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amazon gift cards

Does this seem too good to be true?  So far, I’ve received five $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards for FREE.  That’s $25.00 in Amazon Gift Certificates!!  How do you do this?  So so simple.  Become a swagbucks member.  Go Here to sign up.  All you need to do is download the toolbar and use Swagbucks as your search engine.  In otherwords, instead of using Google, Yahoo, etc to find websites, use swagbucks.  Throughout each and every day, you will earn swagbucks which you put towards gift cards.  Here are my tips for earning as many swagbucks as possible!

1.  Sign up Here.  Or – use the SwagBucks icon on the right side of this website.

2.  Download the toolbar.  Use Swagbucks to search each and every website you go to.  I’ve found that I will earn 1 – 2 swagbucks each day by doing nothing more then my regular internet work.  **Tip – Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks days and you can earn anywhere from 1 – 100 swagbucks during just one search!

3.  Keep following my website.  Almost every day there are swagbuck codes posted online.  Sometimes the code is on the toolbar, sometimes on the swagbucks blog, etc etc.  I will spoon feed you and tell you exactly where to go to get the code and get a free swagbuck!

4.  Invite your friends to join SwagBucks.  When they receive a swagbuck, you will receive one!  (Up to their first 100 swagbucks earned from searches)  So, please join to help me have more SwagBucks friends!  Go Here!

5.  There are numerous other ways to earn Swag Bucks!  But for now, focus on the short list above and before you know it, you will have Amazon gift certificates ready to be redeemed!

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  1. alna says

    I was trying to spend my amazone gift card but recived message that my gift card has wrong code. Did you already used amazon gift card?

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