Jill’s Steals and Deals from the Today Show

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Every Tuesday, Jill’s Steals and Deals provides The Today Show readers with high value coupon codes that score you great deals.  (emphasis on the word great)  These deals are available for 24 hours.  Many of the websites are going super slow due to the high volume of traffic.  Go HERE for the direct links to all of the deals listed below.

Some of the highlights of the deals available:

  • Wrap Watches from La Mer Collections on sale 75% off at $23
  • Eco by Modo Sunglasses  on sale 77% off at $30
  • The Stationery Studio’s Personalized Notecards on sale 75% off at $19.97
  • Vapour’s Organic Beauty Collections up to 82% off at $18
  • Gala by Daniela Swaebe Jewelry on sale 75% off at $45.00


  1. Pamela Krause says

    I need a promo code to order jewerly as advertised on steals and deals. I was within the time limit but without this I couldn’t go any further. Please send this info. to me so I can proceed.

  2. Tracy says

    I ordered product from Adina back in March and they charged my account and i never recieved the product. who do i contact?

    • Addicted to Saving says

      Hi Tracy – I am thinking that you should contact the company that you ordered from.. So, if the company was Adina, contact their customer service? Did they email you a confirmation email after the transaction went through?

  3. Sheila says

    If you have only 24 hours and these deals have been up for {2} two full days dated 4/19 how are you suppose to order from the 5/3 show? I can’t even find those deals anywhere on the site to get a promo code! Went directly to the supplier … not listed there. Did take me to coupon mountain or something like that … a new one to me … but found nothing listed for what I was looking for. I do think $18.00 for Dr,Scholls Sandals is a great deal as I lived in them for many, many years and had no idea you could still get them. However, it’s only a great deal if you have the access to the promo code needed to bring the price down from the regular $59.00! Otherwise it’s no deal at all … just great television!

  4. Kathy says

    Love, love, LOVE….Steals and Deals!!!!

    I ordered 2 pairs of the sunglasses from Eco and was billed immediately. Any idea how I can reach them for ship date? I did receive a confirmation e-mail, but it “somehow” was deleted. (kids!)


  5. Clarissa says


    Funny you say that! I was thinking the same thing. I have not recieved my pair of classes from ECO by MODO. Nor, I have I recieved an update email.

    When I ordered in April, it website did read “May 7th” back-order. Now it’s May 12th, a little concerned now.

    If you go to Modo.com they have a contact section. I have filled it out and now I am waiting for them to reply.

  6. Margaret says

    Same thing happened to me with sunglasses.

    Went ot MODO’s website, contacted them. They have no record of transaction. Billed amount appears on my bank statement. What do I do next? Still don’t have glasses.

  7. says

    I ordered the La Mer watch and got it yesterday. I got the right color wrap, but a gold face and numbers rather than white like I ordered. There was a note saying that was all they had in stock and the sale is final. I HATE GOLD. I’m wondering if we all got gold???

  8. Sabra Ireland says

    I wish that when I clicked on this website it immediately showed the deals of the day with the next step in ordering or immediate links to the sights etc. followed..

  9. Jennifer says


    I received my sunglasses a little over a week ago. I thought they were very cute until I put them on and the lens popped out of them immediately. I thought that was a little disappointing, but I put the lens back in and put them in my purse. I wore them one other tie and pulled them out of my purse to see the lens had fallen out again. I have since then put the lens back into the sunglasses about a dozen times. I am very disappointed with them. I can’t believe that the TODAY show would want their name on this deal. almost $24 for a broken pair of sunglasses in unacceptable. Not really a deal for something subpar.


    a disappointed customer.

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