the right hand side of this page.  You can also follow our adoption journey blog posts there and we have a widget on the right-hand side of AddictedtoSaving.com (looks like the picture below) that updates automatically when there is a new post on AddictedtoAdoption.org.

Thank you so very much for your encouragement and support.


On behalf of my wife Liza, the awesome star of AddictedtoSaving.com!

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  1. Elena V says

    I’d like to encourage you and to tell you that one of God’s names is Jehowah Jireh (God the Provider). Now, don’t freak out on me because of the word Jehowah. It’s just a Hebrew term for God.

    I have experienced God’s provision many times.
    Five years ago He gave me $25,000 to start my college degree– out of nowhere. Last year, he supplied my family and I with free housing, meals, and even entertainment. He is such a loving father and I know I know I know He will help you.

    Be strong and courageous!

    Much love,

  2. SHARON says

    A worthy cause I hope you meet your goal. I can’t wait to see pics of those wonderful children. Be sure to post when you have them. Good luck. I hope my $20. helps.
    God Bless.

  3. Jennifer says

    It is my honor to help. I hope you are able to reach above your goal to start a great savings plan to get these kids through college!

  4. Lisa Scanio says

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this great post! I read on her FB Saving page a few days ago about the baby and I posted on there my suggestions as well as the fact that I feel Liza gives so much to her followers, that I was so happy this has become a reality for her.

    Last year, we had a premature baby and I was on bedrest for weeks and in the hospital for several surgeries throughout the year. Our year was turned upside down with over $11,000 in medical bills as well as the fact that our baby is now a special needs child. Liza SAVED me literally with her website. I was able to come up with grocery lists and clip coupons from my bed and send my husband to the grocery store armed with money saving tools!! And boy did we need the savings last year more than ever!! So I am honored to be able to help your cause, even if I can only help a little. I have given $10 via Paypal and wish you all the best in reaching your goal! I will say a prayer that all goes smoothly for you two. Thanks again Liza! And thanks for allowing us to help you both Jeff!!

  5. Judi Harland says

    Thank You Liza, for all the ways you help all of us save money everyday. I would like to challange all your followers to donate $25.00 as I have. I’m sure they have saved much more than that. This would be a gift of love to a truly deserving couple. Please help them fill their home with the love of children.
    Thank You,

  6. Anna Leslein says

    Congrats! This hits a little closer to the heart than most people. I was adopted by a fantastic family when I was two, and have always felt God blessed me with my family. You should feel so proud to be able to give love and stability to children that need you…and I am very Proud of you for taking that journey. Best wishes and God Bless, my donation has been delivered!


  7. Christy says

    You have helped me & my family save tons of money, especially while my husband was laid off. I’m a Calvary member myself and know that you & Jeff are going to make great parents. I have donated to a good cause. Good luck and God bless.

  8. says

    Hi there, What a truly touching story you have shared with your readers. I know that GOD will see it come to fruition for you both. We own a fundraising company here in Tampa and are Bay Area Distributors for World’s Finest Chocolates. We just assisted a man who was trying to adopt from China and he customized bars with his soon to be daughters picture asking for help to bring her home. He sold well over 50 cases to raise some extra funds. Please let me know if you are interested in fundraising to bring them home!!!

  9. Kristi G says

    Good luck with the adoptions!! It’s wonderful that you will be giving these lucky children such a loving home. Our family has been blessed with two beautiful girls my niece has adopted.

  10. Laura Jean says

    Can you please provide an address for a check to be mailed to? I don’t have a pay pal acct and am wary of paying online. Thanks. Laura Jean

  11. Marykay says

    I saved $77.05 at Publix on Saturday in large part because of your website. So, I donated it to you. Good luck!!

  12. Kathy L. says

    Thank you for the endless hours that you have spent trying to save everyone money. Your website has saved me so much. I hope my donation helps.

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