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Michael Angelo’s sponsored this post and provided me with a gift card to try out their line of lasagnas.  They gave me the task of trying their lasagnas and then comparing them to their competitors. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

If you are looking for a crowd pleasing meal for Super Bowl Sunday that is simple to prepare, I have the perfect frozen meal for you! Have you tried Michael Angelo’s Frozen Foods yet? If you haven’t, you need to head to the store and pick up one of their flatbreads and one of their lasagnas.  These will be awesome additions to the food you prepare on Super Bowl Sunday and they will also be the easiest to prepare!  I’ve tried a lot of frozen lasagnas and this is the first lasagna that not only tasted homemade, but it was so good that I hoped for leftovers so that I could eat it again the next day.

Being Italian, I still remember one Thanksgiving as a child where we had lasagna in addition to the turkey. In fact, every year I wish we could just ditch the turkey and have just lasagna!  At this stage in my life being a full-time parent to a busy toddler and running our own business full-time doesn’t leave me a lot of free time to make meals like lasagna.  So when Michael Angelo’s asked me to try out their lasagnas and compare them to their competitors, I eagerly headed to the store!

michael-angelosWhen I was armed with three Michael Angelo’s lasagnas and three competitor lasagnas, I started comparing and contrasting them.  The first thing I immediately noticed is that whether you purchase a Michael Angelo’s Vegetable, Sausage or Meat Lasagna, you will know precisely what you are eating.  They stuff their lasagnas with toppings.  For example, pictured below is Michael Angelo’s Sausage lasagna.  When you bake the lasagna, you will smell the sausage.  And when you cut into it, you will see tons of sausage throughout the lasagna and will taste it in every bite.

michael-angelosCompare it to the Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce pictured below.  Not only did I not see barely any meat in the sauce. But I didn’t taste it.  When I placed the lasagna on my plate, it also flattened out into two dense noodles with sauce. It didn’t taste or even look like lasagna.

competitor-lasagnaThen check out the Michael Angelo’s Vegetable Lasagna pictured below. When I was baking it, not only could I see the veggies in the lasagna, but I could smell the veggies cooking along with the sauce and the cheese. This lasagna was hearty and filling and even my hubby (who loves his meat) thought this lasagna was a winner.  My only wish for this lasagna would be that it had a bit more sauce.

michael-angelosI compared the Michael Angelo’s Vegetable Lasagna with Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna pictured below.  This comparison was kind of like comparing apples to oranges since the Stouffer’s lasagna had an cheese sauce. If cheese sauce is enjoyable to you, you may enjoy their lasagna.  I am not a huge fan of alfredo sauce, so immediately the Michael Angelo’s lasagna was my favorite.  But comparing the amount of veggies in each lasagna, it was obvious that Michael Angelo’s stuffed larger pieces of vegetables into their lasagna versus Stouffer’s.  And some of my bites of the Stouffer’s lasagna, I knew I was eating veggies but I couldn’t tell precisely what the vegetable was.


For my family, Michael Angelo’s was a winner. Hubby raved about each Michael Angelo’s lasagna that we tried. I also had my mom over for dinner each time I made these lasagnas and she agreed that Michael Angelo’s tasted the freshest and most-homemade out of all of the lasagnas we tried.

Before heading out to the store to buy Michael Angelo’s frozen foods, go HERE to print this $1/1 Michael Angelo’s Entree coupon. I bought my frozen meals at both Walmart and Publix. To find a store near you that sells Michael Angelo’s, go HERE.

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  1. Nicole says

    I am a big fan of the michael angelos products too. My favorite is the single serve Chicken Parmesan. As a fellow Italian these taste the most “homemade” compared with any other frozen dinners.

    • Addicted to Saving says

      I agree Nicole! Their lasagnas taste and smell the most homemade out of all of the frozen lasagnas I tried. So good!

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