Addicted to Saving Giveaway – $100 Amazon Gift Card!

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**UPDATE** Entries for this giveaway are now closed.

I know you all are going to love this giveaway!  How does $100 Amazon Gift Card sound?  There is no rhyme or reason for this giveaway, just being thankful for all of you who visit Addicted to Saving, and especially those of you who check in regularly.  The gift card is courtesy of Scott Rewards.

Giveaway Details – How to Enter

1) Leave a comment on this post letting me know what you would buy with your $100 Amazon Gift Card. If you want to browse Amazon to get some ideas, go HERE. This comment is mandatory to enter this giveaway.

2) Share this giveaway by posting it on your Facebook page, retweeting it on your Twitter account, or pinning it to your wall on Pinterest.  Leave a second separate comment stating which social media outlet your shared this contest. This entry is optional.

3) Sign up to receive Daily Emails from Addicted to Saving and leave a comment stating you’ve done so. If you are an existing subscriber, please leave a comment stating so. By doing this you will be automatically entered in the monthly drawing for a$50 Gift Card each month. This entry is optional.

UPDATE – I’ve extended this contest through Monday, 1/28/13.  It ends at or around 10:00 pm EST.


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  1. Karri says

    I am planning my sons 6th birthday party and could use this to buy his present and some decorations too.

  2. jennifer davis says

    I would buy my daughters books and my son i would purchase leappad leapfrog games!!! would love this. Thank you!!

  3. Kolleen O says

    I would buy diapers for my little one. I currently subscribe to the daily emails and look forward to reading them each afternoon!

  4. Jada Collins says

    As a single mother of 3, I won’t even lie, I would buy ME something because that is something I never get to do. Kids first, mommy last!

  5. Victoria says

    I’m trying to get healthy this year, so I have a lot of health related items on my wish list including supplements, coconut oil, protein powders, etc

  6. Natalie says

    I would buy new decor for my bathroom. Husband just painted it for me so I have to do finishing touches.

  7. Karen Iampietro says

    We are moving to a new home and things are always needed in a new home to make it homey. So, I would buy things for the house.

  8. Laura Carlon says

    BOOKS!!! I love to read on my Kindle and would buy e-books for me, and a book or two to read to the kiddo’s :)

  9. Natalie Gonzalez says

    I would buy some exercise equipment for my husband and I to help us tone up and stick to our new year resolutions!!

  10. Kelly says

    I would buy my college daughter some books! They are much cheaper on Amazon than at the Book Store! :-)

  11. sarah geyer says

    I already have in my cart Fiskers 14 foot tree pruners and a Dora Vtech game…just waiting for the money!!!

  12. Jenny says

    I would buy some Kcups!! And some gifts for my soon-to-be 4 year-old (anything Hello Kitty!). If I were being totally selfish though, it would have to be a pair of boots for myself :)

  13. Misty Lay says

    I would give it to my son to use for books/apps. He got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and it’s empty. lol.

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  14. Amber says

    Shared your page on facebook and I am signing up to follow via email, already follow on facebook! Thanks!

  15. Janet says

    Baby girl gear…all of our gear is blue and after ten boys in my husband’s family, we’re having a girl!

  16. KT says

    I would finally be able to get my fiance a birthday present-some of his favorite CDs/DVDs that have been lost or stolen in the past few years! (We have been in pretty dire straits the last few years, and I haven’t been able to get him anything.)

  17. Wendy Hughes says

    I would buy some books for my kindle that I have been it hong to buy!! Great give away!

  18. Erin T says

    I will buy some more silk underwear for myself and my husband since it’s so cold right now!!

  19. Sab says

    I have my son and daughter’s birthdays both coming in next few months, so I would buy them gifts with the $100 gift card!!

  20. Sarah Catherine says

    If I were to win the Amazon giftcard, I would buy several things….
    Spring Break items:
    A blowup air mattress to sleep on
    bathing suit
    new towel

    This would help me afford several items on my Spring Break list. Thank you for the chance to win. :)

  21. Kelly Rich says

    My son’s first birthday is in March, and I’d love to be able to get some supplies for the party (and presents!) to make his first birthday super special!

  22. Shannon Heller says

    I would definitely buy the GPS watch that I have been looking at for months. Already subscribe to emails. Shared on facebook.

  23. Stephanie says

    I would buy my husband’s birthday gift that I cannot find anywhere else but Amazon, plus have a little leftover for a smaller gift or two!

  24. Patti G says

    Re-stocking my kitchen after donating and giving away items recently. So lots of small appliances, baking racks, etc. are needed again.

  25. Courtney R says

    My family just was given a Kindle, but my son and husband hog it all the time playing games. So if I won, I think I would get ME a kindle so that I could read all my books and do my devotionals when I like. :)

  26. Tracy T says

    I would by my hubby something for Valentine’s day and something for my 2 year old as well!!

  27. Cassie Pulley says

    I would use the gift card to buy my sweet niece’s birthday present, and for her little sister an un-birthday gift! :)

  28. Ashlee says

    WOW! $100? I would use it towards turning my 3 year olds room into a BIG boy room! He is a total avengers kid and would LOVE an avengers themed room!

  29. Amberly Wilding says

    We need bedding for my son that just graduated from his crib. This would help a lot!

  30. Amy Osborne says

    I would buy a baby bjorn carrier and diapers. We are having our second child in a week or two. We don’t have maternity insurance and have paid over $12,000 in medical expenses leaving us totally broke and unable to purchase other baby items. This gift card would be such a blessing to us. Thank you!

  31. Lori Mohring says

    I would buy some books for my twin sons and some cooking items like a waffle grill so I can make them homemade for my boys.

  32. Trina says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! :). I would use the $100 to buy new bedding for our bedroom. I have been putting that off for a long time because bills took precedence. ;).

  33. anita frank says

    Wow!! I would load up on books that are on cd. My son is a struggling reader and its hard to believe how few books are on cd.

  34. deb frank says

    Subscribed for emails but already get posts. On FB. would purchase books for my grand kids and myself on my kindle or iPad Shared on FB

  35. Sheilah Miller says

    There are so many items to get at amazon. If I was being a good mom it would be gluten free food items, if it was just for me then a cooking gadget or books.

  36. Angelina says

    I would spend it all on my twin sister who recently move away. She is 35 weeks pregnant and since I can’t be there for her physically or financially, this would be SUCH a great gift for me and her :)

    I check ur emails everyday and I love sharing ur post on facebook ALL THE TIME!

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  37. Lea says

    I would use it to help get another Kindle Fire HD. I bought one for the family for Christmas to try it out, and it is a huge hit in our household! I have even purchased the Kindle edition of my history textbook for college, so there may be some Kindle withdrawals with the kids & hubby when I am studying.

  38. Madison says

    I would buy some much needed baby stuff. Our first is due in March and we could use the stuff!

  39. a longoria says

    I would use it for a speaker system for my iPad or some books for my 3 year old or a Valentine’s gift for my wonderful hubby.

    I am already a subscriber for the email/newsletter.

    And I SURELY am sharing this wonderful opportunity on my Facebook page!!!

  40. Jennifer P says

    I would buy a new humidifyer for the bedroom. I’ve been trying to decide btw being thrifty or getting what I really want – this would make the decision!

  41. Kimberly W. says

    I would buy a new shower curtain, towels, trash can & rug for our newly completed basement bathroom! It needs EVERYTHING!! Thank you for sharing such a great giveaway!!

  42. Megan says

    This is the third house we have lived in this year (army family) and would use the gift card to buy things for the “new” house to make it feel like a home (we should be here a few years)!

  43. Georgette Ingraham says

    If I won the $100 give away I would buy gluten-free cookbooks and products!! I subscribe to your email and follow you on Facebook. THANKS for all your hard work in keeping us informed about ways to save money!!!

  44. Damaris says

    I would buy my son and daughter leapfrog accessories. I am also a subscriber and this has been shared on my FB and pinterest pages.

  45. Charity says

    I would us it to decorate my house. I just got married and the house still looks like a bachelor live here!

  46. Natalie T. says

    I would get slip covers for our couch and chair! Or maybe splurge and get some beauty products.

  47. Di Patrick says

    I usually order from Amazon a couple of times a week, so I would bank it and use it to treat myself to Kindle books and fun stuff like some new apps. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Christina Heins says

    I would buy diapers and stuff for my sons second birthday. I would be a big help considering I’m a single mother and don’t have a lot of money.

  49. says

    I would buy myself things for me time: A nice bath pillow, new nail polish, a few pricey kindle downloads (like anything more than $2) and some new MP3’s. I’ve been neglecting myself and my birthday is just around the corner. (:

  50. Tonya wilson says

    I would spend it on a family that I know. They don’t have much and some household items they could use would tickle them to death. Not a dime on myself!!

  51. Tonya wilson says

    I would spend it on a family I know who is in need! They would be tickled to death for me to show up with gifts!!

  52. Kristen Lepore says

    I would put it towards buying a double stroller. We have a newborn and a toddler! So we need a double stroller desperately!!

  53. Tina Greene says

    I would put the $100.00 gift card toward the purchase of a serger sewing machine. I have recently lost weight and all my clothes are to big and with this machine I would be able to tailor my clothes to fit.

  54. Amanda Serrano says

    I would use the gift card to buy much needed necessities for my baby girl who is due in June. In particular, dreft and diapers.

  55. Tiffany says

    So many things to buy, and so little time. I would love a kindle fire for myself, or some bday gifts for my kiddos. I love amazon!!!

  56. Melissa says

    I would start out by buying more usb cables. Then I would probably stash the rest for future things that I want or need, like new music.

  57. Samantha V says

    I would love this $100 gift card, I would buy my husband a Keurig Coffee maker and send to him in Ft Sill while he’s there for school for 6 more months for Valentine’s Day, I know this would help him stay awake with all the exams he’s doing.

  58. says

    If i won i would definitely use it to order my son (6yrs) some new clothes and a new jacket!!! I love amazon and always find the best deals on EVERYTHING!! :) thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  59. Renee says

    I would buy a bunch of little things becuz i like to get the most out of my money. I would buy Nail art, phone cases, wii games, and movies! :)

  60. Sandy says

    I would buy my daughter a new mattress so when she comes home from college she wont be uncomfortable and will be able to sleep! :)

  61. EABloch says

    I would spend it on alphabet writing workbooks for my daughter, Baby MumMums for my son, and a new bath pillow for me! Maybe the hubby can pick something fun too;)

  62. Susan C. says

    I would buy a can rack for my pantry that accomodates large cans and gluten free groceries.

  63. Kelsey Bennett says

    I would use it to by some Eco friendly, no chemical baby shampoo for my sweet 11 month old. Her one year birthday is coming up and we need to buy supplies for it. I would use the rest of the amazon money for that. :) I can’t wait to see her with her first cake! How exciting!

  64. Tammy says

    I would use it to buy my regular household/grocery necessities so that the $100 saved could be used towards paying off my student loan a little faster. I’m already a subscriber and pinned it on Pinterest

  65. Kristin Brown says

    I would buy some books for my new kindle I got for Christmas and some more games for my kinect that my boyfriend would be interested in since he can’t stand Zumba!

  66. Tabathia B says

    I would use towards the new kindle fire hd or my daughter college textbooks

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  67. Deb Hines says

    I would love this to buy books! I read so many and can’t afford some of the new ones I would like to have!

  68. Crystal says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I would buy Zumba Fitness Core and then work off my wish list from there :)

  69. says

    I would use it towards buying new batteries for my ELECTRIC SCOOTER, so that I don’t have to ride the bus any more. I need four batteries at $45.00 a piece, and this would help a lot. It is posted on my Facebook.

  70. Caitlen says

    I would buy seasons of Justified for my boyfriend because he has missed a few seasons and misses the show. I would also buy a new coffee table for myself and some books for my kindle. Maybe share the wealth with my little sister and buy her a few books as well. I would spread the wealth.

  71. Joy Tang says

    My Hubby is turning his big 4-0 next month! So I’ll most likely get sweatpants that he’s been asking for awhile now.

  72. ladonna says

    I would love to be able to shop for books to ready as I sit and wait in lines or waiting rooms.

  73. Natalie T says

    I would pick up some games for the family…we have a little cabin fever here! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Brenda says

    Definitely give it to my daughter to cheer her up after her surgery next week. She just graduated with a degree in Elem/Sped and could surely use it for supplies!

  75. says

    I would buy some additional backdrops for my portable photo studio I just bought off amazon, I am hoping to start up my photography as a real business because with a 3yr old, 7 month old, and a husband earning his PhD (and therefore hardly able to work), we really need some extra income.

  76. Jenifer says

    I would buy my little girl a new carseat. :) It’s going to be a neccessity soon, but I would like to be able to buy her a better one than I can afford right now. This would be so awesome!

  77. Nicki M says

    We are preparing for baby #2 so the gift card would go towards more cloth diapers, and some girly clothes since baby numero uno was a boy. :)

  78. Keri S says

    I would put it towards a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer – mine didn’t make it through all of my holiday baking:(

  79. CarolH says

    If I am lucky enough to win the Amazon gift card, I’d buy some craft supplies for me to use for quilting or for cross stitch.

  80. Michelle B. says

    This may sound a bit crazy but I would spend it on gel nail polish. Most everything I buy is for our kids or to meet other people’s needs. It would be great to be able to do something for myself and splurge on something that I want so badly. Thank you so much! : )

  81. Keisha Young says

    I would like to say I would do something fun but since my husband has been out of work since Dec 21st battling pnemonia, I would use it to pay a bill….

  82. Amy says

    I would buy myself a couple pairs of new shoes. All mine are worn out so badly I hurt my feet and legs wearing them the other day. Still recovering :(

  83. Cindy says

    I would give the gift card to my husband. He would purchase several guitar books he has been wanting to buy from Amazon.

  84. susan says

    i would get myself the Kindle paperwhite!! my other E-reader just died a few days ago and this would be perfect!!!

  85. Sara B. says

    I ‘ve got some books on my wishlist that I would buy. And I would probably be practical and buy a color ink cartridge for my printer!

  86. Alison Buchanan says

    On my wish list are a few of the DVD’s of the OLD disney cartoons we all grew up watching… I am dying to get them so that I can show them to my kids now- but they are SO darn expensive, and I have yet to justify spending that much money on a DVD. If I won the $100 gift card- I WOULD buy as many as I could!!!

  87. vickie says

    I would buy coffee, food, and clothing like a good winter coat or boots…desperately needed.

  88. Christy Anderson says

    I would use the $100 to Amazon for a DSLR camera I’ve been saving all my cash back earnings and survey money for about 3 years now. This would get me the rest of the money I need!!

  89. Nancy Lewis says

    I would buy some jewelery for my Valentine’s present and some books for my daughter’s Kindle.

  90. Kerry G says

    Money is kind of tight for us right now, so I would buy some essentials like health and beauty and grocery items.

  91. Deborah says

    I have a whole list of books (both kindle and paperback) that I’ve been dying to read. I would stock up :)

  92. Skylar Zinsmeister says

    Just signed up for the emails. I always browse your FB page so why not have the deals delivered to my inbox instead! :)

  93. Kim Smith says

    I would buy that ever popular brother 2270dw laser printer. I have been trying forever to win an Amazon gift card just to buy this thing. Maybe this will be my lucky draw.

  94. Deb says

    I would get my Mom a kindle reader for her 80th Birthday. She can adjust font and read in bed without a light being on. Sweet !!

  95. Wendy B. says

    I would get a bunch of things I need, like a pizza stone, refrigerator water filters, & cd’s.

  96. lindsey ward says

    Trying to move to “real” foods diet, so I’d love to put it towards buying some bulk foods and herbal supplements. Thanks! :)

  97. Beth says

    I have 12 friends expecting babies this year (so far) and two of my own. Shoping for baby gifts would be a great help with this gift card!