Plant Therapy Essential Oil Set Review, $10 off $25 Code AND Giveaway Valued at $54.95 (Two Winners)

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Have you tried essential oils yet? This January, I decided to do an overhaul on my life. I have been dealing with health issues and I wanted to start looking at my life differently. I started really evaluating and watching the foods that I’m consuming. I removed gluten from my diet and am about to remove dairy and nuts. After hearing about essential oils from two friends who swear by them, I began doing research on how they may help me. Around that same time, Plant Therapy contacted me asking for me to do a review & giveaway for Addicted to Saving.

Plant Therapy is a company devoted to essential oils. Per their website, they were “founded with one goal in mind… we want to provide the highest quality essential oils (and accessories) at a price that everyone can afford. Plant Therapy provides oils that are 100% pure, undiluted and therapeutic grade. We source each oil from top suppliers around the world, buy in large volume, and negotiate the best prices possible. We then pass those savings on to you, the consumer!”

Plant Therapy sent me their 14 Essential Oil Set to try out. The set includes 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oils of: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Spearmint, Orange & Tea Tree.  Each bottle has a label on it which says how to use the oil along with what ailments and conditions the oil is known to combat. Essential oils can be used to combat stress, the effects of colds, flus, skin ailments, improve digestion, improve hormonal imbalances and mental clarity and so much more.

I received my oil set a month ago. This past month was a busy one for me. Many late nights coupled with working long days drained my energy. And physically, I was running a lot. Three out of four weekends I ran half marathons which really took a toll on my immune system. After I ran the second half marathon, for at least 7 days straight I felt cold symptoms coming on. I had a sore throat, stuffy nose, was sneezing and was fatigued. It was stressing me out knowing that I had my third half marathon coming up that I didn’t want to be sick for it. Immediately, I looked at the oils in my 14 Essential Oil Set and started applying Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Orange Essential oils to my feet twice a day.  I am thrilled to report that my cold symptoms dissipated and I never did get sick!

Exclusive Plant Therapy Discount Code for Addicted to Saving Readers

Plant Therapy has given Addicted to Saving readers an exclusive coupon code to score $10.00 off any purchase of $25.00 or more! Shipping is FREE on all orders in the U.S. (except Hawaii and Alaska). So with this coupon code, you will get $25.00 worth of products shipped to your doorway for $15.00! To take advantage of this offer, at checkout, paste coupon code addictedtosaving10

Also – if you haven’t already, make sure you “like Plant Therapy’s Facebook page. Every week, they have an Oil of the Week on their Facebook page. One Facebook fan wins the oil and everyone gets 10% off the oil for that week! They also release additional coupon codes from time to time!

Giveaway Details – How to Enter


Two Addicted to Saving Readers will win a Plant Therapy 14 Essential Oil Set valued at $54.95

1)  Leave a comment on this post stating which Plant Therapy Essential Oil or Synergy you would like to try. This entry is mandatory.
2) “Like” Plant Therapy on Facebook leaving a comment on their page letting them know Addicted to Saving sent you. Then, leave a second comment on this post stating whether you are a new or existing Plant Therapy fan. This entry is optional.
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Giveaway Ends Sunday, 3/10/13 on or after 10 pm EST

Disclosure: This giveaway and review has been provided and sponsored by Plant Therapy. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

Fine print on Plant Therapy Coupon Code & Shipping: Coupon code cannot be used towards the purchase of Gift Certificates. Only one coupon per customer and it will expire on the 19th. We do have FREE shipping on all orders in the United states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Hawaii and Alaska can still have free shipping on all orders over $59.99.

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  1. Melissa says

    Brand new to Plant Therapy, but I just started looking into essential oils today so I’m super excited about this!

  2. Melissa says

    I’ve been an Addicted to Saving fan for a while now, thanks for all our hard work!!

  3. Stephanie says

    I would love to try them all. I’ve used tea tree oil to deal with minor colds and disinfecting my house but I’d be excited to try something new like cinnamon!

  4. says

    I have been wanting to try essentials for some time- now is my chance! Looking forward to trying many but orange sounds great! Thanks!

  5. steven says

    would like to try Allergy-Aid Synergy and also many others. i am new to addicted to saving, and also new to plant therapy.

  6. Elisa says

    I want to try what you did! I run too and get run down. Thanks for all your hard work. Love your site!

  7. Patti says

    Tea Tree Oil is my first choice! It’s awesome to use on the scalp after coloring my hair –

  8. Patti says

    I am a new PLANT THERAPY fan on FB but have used their products once before. Glad you made this post so I could LIKE Plant Therapy on FB!

  9. Patti says

    I am an existing fan of Addicted to Saving. And thanks to you, I’m now a NEW fan of Plant Therapy!

  10. Patty says

    I would like to try them all! I have never used any kind of essential oil, but I think it would be fun to try it out!

  11. jenn f says

    I’m interested in trying eucalyptus..heard it helps with so many things. Also lavender just because it’s so soothing :-)

  12. Rebekah Shaver says

    I have been wanting to try their Headache Relief Synergy. Meds do NOT help my headaches, and I do NOT like to take them anyways. I have used Biofreeze for my headaches for over 5 years. I like the idea of using EO instead. :)

  13. Rebekah Shaver says

    I am an existing HUGE fan of Plant Therapy. Their EO’s are GREAT quality, and they ship for free and faster than ANYONE else I have used.

  14. Jenny says

    I love Tea Tree Oil, but haven’t bought any for awhile! I really need to get back to my essential oils! My health has gone done hill lately, and I never used to get sick!

  15. Kelly J says

    Would love some more essential oils. Diffuse them in our home throughout the day for my kids health and our own. My three year old son actually will ask me to turn on the diffuser :)
    Already a fan of Plant Therapy and Addicted to savings blog on Facebook.

  16. Marlene says

    Am an existing fan of yours on facebook. Huge thank you to all you do to save me money each and every week.

  17. Tabitha says

    I really want some tea tree oil and have been meaning to buy some for quite some time now!

  18. Eileen says

    I would love to try any of the citrus, but the grapefruit appeals to me the most.

  19. Karen Milligan says

    I would love to try the lemon oil and see if it would give me a brighter outlook on all these rainy dreary days we are having!

  20. Carmen Qualls says

    I would love to try Anti-Eczema Synergy. My daughter has such bad eczema due to dairy and eggs.

  21. Carmen Qualls says

    Because I am a fan of plant therapy, I have found your site and now I am addicted to saving. Thank you for the giveaway and all the great info and all the hard work you put into finding such awesome deals.

  22. Meredith says

    I just read about how good rosemary oil is for so many issues. I’d love to try it.

  23. Emma says

    I am a new fan of Addicted To Saving on FB, though I have been following this blog for a while through Google Reader. Rock on!

  24. ROSE LEY says

    As an immigrant from the Philippines, I’m used to using herb and natural oils to relieve aches and minor pains. I would love to win these package!

  25. Lauren says

    i would love to try the lavender oil! i use this scent to help me sleep every night!

  26. Elena Vo says

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! I’d like to try the Tea Tree oil. Heard it’s great against germs and acne.

  27. melissa says

    I would love to try any of the plant oils! I love lavender candles so Im sure to love the oil!

  28. Sarah says

    I am a huge fan of essential oils. I have a slew that I want to try, including Lavendar, Tea Tree, Headache Synergy….. :)

  29. Catherine Agnes Roebuck says

  30. Catherine Agnes Roebuck says

  31. Catherine Agnes Roebuck says

  32. domestic diva says

    I’d like to try the cinnamon. I’ve heard it makes a great natural ant repellant.

  33. annie says

    I heard a lot of stuff about tea tree oil (good things) so I would like to try that one.

  34. Amanda Simon says

    I’m a huge fan of citrus smells! So I would love to try the Mandarin , lemon, and lime :)

  35. April Arsenault says

    I would like to try them all but really think that eucalyptus could help me!

  36. Jaime S. B. says

    I have been a chronic migraine sufferer since I was 7 and I would absolutely love to try their Headache relief synergy. I would love to find a more natural way to cope with my migraines! Thank you for doing this giveaway! :)

  37. Bridget Stern says

    I would love to try the Orange essential oil. I love the scent and would love to try it in different homemade lotions, bars, and other homemade products.

  38. says

    I’d love to use the Lavender Oil, along with the eucalyptus oils for sinus relief, and sleep helps! Yay! So awesome!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  39. Jaime S. B. says

    I am a fan of Addicted to Savings on Facebook and have been for a long time! 😉

  40. Virginie says

    I would LOVE to try the Bergamot!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to try all of them!!! You are the best!

  41. Jess BP says

    I’m really happy this was featured on your blog. I’m a fan of DoTerra (for their blends) and Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils (for single oils). Plant Therapy has so many oils and I’m totally getting a case with that coupon code! I’m also going to get the Anti-Anxiety Blend and the Germ-Fighter (to compare to my DoTerra OnGuard).

  42. Jennifer Martin says

    I would LOVE to try all of them if I were so lucky :)

    But I adore eucalyptus. I find it extremely soothing after a stressful day. I have a eucalyptus candle that I light at night. It’s such a great and calming smell.

  43. Holly D says

    I’ve liked Plant therapy on FB and commented on their page telling them you sent me!

  44. Heather Rector says

    I am an existing fan of your on Facebook!!! Keep up the amazing page and giveaways!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  45. Ana Malu-Lainaholo says

    I’m a new fan of Plant Therapy & love essential oils! I would love to try Tea Tree oil…

  46. Ana Malu-Lainaholo says

    I’m a new fan on FB for Plant Therapy, and already a fan of Addicted to Saving…

  47. Jessica W. says

    Ooh, so many I want to try. I love lavendar, tea tree oil, and lemon, but am curious what the patchouli one is. Thanks for the chance!

  48. Carla says

    I would love the lavender because I have 2 elderly sisters in the hospital in separate states.

  49. Sasha Avera says

    I would like to try lemon and tea tree oil! I’m an existing fan on facebook and I am new to plant therapy!

  50. Tracy Shoriak says

    I’m using eucalyptus as we speak. Would love to try any ot the others and see how they work for me.

  51. gina says

    Peppermint.I hear it’s really good for stimulation. I want to try it on my scalp. I use grapefruit in a body lotion that I make.

  52. Stacey says

    I would like to try any of the essential oils, but would love to try lavender, peppermint, & spearmint.

  53. Karin says

    I would like to try peppermint eucalyptus, and tea tree. I would also be interested in the 14 essential oils

  54. Sheila Shynski says

    I would love to try the Peppermint and Eucalyptus. I had a free sample once at a Craft fair and was fighting a sinus infection, a few drops on my palm and cupping my hands and inhaling cleared it enough for me to breathe! I am in a process of getting back to all things natural, so this is so appealing to me!

  55. Sheila Shynski says

    I am new to Plant Therapy but not to essential oils. Cool website! Thanks!

  56. Kim Stalcup says

    I would love to try the lavender oil for relaxation and sleep! Natural is the best!! :)

  57. Elizabeth says

    I’ve been wanting to try the essential oils for awhile especially the Eucalyptus, I’ve heard great things about them.

  58. Elizabeth says

    Just “liked” Plant Therapy on Facebook, can’t wait to learn more about them!

  59. Kim Stalcup says

    I’m an old fan of Addicted to Savings… y’all are great! Looking forward to learning more about Plant Therapy too. :)

  60. Elizabeth says

    Been a fan of Addicted to Savings on Facebook for awhile, love your posts! Always such good deals & idea!

  61. tyra holbrook says

    I am interested in trying the lavender. I heard that it helps you relax and fall asleep

  62. tyra holbrook says

    I am a old fan on facebook, but i tell people to follow you all the time. You have great deals

  63. Samantha says

    I would like to try the hemlock and hyssop. I have been looking for treatments for the asthma my daughter developed when we moved and have seen that those two may help since her inhalers give hardly any relief.

  64. Kathy D. says

    I have not tried the oils but hear wonderful things about them and would like to try them. A great opportunity. Thanks.

  65. tsmith says

    I have been interested in essential oils lately. I have been wanting to try the germ fighter synergy and the pain aid synergy.

  66. says

    I’m a new fan of Plant Therapy and Addicted to Savings. After a terrible winter of colds, flu and other icky sicknesses for my husband, myself and our 3 small children, I purchased a diffuser from Plant Therapy and would LOVE to try their Germ Fighting Synergy!

  67. Stephanie says

    I will love to try all of them especially after researching. Wanting to make big changes for our families health. Need stress, cold and house disinfecting.

  68. Stephanie R says

    I LOVE essential oils and use them a lot! But I have never tried tea tree oil and would love to!

  69. Sonya Siebe says

    I’m a big fan of Rosemary. There are many others that I would love to try!

  70. Kathy says

    I just ordered 3 essential oils from Plant Therapy. I can’t wait to get them. I have used other brands of essential oils that were much more costly. I would love to win these and give them a try.

  71. Joyell says

    I am a NEW fan to Addicted To Saving. And I REALLY want to win this! I’ve never won any giveaway before. It would make my day (and week and month…)

  72. says

    I want to try Tea Tree oil. My husband has a staph infection on his hands and this has been the only way we have been able to combat it. Antibiotics and prescription creams just didn’t work.

  73. kelli Frith says

    Not even sure which ones I’d like to try. Probably the peppermint first, but then not sure!

  74. kayla Crawford says

    I soooooo want to try the Blood Orange Essential Oil and the Anti-Anxiety Synergy! ! I left a comment on their fb page after I liked their Page as well :)

  75. Kim says

    I’d try Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Orange Essential oils if it kept me from getting colds all the time

  76. kayla Crawford says

    I was new to liking both Plant Therapy on fb, as well as you guys, BUT I have been subscribing to your daily emails. So excited about this giveaway, would love love love to win!!

  77. Kari says

    Now a Plant Therapy fan on FB (I “like” it!), and I left a comment that you sent me there.

  78. Michelle says

    Germ fighting synergy sounds great. Excited about trying them all

    I’m a new fan to here but been on addicted to saving for a while :) thank you!

  79. Rachelle says

    I am a HUGE fan of essential oils. I would love to try Plant Therapy oils. Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. Becky says

    I would like to try the orange and/or lemon oils to begin to use them in my cleaning routine.

  81. says

  82. Jenny says

    I have wanted to try Thieves(Germ fighter synergy) also I would love to try the Anti-Anxiety Synergy to hopefully replace my prescription.