Printable $5 off $30 or More Winn Dixie Coupon

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**Note – I am using an old photo of an $5/$30 coupon.  The coupon pictured has expired.  You will need to print out the new coupon.

If you recall, I posted that there is a $5.00 off $30.00 or more coupon on the Winn Dixie weekly mailed ad.  Well, so many of you have responded and let me know that the $5/$30 coupon is on ALL ads (not just mailed ads).  So, if you didn’t receive the ad in your mail, you should be able to pick up the ad at your local Winn Dixie and see the coupon on the top right of the front page!  AND – this gets better!  Winn Dixie’s website has the coupon on their ad so you can also print it out!  To print the coupon, go HERE.  You will need to plug in your zipcode.  I plugged in 34655 and the coupon appeared on the top right of the page.  Enjoy!

Thanks to Kelly and everyone who left comments and emailed me! :)

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  1. Thomasina says

    I don’t see it. It just shoe mr this (Winn-Dixie Weekly Circular Locator) so I out my zip and I dont see it.

    • Betty says

      I had to go to the flyer and then I clicked on the coupon and it brought up a site where I could print the coupon.

  2. Florence says

    The Publix at Bruce B Downs and SR 56 near Wiregrass Mall would not let me use any of the $5 Winn Dixie coupons unless I had a balance of $30 or more after my coupons. Most of the other Publix stores I shop at let me use 1 $5 off $30 Winn Dixie coupons for every $30 I spend and they take them off at the beginning of the coupons. The assistant Mgr said that its Publix policy that those coupons can only be deducted after the other coupons are deducted.

  3. Florence says

    Some Publix stores won’t take the printed Winn Dixie coupons, only the ones from the flyers, so be sure to check before you shop.

  4. Mandi says

    I have never had a problem with them taking them as long as it is the 1st coupon I hand them. That stinks they wouldn’t take them :(

  5. Berenice says

    Publix at Seven Hills In springhill Doesnt take Printed coupons only Peel off from News paper. I found that weird is a coupon regarless!!

  6. Ally says

    Jacksonville, FL circular adds don’t have the $5 coupon. I plugged in your zip and it did pop up on your circular. Since it expires tomorrow, I won’t be using it, but hopefully Jacksonville WD’s will take them even though they didn’t offer them.

  7. Cynthia says

    I have never had a problem using Winn Dixie $5.00 Off Coupons at any Publix stores. They will take up to 4 at one time. You would have to buy $120.00 to use 4.

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