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I know by now that if you have read my blog for more than a day or two in a row, you have seen that I talk about Swagbucks A LOT.  I also know that many of you have signed up for Swagbucks and you are probably just beginning to learn how it works. 

I first wrote about Swagbucks in November in my blog Free $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards.  When I wrote that blog, I had realized that Swagbucks was a legitimate source of earning gift cards by doing nothing more than searching the internet.  (I was skeptical before I received my first $5 Amazon e-gift card)  Since then, I’ve earned $105 in Amazon gift cards and I am about to cash in for even more.  **Note – if Amazon gift cards do not excite you, that’s ok!  There are also Target, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Paypal and many many more gift cards from which to choose!

Below are tips on how to earn as many swagbucks as possible:

1.  If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, do it!!  You will receive $3 Swagbucks just for joining! 

2.  When you search the internet, use swagbucks.  Instead of using google or yahoo, use swagbucks.  (Sign up for an account first tho!)  Throughout the day, as you do your regular searches, you will win a swagbuck or more!

3.  Download the Swagbucks toolbar.  It looks just like the toolbar you are looking at on this current webpage.  The only exception is that there is a small box in which you can type in your swagbucks searches!  There is a sign in button and it tells you how many swagbucks you have earned.

4.  Use the swagbucks toolbar throughout the day even when you know the web address of what you are looking for.  Instead of typing in the website or using your favorites column to pull up websites, search them on swagbucks!  This will give you a higher chance of winning a swagbuck!

5.  Check in on my blog daily!  Almost every day there is a code released for a FREE swagbuck.  I post about it and tell you exactly where to go for the code!  If you haven’t signed up for our email subscription, do it!  An email goes out every day around 5 pm and codes are often released around then!

6.  Refer your friends!  When you refer your friends, you will receive $1 Swagbuck for every $1 Swagbuck they earn thru searches!  How easy is that!?!

7.    Have fun, save up your swagbucks and redeem them for GREAT prizes!  Also, let me know what you get!!

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  1. says

    I haven’t won anything or gotten anything yet through swagbucks, but it is quite fun to see it accumulate and enter the swagstakes. I like when I can search and be happy to see I won some swagbucks. :)

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